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Black Crowned Crane Family

Black Crowned Crane
Balearica pavonina

Black Crowned Crane InformationEdit

World Map of Continents
World Map Continents
Map of Black Crowned Cranes About Black Crowned Cranes
Black Crowned Crane Map
"Legend has it that their golden feathers were a gift from an African tribal chief. He got lost in the savanna and cranes showed him the way out, so to thank them he had his shaman conjure up crowns no one would ever take away."
Enclosure Cost Materials
Black Crowned Crane Enclosure
Coin 230,000 Glass 158
Slabs 158
2d2h 1125xp

Breeding Black Crowned CranesEdit

The first male and female animal parents are delivered by helicopter when you buy them. The 2 baby animals are bred in the Nursery and cost gems to breed. When you have completed a family you'll earn a Tcash reward.

In the Zoo Book you can see how many of the 180 animals you currently have in your Zoo.

Family Cost Complete Zoo Book Page
Crowned Crane Dad 30 Regular Zoo Cards
Black Crowned Crane Page
Crowned Crane Mom 30 Regular Zoo Cards
Crowned Crane Baby (F) 15 Rare Zoo Cards
Crowned Crane Baby (M) 10 Epic Zoo Cards
20 t cash

Black Crowned Crane Enclosure PreviewEdit

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