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2019 Updates

These are the updates released by Township Mobile (Android, iOS and Kindle) in 2019.

  • NOTE: MacOS is usually a few month behind the mobile version, Windows had not released any update in 2019.

January 9 Zoo Update (v6.3.5)

The Zoo is closing its doors after renovations!


Zoo Update 2019.png
  • Collect cards of different rarity to get new animals for your Zoo!
  • Complete animal families to earn Cash and unlock new decorations for your Zoo and town!
  • Help friends and complete orders from the animals and visitors to earn rewards.


  • You might find cards in the chests that you get for sending off planes, playing at the House of Luck, or developing your town.
  • You can get decks of cards in events and regattas, or in exchange for regatta tokens at the Yacht Club during regatta seasons.
  • Fill daily orders at the Zoo to earn more cards and prizes.


  • Fill orders at the Zoo to get a new achievement and a new profile picture featuring Riko the lemur!
  • 2 new decorations.
  • A new expansion.

January 18 update (v6.3.8)

  • Bug fixes and improvements

January 31 update (v6.4.0)


The Lantern Festival and a treasure hunt await you in the new update!


  • Help an adorable piggy decorate the town during the Lantern Festival! The event starts on February 4.
  • Stock up on fireworks at a special workshop to light up the sky!
  • Collect envelopes to win special rewards!
  • 2 new profile pictures for reaching personal goals and winning the tournament.
  • 7 thematic decorations at the store and temporary goods at the factories.


  • Explore a legendary underwater cave starting on February 25!
  • Find sea creatures to collect more sunken treasure!
  • A new profile picture if you find the most artifacts!
  • 8 sea-themed decorations at the store and expedition goods at the factories.


  • Catch а wave in the Search for Atlantis regatta season and get ready for the new pirate season starting on March 17!
  • Send special decorations to friends and fellow co-op members to celebrate Valentine's Day starting on February 8!
  • New in Level 95: Festive Factory, where you can produce 5 new products!
  • 2 new town expansions.
New Goods: Balloon, Cotton Candy, Soap Bubbles, Lei, Piñata

March 18 Update (v6.5.0)

  • Fun events and exciting new features in Township!


  • Fly the longest distance in the flight competition! The event starts on March 22.
  • Search for bunnies and get gifts in the Easter event starting on April 12!
  • Check out thematic decorations at the Store and temporary goods at the factories during the events!
  • Build a Bunny Village during the Easter event and keep upgrading it once the event is over to get Township Cash!
  • *Get ready for a trip to the Middle Ages in the next regatta season starting on April 9


  • Tool Exchange (available at Level 60 and higher): exchange materials for tools to build more community buildings.
  • Community-requested feature: Animal Hospital available for construction at Level 84 and higher.
  • New town resident—young dreamer Neil.
  • Town expansion.


  • 2 new animal families: collect cards of friendly armadillos and charming red pandas to welcome them into their enclosures!
  • 2 bright decorations: Royal Poinciana and Wisteria.

Also, check out the improved visuals: the menu, game windows, and buttons now look better and are easier to use!

March 22 update (v6.5.2)

  • Bug fixes and improvements

April 27 Update(v6.6.0)

Township April Update.PNG

A treasure hunt and a new juicy event in Township!


  • Join the expedition to the heart of the jungle in an event starting May 6!
  • Build bridges between the rocky pillars and find ancient artifacts!
  • Cover the longest distance without falling off the road!
  • 2 new profile pictures for reaching personal goals and winning the tournament!
  • Expedition goods at the factories and 8 thematic decorations in the Store.


  • Help Sandra open a summer smoothie stand! The new event starts May 24!
  • Grow Mango, Dragon Fruit, and Pepino at the temporary tropical farm. Fill townspeople orders to get the seeds of the fruit.
  • Slice up tropical fruit to compete with your neighbors!
  • Earn 2 new profile pictures for reaching personal goals and winning the tournament!
  • 8 exciting decorations in the Store and temporary goods at the factories.


  • Catch the wave in the medieval regatta season and get ready for a trip to the Wild West in the next season starting May 14!
  • 3 new town expansions.
  • A new wooden walkway at the zoo.

May 31 Update(v6.7.0)

Update 6.7.PNG
Things are heating up in Township with 3 events and a new farm!


  • The Color Splash attraction will open again on June 6. Beat levels to earn prizes!
  • Treat townspeople to yummy cakes at the Pastry Shop. Doors open on June 20!
  • Jump from building to building decorating your town with flowers in an event starting on July 4!
  • Catch a wave in the Wild West regatta season and get ready for an Art Voyage in the next season starting June 18!


  • Welcome adorable otters to your town once you reach level 58.
  • Feed them to receive gifts they fish out of the pond in return.
  • Produce new goods at your factories.


  • A new townsperson: Harold the vet!
  • A new community building: a shipyard.
  • New zoo residents: Arctic wolves.
  • Stickers in the co-op chat.
  • 2 expansions in town and 1 in the zoo.
New Goods: Seaweed Shrimp Salad, Face Mask, Scallop Sushi, Grilled Scallop,
Pearl Choker, Gown

July 11 Update(v6.8.0)

Zoo Enc Update.PNG
A new event and a transport magnate competition


  • Help Eugene and Susie win bubble gum in the new event starting on August 1!
  • Fill townspeople's orders and get tokens to start the bubble gum machine.
  • Guide a gumball past spinning platforms without touching them to earn points and win awesome rewards!
  • Temporary goods at the factories, 8 thematic decorations at the store, and 2 new profile pictures.


  • Compete with other players to see whose town has the best transportation system! Follow the game news if you don't want to miss the start of the tournament!
  • Get points for regular in-game activities—sending off planes, trains, and helicopters.
  • Qualify for the tournament to compete for the top prizes!


  • Get your snowboard ready for the Snow Ride! The event starts on July 18.
  • Sandra's smoothie stand opens on August 14! Help her slice as much fruit as you can!
  • The new Music Voyage regatta season starts on July 23!
  • A new crop is available in Level 75! Grow Peanut Plants and use them to make products at the factories.
  • A new event and regatta reward: a coupon you can use to hire the Dealer for free!
  • A new community building—Computer Store—and a new type of house.
  • 2 new town expansions.
New Goods: Peanut Plant, Salted Peanuts, Peanut Butter, Peanut Parfait,
Chocolate Bar, Peanut Butter Crepe, Peanut Sauce

July 17 update (v6.8.1)

  • Bug fixes and improvements

August 22 Update(v6.9.0)

  • Help Samuel take his crops to the farmers' market! The event starts on September 12!
  • Make fuel at the temporary factory to keep your trucks running.
  • Take all the trucks to the market without any collisions in intersections!
  • Temporary goods at the factories, thematic decorations at the store, and 2 new profile pictures.


  • Explore Ancient Egypt and brighten up your town with thematic decorations in a new regatta season starting on August 27!
  • Jungle Quest: Venture out on a daring expedition starting on August 29.
  • Compete with other mayors to see who can dig the deepest mine! Get your picks and dynamite ready for September 6.
  • Take part in the Aerial Challenge and test your luck with the Prize Wheel starting on September 26.


  • Don't miss Township's birthday on September 23! Drop by to get your gift!
  • Welcome cute Anteaters to your Zoo!
  • New town resident, a new type of house, and a new community building—Pool Hall.
  • 2 expansions in town and 1 in the Zoo.

October 3 Update (V7.0.0)

  • Participate in Sport Fishing on October 10 to set new records!
  • Celebrate Halloween with Emma and some friendly ghosts: Trick-or-Trade kicks off in the magical castle on October 24.
  • Ride a wave in the Ancient Legends season and train for the Enchanting Oasis starting on November 5!
  • Come first in the Transport Magnate and Mine Time competitions. Stay tuned so you don't miss the start of these events!


  • Happy Times offer: Don't miss out on all your actions in the game earning you 50% more XP!
  • Help your friends and co-op members for just 1 Township cash during the Helping Hand offer!


  • Meet a new townsperson—the ambitious young manager Richard.
  • 3 new town expansions.

October 28 Update (v7.0.5)


Help Professor Verne with his experiments and participate in events


  • Professor Verne is on the verge of a great discovery! Help him carry out his experiments and make a scientific breakthrough!
  • Complete tasks while performing regular in-game actions.
  • Score points and win awesome rewards.
  • Use the Gold Pass to unlock exclusive rewards.


  • The Bubble Gum Festival starts on November 7. Get gumballs from the machine to earn event points and win prizes!
  • Treat your townspeople to delicious burgers in the Fastfood Stars event starting on November 21.
  • Get your snowboard ready for the Snow Ride! The event starts on December 5.
  • 2 new town expansions and 1 in the Zoo.

December 9 Update (V 7.1)

Dec 2019.PNG

Celebrate the holiday season and set new records in tournaments!


  • An unidentified flying object has crash-landed somewhere near your town. Help Jimmy the rescuer carry out a rescue mission!
  • The new event starts on December 16.
  • Complete tasks and clear the way to complete the rescue mission in time for Christmas.
  • Get energy points by completing certain tasks in your town.
  • Carry out the rescue mission successfully to win thematic decorations and resources that you can use to develop your town.


  • Explore the Land of Snow and Ice and spruce up your town with polar decorations in a new regatta season starting on December 10!
  • Join the Transport Magnate tournament on December 12, the Mine Time tournament on December 27, and the Advanced Agriculture tournament on January 10.
  • Color Splash will open again on January 2! Beat levels to earn prizes!


  • Keep an eye on the event calendar so you don't miss any of the great limited-time offers.
  • Welcome graceful llamas to your Zoo!
  • Meet a new tourist character at the helicopter orders window!
  • Winter has come to Township! The houses are covered in snow and the townspeople and animals are all bundled up.
  • 2 new town expansions.
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