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The Discussions are a place for people to ask questions and get answers from other players. We want to make sure this community is a friendly, useful and fun place to gather information and contribute to the wiki. With that said, we have a few rules of conduct for you before you begin posting.

Please take a moment to sift through the Discussions categories to see if a discussion already exists about the question you have. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, go ahead and create a new post! This is to prevent multiple threads about one topic, we want it to be easy to gather information.

Be nice and treat people with respect.
*People from all around the world read and edit this wiki and contribute to Discussions. Like any other collaborative project, not everyone will agree all the time. Keep conversations civil and be open minded about differing opinions. We're all here because we love the same topic.
*It's important to treat everyone here with kindness & respect. Remember, everything you say affects other users and those who manage the wiki and discussions each day.

Asking for help?
*Please make the title as specific as possible. Titles such as "Help" give others no indication of what might be going on.
*Provide a link to the wiki you need help with in your post.
*Try to be as specific as possible in your post. Even vague context is better than no context.
*Have a look through recent posts to see if your question has already been asked on another thread or post.

Use the appropriate discussions category
*Please ensure that you are posting your threads in the appropriate discussion. Otherwise your thread may be deleted or moved to another category.

Spam & vandalism
*All posts containing spam, vandalism, hate speech, threats, and foul or offensive language will not be tolerated and will be deleted once discovered. Do not respond to these post as they more than likely trolls (that will be banned) looking for attention.
*This is not a place for trolling, such posts will be deleted and users involved will be banned. If you can identify that the user is a troll, it is best not to respond to the post, as they are looking for attention.

Personal information
*Please do not disclose any personal information including email, phone number, address, or bank and billing information. This is for your benefit. All such information will be removed, the user will be notified. If a user asks for information, report it to an admin, and they will be banned!

Do not re-start a thread
*If an administrator or moderator has closed a thread, it's best not to start it again.

Notice something that doesn't seem right? Or do you just have a question?

To contact Fandom staff through "Give feedback" on your app's Settings screen, or via