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The airport is a restorable special building which introduces the airplane. At level 17, you will be asked to reconstruct the airport.

"The airport has been abandoned for quite some time! In order to reconstruct it, you need 1500 coins."

Profile Pic 19.png After reconstructing the airport you unlock the Pilot's profile picture.

Airplane Landing and Preparation

Airplanes are automatically sent off within 15 hours if you don't press the send button, you will not receive the reward for the rows of crates you have filled. The next airplane will arrive in 5 hours whether it is automatically sent off or not.

The plane will not arrive unless you have opened the game after the plane has arrived. Produce goods in advance, grow crops overnight, and use the market to complete plane requests quickly.

For goods, you can preview items required to fill the next plane. It also lets you know how many of the goods you have in your barn if you tap on them. However, it does not tell you exactly how many of each item you will need. You can view a list of estimated quantities in Combined Crate Quantities for all goods you may need to fill plane crates.

Plane Is Not Here Next stuff and Get Now button

Plane Is Not Here

Time left, rewards and get now button

Filling Airplane Crates

Airplanes have 2-3 crates to be filled per row. Each row completed rewards you with the prize stated in the next section.

  • You are given 15 hours to fill the plane before it's automatically sent off.
  • You can ask for help to fill 1 crate per row. The crate will be flagged with a red '!' mark.
  • This means a request has been sent to your friends and co-op members. They are able to help fill the crate.
  • If available you can use a product request in your co-op for any goods required on the plane.
  • You must send the plane off. You will lose all your rewards and the reliable wings achievement in the automatically send off if the time runs out.
  • Send the plane off and get the rewards already earned if you can't fill the rest.

Note: Helping your friend Ernie to fill his train/plane/zoo order will give you 1 Tcash as a gift the next day.

Filling Airplane Crates.png

Airplane Rewards


  • ALP is short for Airplane Leaderboard Points.
  • On personal, you unlock Profile Pic 72 by scoring 5,000 ALP. On tournament, the leaderboard ranks you on how many ALP you've received while filling plane crates. You can earn additional ALP by helping your friends with their plane crates. From 1 to 3 ALP per crate. The leaderboard has two tabs:
    • Global Ranking: A list of all the players around the world where you can see how you rank.
    • Friends Ranking: Your friends list where you can see how you rank with them.

Other Rewards

  • Fill any crate will give you the corresponding coins and xps instantly. Filling others' will also give you ALP and clover(s).
  • Fill the 1st Row and receive: 1st row reward. Example below: 4 ALP + 382 Coins.
  • Fill the 2nd Row and receive: 1st & 2nd row rewards. Example below: 8 ALP + 1146 Coins.
  • Fill all 3 rows (known as fully-loaded) and receive: All previous row rewards and a mystery chest.
  • If rows are only partially filled so none are lit up green, exclude the instantly-given coins and xps, you will not get any rewards when sending off the plane.
  • Also the amount of ALP and coins vary depending on how difficult the crates are to fill.
  • Mystery Chest: Contains 1 random gem + 2 random prizes, include coins, 1 Tcash, zoo cards, ingots, building materials, and/or mining tools.
Takeoff Chest
Fully Loaded Airplane Reward Info.png
Fully Loaded Plane Rewards.png


Here is some helpful information about the airport

Airport Guide 1.png
Airport Guide 2.png


Load Coupons

Load coupons are occasionally offered as community event rewards. With a load coupon you can fill any train railcar, plane crate or zoo order in either your town, or someone else’s if they have asked for help. The option will appear as long as you have load coupons available.

Using a Coupon for a Plane Crate
in a friend's town
Using a Coupon for a Plane Crate
Load Coupon Plane Friend.png
Load Coupon Plane.png

Other Information

  • You can fill crates immediately with the goods required, but it's very costly.
  • The best method is hiring Raja the Dealer while he's on sale to search and buy items every hour.
  • You can also spend up to 9 T-cash to get the next plane immediately.
  • The cost to get the next plane reduces as the planes time is closer to landing.
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