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Amusement Park Event

Sept. 15 ~ Sept. 25, 2017

Amusement Park Event Introduction

Celebrate Township’s birthday in the Event Center, where a very special attraction was just launched! Buy tickets to win holiday prizes, and don’t forget to compete in the tournament with neighbors to earn more rewards at the end of the event. Come have fun!

Character Discussion Character
Amusement Park Clown.png
I bring the party wherever I go!
Welcome to the attraction park we
opened to celebrate the 4th Town Day!
Amusement Park Agnes.png
Let me just wave my wand... Oops, I think
I spent all my magic on ice cream. I don't have enough left to conjure up a blow-up castle.
Don't worry, Agnes, you can still win the
inflatable castle at the new attraction!
Go to the park now so you don't miss all the fun!
Event Information
Amusement Park Event Guide.png

Amusement Park Event Guide

Celebrate Township's birthday at the amusement park! Beat levels, collect stars, and win prizes! Get special rewards for winning the player tournament!

Amusement Park Event Tips

  • Regular levels reward 30 stars, but as you progress harder levels reward 40-50.
  • Try to create power-ups and pop blocks from top to bottom, and pop ones near obstacles first.
  • The block you tap to create a 5/7/9 block power-up is where it will be created.
  • Rockets orientation is random. Try to use them to create combos with other blocks.
  • Hammers cost 24 Tcash for 3. Only use them to remove an obstacle that will finish the level.
  • If you aren't able to finish a level after 3 tries you will have to start a new one.
  • It takes 10 minutes for a new ticket to refresh, so always be ready with common goods.
  • Buy extra market boxes, use co-op requests, and have fast crops growing to buy tickets.

Amusement Park Goods

Townspeople ask for all kind of products during the event including temporary event products.

  • Common Goods: Balloon, Mask Gingerbread, Strawberry Cake, Toy Clown
    • Crops: Wheat x21, Corn x19, Carrots x18, Sugarcane x15, Cotton x11, Strawberry x7, Rice x8, Tomato x8, Potato x5, Pepper x8, etc.
    • Goods: Banana x2, Bread x2, Cotton Fabric x2, Grapes x2, Honey x3, Ice Cream x2, Jelly Beans x1, Milk x18, Muffin x2, Paper x1, Peach x2, Popsicle x1, Sugar x2, Syrup x1, etc.
Recipes Material
Made in
Mask Gingerbread Level 8
Mask Gingerbread.png
bread 40m 5xp 36 coins Bakery
Strawberry Cake Level 24
Strawberry Cake.png
1h 18xp 43 coins Pastry Factory
Toy Clown Level 14
Toy Clown.png
cotton fabric
1h30m 34xp 80 coins Tailor Shop
Balloon Level 34
Amusement Park Balloon.png
rubber 1h 18xp 43 coins Plastics Factory

Personal Event Goals

Complete your first personal goal to unlock the competition.

Amusement Park Event Goals.png

Personal Event Rewards

Play and earn stars to win holiday prizes! The level difficulty determines how many stars you get. The more levels you beat, the bigger the reward you'll get in the tournament!

Goal Need Reward Preview
1st Goal 100 Stars 3 Tcash
3 Cash.png
2nd Goal 160 Stars Inflatable Castle
+2 Slabs
Inflatable Castle.png
3rd Goal 250 Stars +1 Shortcut
+5 Tcash
Shortcut Booster.png
4th Goal 380 Stars Kids Train Ride
+2 Emerald
Kids Train Ride.png
5th Goal 530 Stars +3 Load Coupons
+2 Gold Ingots
Load Coupon.png
Gold ingot.png
6th Goal 690 Stars Happy Town Day Statue
+10 Tcash
Happy Town Day Statue.png
7th Goal 870 Stars +1 Free Expansion
Profile Pictures
Free Expansion.png
Profile Picture
8th+ Goal ?+ Stars
per chest
(1500+ Stars)
Treasure Chest
+3 to 6 Tcash,
+2, 3, 6 Tools,
+2 to 4 Zoo Materials,
+2 Gold Ingots
Lottery Chest.png

All Amusement Park Decorations

View all of the Amusement Park Decorations.


Here you can view your current position in the tournament and the available rewards.
Earn more stars playing on the attraction than your neighbors to earn new prizes.

Amusement Park Competition.png

Amusement Park Tournament

Tournament Information Profile Pic 90
Complete your first personal goal to unlock the competition. Compete against 24 real players to receive even more prizes in the event. If you place in the top three by the end of the event, you will receive special rewards. Profile Pictures

Tournament Rewards

The tournament rewards are based on your Town's level.

  • Higher Levels: Receive island coupons, gems, and boosters.
  • Lower Levels: Receive building materials and less coins.
  • The Tcash and Profile Picture are rewards for both higher and lower levels.
  • Higher level rewards are in Bold and lower levels are in italics for the rewards below.
Place Titles Rewards High Level Low Level
1st Real Wizard 25 Tcash
+1 Island Coupon or +3 Paint
Profile Pictures
Island Upgrade Coupon.png
2nd-3rd Entertainment Experts 12 Tcash
+1 Amethyst or +3 Hammers
Profile Pictures
4th-7th Level Master 7 Tcash
+1 Rich Fields or +1 Paint
Rich Fields Booster.png
8th-12th Game Professionals +2 Hammers, 5100 coins
or +2 Glass, 270 coins
13th-19th Attraction Fans 4700 coins or 220 coins
20th-24th Beginner Magicians 850 coins or 45 coins

Amusement Park Video

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