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Black Panther Family

Black Panther

Black Panther InformationEdit

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Map of Black Panthers About Black Panthers
Black Panther Map
"Leopards and jaguars that have a black coloration instead of the usual rosettes are called black panthers. They prefer lounging in trees because of their dark fur, making it hard to notice them in the shade of the tropical forest."
Enclosure Cost Materials
Black Panther Enclosure
Coin 60,000 63 Glass

63 Slabs

1d14h 825xp

Breeding Black PanthersEdit

Earn Zoo Cards to buy and breed animals. A parent animal (Male or Female) requires 30 regular cards each (Total of 60 Cards). A baby boy requires 15 rare cards and and a baby girl requires 10 Epic Card. The rarer the card, the harder it is to obtain. To complete a Zoo Family you require 85 Zoo cards in Total. When you have completed a family you'll earn a reward of 10- 25 T-cash.

In the Zoo Book you can see how many of the 192 animals you currently have in your Zoo.

Family Cost Complete Zoo Book Page
Black Panther Dad 30 Regular Zoo Cards
Black Panther Page
Black Panther Mom 30 Regular Zoo Cards
Black Panther Baby (F) 15 Rare Zoo Cards
Black Panther Baby (M) 10 Epic Zoo Cards
15 t cash

Black Enclosure PreviewEdit

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