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2014 Updates

This page has information on Township updates from Township Mobile in 2013 and 2014.
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2014 Dec. 18 (v1.9.1)Edit

From Township Mobile

Update 1.9.1 Icon

What's New in Version 1.9.1
Hi everyone!
We have some amazing news for iOS and Android (Google Play) users! Meet an all-new Township holiday update:

It's Christmas time in Township!

  • New recipes are available during the holiday season: you can make Christmas Pudding, Gingerbread Men, and warm Hats and Scarves for the townspeople! 
  • An exciting new event will be launched at the Event Center just before Christmas. Don't miss your chance to help Santa! 
  • 8 holiday decorations are now available at the store: Santa's House, Mountain of Presents, Ice Rink, Santa's Reindeer, Snow Fortress, Santa's Helper's House,

Snowman, and Ice Sculpture!

  • The townspeople have decorated their houses and farms for the holiday.
  • A new character has appeared in the "Orders" section: Santa's Helper. 
  • Even the animals are dressed up for the holiday!
  • Are you ready to celebrate the holiday season?

New Features:

  • We have improved the way you find friends in the game. To make friends with another player, send them an invitation and wait for it to be accepted. You can make friends with up to 50 random players. 
  • 4 new decorations are now available at the store: Cherry Blossom, Leaning Tower of Pisa, St. Basil's Cathedral, Temple of Heaven. Make your township even more beautiful!

Balance Improvements:

  • Loading your airplane has become easier. Plus, your reward for sending a fully-loaded plane has been increased!
  • Building your town has become easier: More building materials and tools are now available at the Town Market!

Other Improvements:

  • Hide all buildings in Edit mode by tapping "Hide". 
  • Graphics have been significantly updated and improved. 
  • The water animation has been improved. 
  • And lots of other improvements!We hope you like all these changes! Stay tuned!
P.S. An update for Kindle users will be out very very soon! Stay tuned!

2014 Nov. 18 (v1.8.0)Edit

From Township Mobile

Update 1.8.0 Icon

What's New in Version 1.8.0
Hey Friends, an all-new Township update with many improvements is now available for and Android users!

New features:

  • The Airport is now open! Deliver orders with Township Airlines to earn valuable prizes!
  • You can now hire a Dealer at the City Market. He'll help you find any items you might need!

New Content:

  • 5 new Community Buildings: Dolphinarium, Flower Shop, Car Wash, Music Venue and Horse Track.
  • 2 new types of Houses: Timber-framed House, House with Towers.
  • A new type of pavement: Paved Road. Make the streets of your town as diverse as possible!

Other improvements:

  • 7 new expansions have been added.
  • Community-requested feature: A "Storage" tab has been added to the Decorations section. You will find all stored decorations there.
  • 3 new achievements have been added to the Town Hall: Reliable supplier, Wages and Lucky Chance.
  • And many other improvements!

Halloween is over, and the town is back to a normal pace of life:

  • Halloween decorations vanished from the store.
  • Halloween recipes vanished from the factories, so did the holiday crops from the fields.

We hope you will enjoy these new features.

P.S. An update for Kindle players will be out very soon as well! Stay tuned!

2014 Oct. 16 (v1.7.0)Edit

From Township Mobile

Update 1.7.0 Icon

What's New in Version 1.7.0
Dear iOS and Android players, we are happy to let you guys know that a new holiday update to Township is now available:

Township is celebrating Halloween:

  • Pumpkins are now available to grow.
  • New recipes are now available for the duration of the Halloween Event: You can produce pumpkin pies, pumpkin chips and a Halloween costume! Hurry up! All these recipes will disappear once Halloween is over.
  • 5 new decorations are now available at the store: Mysterious Castle, Pumpkin Man, Black Cat, and Witch with a Potion.
  • Witches with black cats, wizards, and even Count Dracula are in town! Moreover, you will meet charming Emma the Little Witch!
  • Townspeople have decorated their houses and farms for the holiday!
  • Even animals and birds dressed up in Halloween costumes. Are you ready for Halloween?

New Features:

  • A new special building is in town: Event Center. Participate in the life of your town's community and earn valuable prizes!
  • A new farm: Apiary. Honey can be used to make delicious and healthy sweets.
  • Now you get to decide which factory attribute you want to improve in the Academy of Industry!
  • Community requested feature: Now train lines can also be upgraded in the Academy of Industry.
  • New recipes: You can produce honey caramels, honey gingerbread, honey marshmellows, gazpacho and books now.
  • A new type of pavement: Pier. The pier allows you to place buildings on the water.

Balance Improvements:

  • A second Foundry is now available: Production of ingots now becomes twice as efficient!
  • Community requested feature: Most factories have lowered in price.
  • 9 new expansions have been added.
  • Number one fans will appreciate the fourth star of the achievements in the Town Hall. There are new challenges ahead!
  • Time to go shopping: City Market goods have become cheaper!
  • 5 new artifact collections are now available at the Central Museum. Explore the mine and collect all the items!

Other Improvements:

  • Community requested feature: Now you can store your decorations.
  • You can cancel running changes to an active building in the Edit mode. Building your town got more user-friendly!
  • Decorations have been categorized in the store.
  • Some graphics have been updated and improved.

We hope you'll enjoy it!

P.S. An update for Kindle users will come out at the beginning of next week! Stay tuned guys!

2014 Aug. 25 (v1.6.2)Edit

From Township Mobile

Update 1.6.2 Icon

What's New in Version 1.6.2
Dear Townshippers, we're pleased to present an all-new Township update with loads of improvements!

New Content:

  • City edit mode now includes the ability to lay various kinds of pavement. You can place decorations and buildings directly on the pavement!
  • Rural decorations added to the Store: Spring, Fresh Hay, Sunflowers, Windmill, and Well.

Balance Improvements:

  • Maximum city level raised to 100!
  • 5 new expansions added to the city.
  • Trains bring materials for expansions more often now.
  • The daily bonus got bigger! Simply play the game every day and get a reward.
  • Now you can send up to 5 gifts a day. Don't forget to delight your friends!

Other Improvements:

  • Community requested feature: Now you can adjust your settings, so that a confirmation window appears before Township Cash is spent.
  • The Central Museum now has 5 new collections of artifacts. Explore the mine and collect them all!
  • There are new cars on the streets, and you can even find mountain climbers in the mountains!
  • Improved graphics for homes!
  • And lots of other improvements!

We hope you like all these changes! Stay tuned!

P.S The update is now available for everyone: iOS, Android and Kindle users!

2014 Jun. 17 (v1.3.3)Edit

From Township Mobile

Update 1.3.3 Icon

What's New in Version 1.3.3
Dear Township fans, the wait is over! A NEW update of Township for iOS with a lot of NEW features and improvements is here!

New Community Features:

  • Now you can ask friends to help you load trains. You can help out your friends and other players with their trains too!
  • The Friends screen has been revamped: Now you can interact not only with your friends, but also with other Township players.
  • You can visit the towns of random players and follow them.

New Content:

  • New special building: House of Luck. See if Lady Luck is on your side!
  • New factory: Jewelry Store. Now you can turn ingots into pieces of jewelry!
  • 5 new Community Buildings: Go-Kart Racing, Fitness Center, Spa, Golf Course and Organ Hall.
  • 2 new types of Houses.

Balance improvements:

  • 22 new expansions have been added to your town! Now you’ve got enough room for everything!
  • Saws and axes used to clear the expansions have become much cheaper!
  • Community requested feature: Price on Factories has been dropped, but some Community Buildings and Houses are now a bit more expensive.
  • Community requested feature: You can now sell houses.
  • You can now complete Community Buildings using a bit fewer construction materials.
  • TNT can now destroy stone blocks in the Mine from the first blast!
  • Now you receive more Township Cash for the second and third stars in the achievements.
  • The reward for Museum Collections has been increased.
  • Starting on Level 40 you begin to receive orders for ingots and jewelry, which allow you to earn Township Cash!

Other improvements:

  • The landscape and surroundings of your town have been completely renewed!
  • You can now find treasure-troves in the Mine! Try to find the caves of prehistoric humans and real pirates’ hideaways by exploring the Mine.
  • You can now receive messages from the residents. These messages will give you a sense of what to do next, as well as juice up the life in your town!
  • Your townspeople are now even more fun and amusing to watch: Feel the hustle and bustle of a real town filled with dozens of quirky characters!
  • And many other improvements!
P.S. Android & Kindle users, a new Township update will come out for you guys very soon as well! Stay tuned!

2014 Apr. 15 (v1.2.4)Edit

From Township Mobile

Update 1.2.4 Icon

What's New in Version 1.2.4
Great news, friends! A new free update of Township with tons of new improvements has arrived for iOS! Enjoy:

New features:

  • New special building: Central Museum. Assemble 15 unique collections of ancient artifacts that can now be found in the Mine! 
  • Now the Mine is chock full of new stuff: Treasure chests, bottles with messages, ancient artifacts, explosive boxes and more! Now exploring the mine has become even more exciting. 
  • New recipes: You can produce sneakers, boots and shoes at the Shoe Factory, and a bed at the Furniture Factory.
  • New decorations : Two types of fences and a blimp.

Balance improvements:

  • 8 new expansions have been added to your town. Also, all of the expansions have become cheaper! 
  • You can buy one extra slot at all of the factories. 
  • We fixed the bug in the daily bonus that you receive after entering the game more than 5 days in a row. 
  • All products at the Candy Factory and Rubber Factory are now produced faster. 
  • Trains arrive faster on higher levels.

Other improvements:

  • Community requested feature: Now the Mine can be moved after it’s been restored.
  • The max level in the game has been increased to 60.
  • Now the Barn looks different depending on its capacity.
  • 2 new achievements in the City Hall.
  • Offers at the Market are now displayed in two rows on iPad.
  • The Friends screen became more convenient. Pretty soon we are going to launch a major update after which you will be able to communicate with your friends!
  • Tons of visual improvements and some minor bug fixes.
For those of you who are still on iOS 5, we are aware of the existing issues and are working on the fix. Stay with us!

2013 Dec. 16 (Unknown)Edit

From Township Mobile

Update Dec2013

What's New in this Version
It’s time for festive changes in Township! The first major update is now live:

  • Sparkling and snowy holiday spirit has filled the air in your town. Even the farm animals have dressed up in their favorite holiday outfits!

New content:

  • The store now includes the Market where you can buy goods for your orders, as well as various construction materials.
  • New factories: Candy Factory and Mexican Restaurant.
  • New recipes: Chocolate, Toffee, Chili Sauce and many more!
  • New crop: Chili Pepper
  • Plus, seven new community buildings: Comic Book Store, Water Park, Coast Guard and others!

Balance improvements:

  • Trains have got better! Now they go faster!
  • Now it’s much easier to stockpile materials to improve the barn. And its capacity has been increased on the initial levels too!

Other improvements:

  • The max level in the game has been increased to 45.
  • From now on you can choose in the game settings which notifications you want to have active.
  • Tons of visual improvements and a few minor bug fixes!
We hope you enjoy these new asTOWNishing changes. Thanks for your ongoing support and stay tuned for more awesome features!
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