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Similar to Transport Magnate Event. Jan 14, 2016

Airport Introduction & Guide

Welcome aboard! A big new order just came in, so you'll have to ship as much cargo as possible before the deadline. We've already set up a flight schedule, so all we need from you is the cargo. Send as many fully-loaded planes as possible before time runs out to earn valuable prizes. Think you can handle it?

Airport event.png

The Airport Event is repeated now and then. The rewards will change from time to time, but usually the rewards are similar to the example below.

Personal Goals

Stages Send Reward
1st stage 1 plane 3 Shovels
2nd stage 3 planes 3 T-cash
3rd stage 5 planes 3 Paint
4th stage 8 planes 3 Amethyst
Goal 12 planes Booster

Global Goal

Send 6,400,000 fully-loaded planes together with other players to earn a reward. (10 T-cash)
Incredible! We did it! All together, we were able to collect 7.605.337 points. Everyone receives the reward!

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