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2020 Updates

These are the updates released by Township Mobile (Android, iOS and Kindle) in 2020.

  • iOS usually releases the update 1-3 days before other mobile app stores.
  • MacOS is usually a few months behind the mobile version, Windows is more than a year behind.

January 14 Update (V7.2) Edit

Take part in events and celebrate Valentine's Day!


  • Send your friends valentines starting on February 8.
  • Enjoy 8 new holiday decorations.


  • Join the quest for Atlantean treasure in the new regatta season starting on January 13.
  • Decorate your town with Piggy the pig in the Lantern Festival starting on January 18.
  • Dig the deepest mine in the Mine Time tournament on January 31.
  • Help Samuel deliver his crops to the farmers' market in the Need for Seeds event starting on February 13.
  • Produce as many factory goods as you can in the new Industrial Boom tournament starting on February 21.


  • Limited-time offers: Double Play on January 24 and Ore Galore on February 9.
  • 3 new town expansions.

February 21 Update (V7.3) Edit

Professor's Experiments
New experiments and colorful events


  • Help Professor Verne with his experiments starting on March 5!
  • Complete tasks while performing regular in-game actions.
  • Score points and win awesome rewards.
  • Use the Gold Pass to unlock the best rewards.


  • Catch a wave in the Jungle regatta season and get ready for the new pirate season starting on March 24!
  • Mayors' tournaments: Industrial Boom starts on February 21, Advanced Agriculture on March 6, and Transport Magnate on March 20.
  • Sandra is back with her smoothie stand on February 27! Make as many smoothies as you can to spin the Prize Wheel.
  • Set records in the Aerial Challenge starting on March 12!
  • Treat townspeople to yummy cakes at the Pastry Shop. Doors open on March 26!


  • New farm unlocks at Level 63! Grow mushrooms and produce new goods.
  • 2 new town expansions.

March 5 Update (V7.3.5) Edit

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

April 7 Update (v7.4.1) Edit

Spring holidays and a new office for the mayor


  • The mayor's office needs to be renovated! Let's get down to business on April 23.
  • Guide a van to a furniture warehouse to win tickets.
  • Use these tickets to restore your office at the Town Hall.
  • Choose the best design out of three options.
  • Get valuable rewards as you renovate the office.
  • Finish renovating the office to keep it after the event is over.


  • Help Susie look for bunnies in the Easter Park and win amazing prizes! The event starts on April 11.
  • Catch a wave in the Pirate Treasure regatta season and get ready for a trip to the Age of Knights starting on April 28.
  • Professor Verne is back with new experiments on May 6. Don't miss new skins for your plane and airport, as well as other unique rewards!


  • Don't miss the Ore Galore special offer on April 18 and Happy Times on May 2!

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