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2020 Updates

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These are the updates released by Township Mobile (Android, iOS and Kindle) in 2020. Windows updated late October 2020

  • iOS usually releases the update 1-3 days before other mobile app stores.
  • MacOS is usually a few months behind the mobile version, Windows timeframe was unknown.
  • Android 4.2.0 and earlier is no longer supported. Upgrade your device to the latest version for Township to continue working properly.

January 14 Update (v7.2.0)

Take part in events and celebrate Valentine's Day!


  • Send your friends valentines starting on February 8.
  • Enjoy 8 new holiday decorations.


  • Join the quest for Atlantean treasure in the new regatta season starting on January 13.
  • Decorate your town with Piggy the pig in the Lantern Festival starting on January 18.
  • Dig the deepest mine in the Mine Time tournament on January 31.
  • Help Samuel deliver his crops to the farmers' market in the Need for Seeds event starting on February 13.
  • Produce as many factory goods as you can in the new Industrial Boom tournament starting on February 21.


  • Limited-time offers: Double Play on January 24 and Ore Galore on February 9.
  • 3 new town expansions.

February 21 Update (v7.3.0)

Professor's Experiments.PNG
New experiments and colorful events


  • Help Professor Verne with his experiments starting on March 5!
  • Complete tasks while performing regular in-game actions.
  • Score points and win awesome rewards.
  • Use the Gold Pass to unlock the best rewards.


  • Catch a wave in the Jungle regatta season and get ready for the new pirate season starting on March 24!
  • Mayors' tournaments: Industrial Boom starts on February 21, Advanced Agriculture on March 6, and Transport Magnate on March 20.
  • Sandra is back with her smoothie stand on February 27! Make as many smoothies as you can to spin the Prize Wheel.
  • Set records in the Aerial Challenge starting on March 12!
  • Treat townspeople to yummy cakes at the Pastry Shop. Doors open on March 26!


  • New farm unlocks at Level 63! Grow mushrooms and produce new goods.
  • 2 new town expansions.

New goods: substrate, mushroom, dried mushrooms, mushroom turnover,
caramelized mushrooms, mushroom salad, roast meat, lasagna, mushroom salad.

April 7 Update (v7.4.0)

Spring holidays and a new office for the mayor


  • The mayor's office needs to be renovated! Let's get down to business on April 23.
  • Guide a van to a furniture warehouse to win tickets.
  • Use these tickets to restore your office at the Town Hall.
  • Choose the best design out of three options.
  • Get valuable rewards as you renovate the office.
  • Finish renovating the office to keep it after the event is over.


  • Help Susie look for bunnies in the Easter Park and win amazing prizes! The event starts on April 11.
  • Mayors' tournaments: Mine Time starts on April 18, Advanced Agriculture on May 1.
  • Catch a wave in the Pirate Treasure regatta season and get ready for a trip to the Age of Knights starting on April 28.
  • Professor Verne is back with new experiments on May 6. Don't miss new skins for your plane and airport, as well as other unique rewards!
  • The Color Splash event will open again on May 7. Beat levels to earn prizes!


  • Don't miss the Ore Galore special offer on April 18 and Happy Times on May 2!
  • Meet the new town resident: fearless actor Donnie Kepp!
  • Enjoy 2 new town expansions.

May 12 Update (v7.5,0)

May 12 2020 update.png

Tea party and colorful events



  • Grow a new Tea Plant starting in Level 84.
  • Build a Tea Factory to make goods from the Tea Plant.
  • Unlock new tea-related factory goods.


New goods: Tea plant, black tea, jasmine white tea, rose tea, butter tea,
milk oolong tea, chocolate custard, tea bag, tea ceremony set.

June 22 Update (v7.6.0)

June 22 2020 update.png

Co-op race and colorful events


  • Participate in a new co-op race starting on June 30!
  • The more effort you put into developing the city, the more tasks you can complete.
  • Outrace everyone to get awesome rewards!


  • Get ready for a brand new event starting on July 17th!
  • The more advanced the stage, the harder the tasks and the bigger the rewards!
  • Hurry up to complete all the tasks and win the grand prize!


  • The Aerial Challenge starts on June 26. Let's give it a whirl!
  • Catch a wave in the Wild West regatta season and get ready for a new season called Art Voyage starting on July 7!
  • Professor Verne is back with new experiments on July 10. Don't miss new skins for your helicopter and helicopter pad, as well as other unique rewards.
  • Snow Ride: hit the slopes in an exciting snowboarding competition starting July 9!
  • Hammer Time: renovate a room in a tropical bungalow that you get to keep after the event ends!. The event starts on July 24.


  • Meet a new townsperson - the workshop owner Billy!
  • Keep an eye on the event calendar so you don't miss any great limited-time offers.
  • Enjoy 2 new town expansions.

July 31 Update (v7.7.0)

July 31 2020 update.png


  • Peggy the pig has a surprise for you! Join the Gift Hunt in the early fall.
  • Complete tasks to earn experience points and open all the gift boxes that Peggy has for you!
  • The more experience points you collect, the more gift boxes you can open.
  • Make sure to get to the final prize!


  • A new community building-Esports Arena-and two new types of houses available at Level 92
  • 3 new expansions.
  • Keep an eye on the event calendar so you don't miss any great limited-time offers.

Added 2 fields to a maximum of 124.

September 21 Update (v7.8,0)

  • Note: This update is released for both mobile, mac and windows version.
September 21 2020 Update.png

Get ready for a new update!
A new head-spinning ride and Township's birthday celebration


  • Get your thrill on with the new breathtaking Rev and Ride event in early October.
  • Ride the roller coaster with Clucky the hen and help her get to the finish line.
  • Collect stars and prize chests on the track to win excellent rewards.


  • Get ready for some Halloween fun with the Hammer Time event in late October.
  • Help Emma the witch renovate her room after a potion-brewing mishap.
  • Beat exciting match-2 levels to win renovation tickets.
  • Now you get to keep the room for good if you finish renovating most of it before the event ends.


  • Take part in Professor Verne's Halloween experiments in late September.
  • Enjoy new skins for your trains and train station!
  • New feature for players who finish the experiments quickly—a safe with additional rewards.


  • Celebrate Township's birthday on September 23! There will be gifts for everyone and something special for our veteran players.
  • Join the Bubble Gum Festival in late September and Trick-or-Trade in mid-October.
  • Explore the mysteries of Ancient Greece in a new regatta season starting in late October.
  • Unlock 2 new town expansions.

- Increased market box maximum price from 20 Tcash to 30 Tcash
- Reduced Tcash awards for all achievements by approximately 30%
- Changed word font for co-op, train and plane time.

November 6 Update (v7.9.0)

November 6 2020 update.png

Get ready for a new update!
Spice up your holidays with thrilling new adventures!


  • Celebrate the holidays with Professor Verne in the Professor's Experiments event in early December.
  • Win unique skins for your helicopter and helicopter pad and other valuable rewards.


  • Don't miss the Sweet Week and Rev and Ride events in November and the Holiday Deliveries event in early December.
  • 4 new town expansions.
  • Great limited-time offers in the event calendar.

December 12 Update (v7.9.5)

December 2020 Update.png

Christmas miracles and rewards for the best players


  • The holiday spirit's in the air! Help Santa renovate his old workshop in the middle of December to make sure all the kids get their Christmas gifts in time.
  • Molly the Sheep will help you collect renovation tickets on the snowboarding track.
  • This time you only need to renovate most of the room to keep it after the event is over.
  • Win valuable prizes at different stages of the renovations. Finish the renovations before the event is over to win the grand prize!


  • Get ready for two events with mounting rewards!
  • Complete stages in the events to win resources that you can use to develop your town.
  • Extract ore from the mine in the Treasure Mine event to score points and open three reward chests. Get to the last chest to win the grand prize!
  • Send off loaded helicopters, trains, and planes in the Great Freight event to win the main prize!


  • Winter in town: decked out animals, decorated buildings, and more!
  • Two exciting events: Need for Seeds and Bubble Gum Festival with great special offers that will increase the number of points you win!
  • Town expansion.
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