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2016 Updates

This page has information on Township updates from Township Mobile in 2016.
To see the original Facebook posts you can click on the images.

2016 Dec. 6 (v4.4.0)

From Township Mobile

Update 4.4.0 Icon.png

What's New in Version 4.4.0
GREAT NEWS: the new update is out! ⛄
Get it now to celebrate Christmas with Township:


  • Presents for Everyone special event starts shortly before Christmas: deliver gifts to all the kids in town!
  • Temporary holiday goods at factories: gingerbread men, Christmas pudding, and hats with scarves
  • Santa’s helper around to order helicopter deliveries
  • 16 holiday-themed decorations at the Store
  • The holiday spirit spreading around town: the townspeople put on their winter outfits and decorated their houses


  • Profile picture collection at the Town Hall: choose an in-game character to represent you
  • “See the Light” booster at the Lab: make ore and artifacts visible even in dark tiles at the mine
  • New upgradable decoration: build a snowman that will never melt!
  • 4 expansions
  • 4 flag decorations: Costa Rica, Chile, Lebanon, and Nigeria
  • More pedestrians walking their pets


NOTE: for Android users: with the new update we're discontinuing support for devices running anything earlier than Android 4.0.0. Please update your software to the latest available version to ensure that we can help you with any problems you have.

Enjoy the holiday season with Township!

2016 Nov. 3 (v4.3.0)

From Township Mobile

Update 4.3.0 Icon.png

What's New in Version 4.3.0
YAY! The newest update is out! 🎉 Get it now:


  • Time to stock up on harvested goods for the winter in the new special event! Clearing away hay bales in your barns reveals hidden crates you need to fill with goods.
  • Enjoy an all-new event feature: get more prizes for reaching personal goals.
  • Harvest cranberries during the event to produce cranberry saucecranberry cookies, and cranberry cakes at your factories.
  • Check out the 9 themed decorations at the Store.
  • Be there to celebrate! The special event starts at the end of the month.



And many more improvements!
New Goods: Clay, Cup, Frying Pan, Teapot, Cutlery, Modeling Clay, Porcelain Doll

2016 Oct. 10 (v4.2.0)

From Township Mobile

Update 4.2.0 Icon.png

What's New in Version 4.2.0
A Halloween update is coming to Township! Get it now:


  • A freakishly fun Halloween event: fill your castle with monsters to make it spookier and earn prizes!
  • Pumpkins you can harvest to produce temporary festive goods at your factories throughout the holiday week
  • 10 terribly beautiful themed decorations unlocked at the Store during the event
  • Decorated town buildings as well as witches and magicians roaming the streets to get you feeling the holiday spirit



We hope you enjoy the new update. Best wishes from the Township team!

2016 Sept. 8 (v4.1.0)

From Township Mobile

Update 4.1.2 Icon.png

What's New in Version 4.1.2
Celebrate Township's birthday with a new update:


  • Brighten your township using balloon figures to earn new and amazing decorations!
  • 7 temporary themed decorations are unlocked during the event

Don't miss out on all the fun! The event starts shortly before our anniversary.


And many more cool improvements!

Stay tuned for everything else we have planned.

2016 Aug. 4 (v4.0.0)

From Township Mobile

Update 4.0.1 Icon.png

What's New in Version 4.0.1
Have fun watching the Farm Relay Race and baking the Biggest Cake! Get the update now:


  • Help animals run the maximum distance to win prizes in the new sports event!
  • 6 temporary themed decorations are unlocked during the event


  • A new upgradable decoration that will make your town even more amazing!
  • Assemble all the cake layers to earn a valuable reward


  • New language: traditional Chinese!
  • Co-op requests for ore and mining tools
  • New in-game characters making orders for the helicopter pad and participating in regattas
  • Colorful minivans also populating your township's roads
  • 3 town and 4 Zoo expansions added
  • 2 new enclosures at the Zoo: Macaws and Raccoons
  • 3 new decorations at the Zoo store: Whale Fountain, Flying Elephant Carousel, and Frozen T-Rex
  • And many more improvements!
Happy gaming!

2016 July 14 (v3.9.0)

From Township Mobile

Update 3.9.0 Icon.png

What's New in Version 3.9.0
Here comes an all-new Township update introducing a new competition-based feature! Get it now:
Go to Pier to participate in global regattas that take place every week!


  • Complete Regatta tasks to earn as many points as you can.
  • Collect buoys during the race to exchange them for rewards.
  • Work as a team to finish in the top three and get bonus rewards!
  • You develop your township and zoo by participating in regattas. It's a win-win situation!


  • Set a new world baking record participating in International Cake Day!
  • 5 temporary holiday-themed decorations: Candy house, Mountain of candy, Candy tree, Candy bridge, and Confectioner cow.


  • UPGRADABLE ART INSTALLATION: assemble a Classic car collection to receive a special reward.
  • A new booster at the Laboratory to speed up requests for co-op members!
  • More friends in co-ops! Now you can invite your game friends (they don't have to be your friends on social networks any more).
  • 3 new available expansions to open.
  • 3 new decorations at the Zoo: Rhododendron tree, Ice slide, and Inflatable fish.
  • 7 new countries to feature the Flag decoration: Luxemburg, Cuba, Georgia, Peru, Latvia, Armenia, Malta.
  • Many more other exciting improvements!

Visit our official FAQ page for more information.

We hope, you like this update! Stay tuned!

2016 June 2 (v3.8.0)

From Township Mobile

Update 3.8.1 Icon.png

What's New in Version 3.8.1
Here comes a gigantic Township update introducing long-awaited social features and content! Get it now:

Create co-ops to have fun with your friends in the game!

  • Restore the Co-op Building to create your own co-op or join someone else’s
  • Become a co-op Leader, pick out its badge, and promote your friends!
  • Chat with fellow co-op members as you play

Exchange goods with fellow members!

  • Request the goods or crops you need in the chat—your fellow co-op members will be happy to help you out!
  • Help fellow members—apart from their sincere gratitude, you'll also earn coins, XP, and even clovers
  • Invite friends to your co-op so you can help each other develop your towns even faster!
  • Check out the new tab in the Friends window, where you’ll find a list of all your fellow co-op members you can use to send them gifts

Upcoming event: Treasure Hunt

  • Embark on an underwater hunt to find as much pirate treasure as you can in an all-new event!
  • 4 new unique temporary decorations available at the Store: Treasure Chest, Ruins of Atlantis, Poseidon Statue, and Pirate Ship Bow

Even more features:

  • New factory: Doll Factory, where you can now produce Puppets, Rag Dolls, and Fashion Dolls
  • New expansions: 3 in your town and 8 at your Zoo!
  • 3 new animals: pelicans, gazelles, and lynx
  • 5 new decorations available at your town Store: Gong, Fireworks Stand, Pleasure Boat, Wild Park, and Oriental Fence
  • 3 new decorations available at your Zoo Store: Polar Bear statue, Snow Fortress, and Sequoia
  • New collection of mine artifacts available at the Museum
  • And many other improvements!
We hope you enjoy this update! Stay tuned as more is yet to come!
New Goods: Puppet, Fashion Doll, Rag Doll

2016 April 22 (v3.7.0)

It's finally here - an all-new Township update with a bevy of new content! Get it now:
From Township Mobile

Update April 2016.png

New in town:

  • New factories: Coffee Factory and Hot Dog Factory!
  • 7 new recipes: Cappuccino, Corn Dog, many more!
  • New crop: Coffee;
  • 5 new expansions;
  • All-new collection of mine artifacts at the museum!
  • 4 new special decorations: Gates of Glory, Burj Khalifa, the Biggest Diamond, and Jet Ski;
  • 5 new flags available in the Flag Settings: Jamaica, Barbados, Suriname, Nepal, and Myanmar;
  • Many new sketches with townspeople!

New at the Zoo:

  • Max Zoo level pushed to 31!
  • 3 new animals: snow-white Arctic Foxes, lovely Platypuses, and enormous Wild Boars;
  • 7 new expansions;
  • 6 new decorations: Inflatable Dragon, Inflatable Bee, Date Palm, Japanese Pine, Araguaney tree, and Rhino Statue;
  • New Zoo visitors!

And many other improvements! Thanks for playing Township! Stay tuned as more is yet to come!

New Goods: Coffee Plant, Hot Dog, Corn Dog, Coney Dog, Espresso, Cappuccino,
Caffe Mocha, Hot Chocolate

2016 Mar. 17 (v3.6.0)

From Township Mobile

Update 3.6.0 Icon.png

What's New in Version 3.6.0
GREAT NEWS! Here comes an all-new Township update with a truckload of improvements! Get it now:

Upcoming event: Easter Factory

  • An all-new event testing a scientist's new invention by decorating Easter eggs!
  • Holiday recipes: Easter Bread, Rabbit Lollipop, and Carrot Cake
  • 9 holiday decorations available at the store

New at your Zoo:

New in your township:

  • 9 new expansions
  • 4 new decorations: Upscale House, Golden Fence, Old Ship, and Veggie Cart
  • New townspeople in your town and Zoo as well as new animated sketches!
  • And many other improvements!
Thanks for playing Township! Stay tuned as more is yet to come!

2016 Feb. 4 (v3.5.1)

From Township Mobile

Update 3.5.1 Icon.png

What's New in Version 3.5.1
An all-new Township update with a bevy of improvements is now available for all iOS, Google Play and Kindle users! Update your game today:

Township is celebrating Chinese New Year:

  • An absolutely new event pitting you against other players—do you have what it takes to win?
  • 5 new temporary holiday decorations available at the store: Chinese House, Paper Lanterns, Goldfish,

Monkey Statue, and Light Tree

  • New plant: Tangerines
  • 4 new temporary recipes available at the factories: Fortune Cookie, Tangerine Cake, Toy Monkey, and Paper Lantern

St. Valentine's Day:

  • 11 holiday-themed decorations available in the days leading up to the holiday, including Prince on a White Horse and Flower Cart

New at the Zoo:

  • 6 new decorations available at the store: Jacaranda, Cactus, Inflatable Panda, Lion Trampoline, Zoo Trampoline, and Baobab
  • Zoo notifications added—don’t miss anything that goes on at your Zoo!

Even more content!

  • New exclusive decoration now available: Notre-Dame de Paris
  • 7 new flags now available: Jordan, Catalonia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Bulgaria—find your country!
  • News tab added to Settings, putting quests, updates, and game tips all in the same place!
  • Background updated—check it out!
  • New townspeople wandering your town
  • Improved interfaces and (some) game graphics

And many other improvements!

Thank you for playing Township! Stay tuned for more!
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