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2020 Event Decorations

Event Decoration InformationEdit

This page lists all of the decorations available from limited time Community Events.

  • Decorations with (Event Only) were only obtainable during the event.
  • Decorations with (Event Sale) were available from sales during events.
  • Decorations with stars (★) are animated.

Event Decoration SalesEdit

These are limited time sales offering decorations through in-app purchases during events.
The sales usually last 2-3 days and include a decoration and Tcash and/or extra items.

Event Decoration CostsEdit

The cost of event decoration(s) on sale depend on any previous in-app purchases. Also it varies depending on your currency. If you haven't bought any Tcash before decorations will cost $1.39 to $2.79, but every in-app purchase will raise the cost of the decoration sales slightly. If you frequently purchase Tcash the cost of decoration sales will increase to $7 to $15 or more, and will include larger amounts of Tcash (Example costs are in CAD).

Reduce Event Decoration CostsEdit

To reduce the cost of decoration sales wait for up to 30 days to 3 months with no in-app purchases.
30 Days: Sale costs will be slightly reduced. 3 Months: Sale costs will be greatly reduced.
This also applies for the in-game offers on Tcash sales.

Need for Seeds Event (February 2020) Edit

February 13, 2020 • These are the decorations purchasable for your own town in the Need for Seeds Event.

Valentine's Day (Feb. 2020) Edit

February 8, 2020 • These are the decorations purchasable for your own town.

*The Costs of these decorations have been reduced

• These are the decorations you could only send/receive as gifts.

Underwater Adventure (Feb. 2020) Edit

Jan. 31, 2020 • Some of the decorations were rewards in the Underwater Adventure Event.

Lunar New Year (Jan. 2020) Edit

These decorations were part of the Lantern Festival 2020 on Jan. 18th 2020.

Color Splash 2019 (January 2020) Edit

Jan. 2, 2020 • Some of these decorations were rewards in the Color Splash Event.

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