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Grammieinmiami305 Grammieinmiami305 17 March

Mini or Side games are killing Regatta/ROC fun

When the mini or side games were added to the Regatta tasks & ROC tasks it really has hindered many who have great difficulty doing those tasks.

Attaining 16 tasks of 135 points by dumping all others is easy to me now in the game.

However, mastering the tasks for the mini or side games of 140 or 150 points is most difficult or impossible for many.

It is my understanding that these tasks are here to stay in the Regatta & ROC tasks.

As for me, I am far from being a happy camper.

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RockyRuud RockyRuud 10 February

Township in Real Live: French gardens

Linking the French holiday event theme to a new Township in Real Life blog? I got inspiration for it during a midweek vacation at our children's house. While walking their dog, I came across several trimmed boxwoods, both animals and mosaics. The dog is in the third picture on the right😉 Topiary is the horticultural practice of training perennials by clipping the foliage and twigs of trees, shrubs and sub-shrubs to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes, whether geometric or imaginative. The term also refers to plants formed in this way. As an art form, it is a kind of living sculpture. The word is derived from the Latin word for ornamental gardener, topiarius, a creator of topia or "places", a Greek word the Romans also applied to f…

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Grammieinmiami305 Grammieinmiami305 25 January

Introduction to Wiki

Hi, you can call me "JOY"... I'm busy in Regatta right now but will have lots of things to ask & share in here now & then..

I'm a co-leader of a great Co-op in Township... We were gold but leader left due to health so we created new Co-op so we would honor the former leader by not using the name they used.... We are level 50 or over but always learning ... thus my trips to Wiki.....

Learning how this works... hope I can find it again... gotta go check on my Regatta... bbl

ok... I'm back.... so wondering do I just keep editing the one blog post to add on or what in order to continue my "blog"?

hmmm..... something is flashing... above I think it looks like a link? Will check it out :)

xoxo Blessings xoxo

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RockyRuud RockyRuud 7 January

Sculptures of Ice and Snow

Playrix is ​​slowly but surely adding more ice sculptures to the collection of decorations.

This was the inspiration for me to decorate my cave in my Christmas village with that theme.

Also in real life we ​​once visited an Ice Sculpture festival. Of course I searched there for Township related topics.

I found some dinosaurs, the Middle Ages and Space. An Ice Sculpture is a form of sculpture in which ice is used as the raw material. Making an ice sculpture is also called ice carving. Ice processing presents a number of difficulties due to the properties of the material. The ice should be selected with care. The ideal material consists of pure, clean water, so that the ice is transparent, and contains as few air bubbles as possible. The temper…

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RockyRuud RockyRuud 9 December 2021

Wintervillage on your windowsill

One of my hobbies is building Winter Villages. It started small, on the sideboard with ceramic houses that could hold tealights.

There were many impressive Christmas villages on the Christmas shows we visited, which inspired me to do more with them at home. And doing more with it also meant needing more space. So first I doubled the surface of the dresser by building something behind it and later I started building on the widened windowsill.

The use and processing of polystyrene foam sheets led to increasingly natural results.

In 2019 I added a cable car and a bigger ski slope to the winter village. room for wildlife on the mountain and a ski school for beginners.

And just like in our towns, there are figures available, through which storyline…

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RockyRuud RockyRuud 7 December 2021

Christmas Lounge is open!

The holidays are here again, so why not chat about how you will spend your holydays, share your best wishes with the Wiki community and more Christmas related stuff.

This is the time to redecorate our homes in style. Are you a visitor of Chriistmas shows? Will you decorate the Christmas tree or are you bringing your home into Christmas mood in some other way?Are you such an excited Township player that parts of the game are even recognizable in your Christmas tree?Will you set the table for Christmas dinner in Township style like this one?Or have you even recreated your Town on a small or slightly larger scale?

Are you ready to decorate your home, or do you need some inspiration? Do you want to see more of these Wintervillages or do you fe…

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RockyRuud RockyRuud 15 November 2021

Fruit Parade: Harvest Festival on wheels

In the Dutch region of the Betuwe, the Harvest festival is celebrated in a special way: as a parade!

The Fruitcorso in Tiel is an annual event. Apples, pears, nuts, seeds, peppers and grapes; they are all part of the parade that moves through the streets of Tiel on the third weekend of September. Fruit like you've never seen it before, seeds you didn't know existed, processed in floats designed and built by enthusiasts from the Betuwe and the land of Maas and Waal. The parade consists of twelve large carriages and six youth carriages.

This event is unique in the world and was awarded a Cultural Heritage status in 2013. Intangible heritage is living heritage. They are social customs, representations, rituals, traditions, expressions, special …

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RockyRuud RockyRuud 12 November 2021

Food Art: Carving Fruit and Vegetables

In addition to pumpkins, there are many more vegetables and fruits suitable for turning them into works of art. And of course I will look at it with Township eyes.

This topic reminds me of an event in my childhood. After visiting the zoo, my parents took us to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. In addition to the large, colorful aquarium in this room, I was particularly impressed by the artfully sliced ​​carrot that lay next to the dish on our plate. Some of us had a flower, others a goldfish for decoration. Or should we eat that piece of carrot too?

And the sculptures can also be funny like these penguins made of eggplant or true to life like this stork with chinese cabbage as a base, or very simple but oh so striking. Ever thought you could …

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RockyRuud RockyRuud 29 October 2021

Township in Real Life: Pumpkin Sculptures

It's Halloween and heyday for the carved pumpkin, a great opportunity to write my first blog about Township in Real Life (TSinRL).

In the beginning, my TSinRL threads were mainly about the garden and home decorations found on our race trips. But the Township theme can also be recognized in various art forms at exhibitions or just on the street.

This time we're going to the Bronx Zoo, where the Pumpkin Sculpt USA team has been turning pumpkins into zoo animals for several years now. They try to get as much out of a single pumpkin as possible. Some sculptures are so large that several pumpkins are needed.

Not only are the sculptures very realistic, the decor behind them makes the scene even more lifelike.

This last series of animals was made thi…

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RockyRuud RockyRuud 2 October 2021

Let me introduce myself

Hello everyone,

I am honored to be asked to do more for the Wiki and its community.

A little bit of history: When I started playing Township about four and a half years ago, the Township Wiki and Playrix's Towship Community Forum (TCF) were the main two platforms to find information about next levels and updates for example. On the forum I slowly changed from reader to writer.

Over the years I became such a Township fan that during the short vacations I regularly took with my wife Anne, I came across a lot of Township related items in real life. "Township in Real Life" became one of my favorite topics and I am planning to share more about this 'crush' with you soon.

Unfortunately, the TFC closed in June 2020 and along with a small group of for…

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Cemblack Cemblack 1 October 2021

An exciting new chapter for the wiki begins

Hello fellow townshippers, I have been editing the Township Wiki for nearly a year now. I have had the honour of following in line of some talented editors and I hope if they were to see the wiki today that they would be pleased with its progress.

The wiki's journey has only just begun with the exciting news I am here to share with you. I am pleased to introduce the wiki's new moderator RockyRuud, who will be bringing inspiration and flair to the wiki's Discussions, blogs and comments.

RockyRuud is no stranger to the wiki, his blogs on 'Playing Chess or Checkers with your Co-op and Township friends' (2019) and 'Township based Parlor games in real life' (2020) opens the door for the exciting new blogs that he will write here on the wiki.


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Cemblack Cemblack 17 May 2021

Individual Goods Pages

On the 8th May 2021 I envisaged, consulted and started a project to create individual Goods pages for easy viewing and searching on the wiki.

My thought was "I find that when I have too much of one product in my barn and instead of just selling it I'm thinking where can I use it and which factories do I have that use this product." To locate this information on the wiki takes remembering which factories I have, which ones do what and the breakdown of each product. Searching for this individual item doesn't bring me to the information I need with one click.

The interest for these pages was well received and through collaboration the initial Sugar page was created. This template has been used to create the 60+ individual Goods pages that are c…

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Eddieblake Eddieblake 19 April 2021

New Town

I'm now playing Township on my new PC. Which of course means a brand new town.

I am now the mayor of Lumiose Town.

But I really do miss my old town, Blackthorn. (Hopefully that town is still in the Playrix server)

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Degstoll Degstoll 12 March 2021

Township Expenses

Something that I don't like about Township, is that many things are so expensive, just today, I leveled up to LV. 29, and it costed 8 000 coins to repair the port, I only had like 2 000, so what I did is sell all the items at my barn and some decors on my town...

Now I'm waiting to cover up for what I selled, and I'm a bit mad (even thought I could've waited a while to get those 8 000 coins), but now I have 2 factories (the Jam Factory and the Rubber Factory), that I still need the minimum population to build them, but, one costs 7 100 coins and the other 9 000!! I bearly got enought to buy the Museum that costed 8 000 coins and the Pastry Factory that costed 5 300.

I'm afraid I won't make it to buy all these factories, and thatI'll have a l…

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Degstoll Degstoll 8 March 2021


In my opinion, I've seen many event rewards that might not be worth it, for example in the Great Fright event, some rewards (like the 2nd reward, 2 dynamites) aren't that nessecary.

It'll be better if the where more helpfull rewards in that event. But it isn't only that, more events lke the one of the mine (I don't remember the name), and more...

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Sokrates20 Sokrates20 15 February 2021


witam jeśli jesteś nowy porzebujesz pomocy nauki w grze township zapraszam na grupe fb Township polska lub na mije konto fb Dziki Paweł chętnie okaże wam sposoby fajne do grania

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HUVILLE HUVILLE 7 February 2021


Hey all! Nice to meet you here! My township journey started on August 9 2020 and I was really glad and lucky I could find a game like this on whole earth! It's a fascinating and wonderful game, With everything u need! What else can be so perfect when u can run your own town! It's seriously so amazing! With the graphics and everything going on! It changed my life! Level 69 is not a big one,but I know tons of tips and tricks abt this game! Just let me know if u want any!💞

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Cemblack Cemblack 5 February 2021

Event Decorations

I have created this blog to receive feedback and input on the topic of Event Decorations.

There are a few pages on the Township Wiki for decorations received in events i.e. Decorations table by name, a page for the yearly event decorations, a grouped event decoration page, sometimes the decorations are placed directly on the event page, and there may be others.

Link to the Decoration Table by name page

Example 1 - Year event decorations page i.e. 2020 Decorations

Example 2 - A grouped event decorations page i.e. Bubble Gum Decorations

Example 3 - An event page with decorations i.e. Big Screen Adventure Event

Due to the amount of editing required to keep all these pages up to date, I am proposing to combine the yearly (1) and grouped event decoration…

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Daryl City Daryl City 23 January 2021



Our co-op is mainly self-governed by seasoned adult players like you. Everyone is a co-leader to keep it on an even playing field.


Turn on "participate in events" and "display status" in additional settings.


Please stay above 2000 points per weekly regatta in all fairness moving forward. Full participation is required for all team events.


  • Dump tasks under 130 points. 50 dump limit per player. Experienced blockers preferred. No Hoppers please.


  • Reserves are turned OFF for all tasks.

3 Strike Rule:

Members who fail to meet the 2000 point regatta quota for 3 weeks per season may be restricted from racing for 1 week to be fair.


Everyone is welcome to participate in our priv…

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Mikula80 Mikula80 1 January 2021

Koop Mitglieder gesucht !

Wettbewerbsfähig, freundlich und lustig!

________________ ("×") _______________

Koop-Name: Heaven`s Gate ;-)

Koop-Status: Auf Anfrage

Koop-Symbol Beschreibung: blauer Hintergrund Goldener Stern

Wir suchen Leute, die gerne

chatten, sich gegenseitig helfen und sich um das Team kümmern. Helfen Sie mit, aufzusteigen und Trophäe zu gewinnen.

Kontaktieren Sie uns: S4AWKA im Spiel

Mein Städtename : New Bavaria

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Ajay mourya Ajay mourya 3 December 2020

Ajay mourya · 1m Ajay Mourya. Hi friends i am a active player in township and I am finding a active members for my co-op. Hi want to catch golden league in co-op. Co-op name: the shinning stars. Co-op Tags:

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Cemblack Cemblack 7 November 2020

Windows Update and New Admin

I, for one, am very happy that Township has updated on Windows, and to top it off I've been asked to be an Admin on Township Wiki. Such a great week! Yes you read that correctly I play on Windows. So to all the Windows players out there - Woo-hoo!!! I hope you are as excited as I am. So far, I've noticed some key requirements is time management and patience. And one must remember to have fun at all times. On a humorous note (for me), I'm not sure if I'm spending more time gaming or editing the wiki, which I am thoroughly enjoying. Have fun fellow Townshippers!

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Cemblack Cemblack 27 October 2020

Character Names

Hello Townshippers, I thought I would give my first Blog a go ...

I am new-ish to Township 83 days and counting... though I play on Windows (big screen real estate) I am very keen and eager to help with updating the Wiki.  I'd like to contribute with consistency, updates, ease of use and providing responses to help questions.

Recently, you may have seen my posts that I am in search of all the names of the customers that you meet in the helicopters and events. I have read that all the characters have names... so the hunt is on. Hoping you can help me.

Update: I have added 3 new characters to the Customers page - a stunt driver, a traveller/tourist and a teenager with headphones.

Update 26 Nov 2020: I am still on the hunt for the names of all the…

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Woods234 Woods234 22 October 2020

UCP changes

I am afraid you don't check discussions so I post on both places.

As you may notice, this wiki has been migrated to a new software UCP, 2 days ago. An obvious change is the page comments and user message walls. You can't add HTML code, quote another wiki page or edit your comment. I also noticed that anonymous users may fail to add comments for their enquiries, even I have not blocked them for access. We may wait to see if they can add comments in the coming few weeks, or I may report to FANDOM about it.

Enjoy the UCP. Mobile users can edit now, so more users may join this wiki.

If you can't post in comment section, post in the talk page, which can be accessed by the EDIT scrollbox. Example…

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Harrypotter261 Harrypotter261 29 September 2020

Be my friend!

Hi! I am an active player in Township. 

My code is LC9KS3.

Who wants to be my friend?

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Windycitydad Windycitydad 31 July 2020

Ernie Mini Game

Someone posted a question not long ago asking about a mini game that appeared in a friend's helicopter orders.  I had no idea what they were referring to. Until today when it appeared in my helicopter orders after upgrading to version 7.7.

The goal of the game is to guide the sheep to the end of the path by eliminating obstacles along the way. This can include opening fences, creating a path over water obstacles, etc. It was quite easy.

When I made it to the end, I received 5 township cash as a reward. I hope you get a chance to play this game too.

Have fun! WCD

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RockyRuud RockyRuud 27 July 2020

Township based Parlor games in real life

On this Wiki I wrote earlier about play Chess or checkers in your Towns. There are more possibilities to design board games in the game, but it is also possible to develop board games to play 'in real life'. Think of 'Memory' or 'Who is Who?' and also 'Ladders and snakes' and 'Game of the Goose' are quite possible.

This is the base of the Township Memory game. I took same screenshots from the several avatars, edited them on one page. Then I printed that page twice. Next step was to glue the pages on the cardboard. It is important to first glue the cardboard for a nice result. Then I cut the cards and finally I glue the Township logo on each card.  Game time!  

Still working on the ladders and snakes game, but almost ready! There are several …

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Navegante qk2dbz Navegante qk2dbz 17 July 2020

Cash Splash (2020-Jul)

¡I am ****** *** **** ***!

I often see comments of people angry at Playrix for some issue that i hadn't even noticed like that the christmas theme is still applied after easter and the such, but this time they've gotten me angry too!

  • I haven't had a single video ad in the helicopter pad for weeks,
  • There was no hopping during the interseasonal regatta,
  • And now they screwed me out of a thousand TCash??!!!!!

What a nerve, Playrix! This is like the third miss step on this event alone (I remember how it had already disappeared from the calendar once, about a month ago).

I don't see how I can not be mad at the end about this... and it's not even that much, just one violet train booster and $1k, but now I'm ****** *** at your attitude. You've complete…

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Navegante qk2dbz Navegante qk2dbz 5 July 2020

Mine Time (2020-Jul)

Entered the event 2 hours ago, it took two refreshes of the leaderboard for the full 30 participants to get assigned :|

Managed to miss most russians and chinese opponents.

I didn't have time to compete much :(

I hurried it up at the end, but didn't have enough time to spend all my tools and finished 4th... at least i collected a decent amount of minerals. At one point I started just going down, without collecting anything, but i only managed to be about 25% faster and i was missing more than half the minerals, clays, gems, artifacts, tools, etc... so i just resumed picking up everything.

Next time i'll know how to do better.

In the end it wasn't the russians or the chinese that won, just regular playing players, maybe the first one was a bit t…

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Navegante qk2dbz Navegante qk2dbz 27 June 2020

Aerial Challenge (2020-Jun)

Competing against a fellow co-op member on this event, LOL! Luckily 2 can get the second prize, jaja! Turns out you get entered into the mayor's competiton when you fly a certain distance with the plane, unlike other events where you enter the competition when you get the first reward...

Ehrendingen, Sie musten passen to das firsten positionen, per favoren! Wie wanten die purplcolouren-boostermunchen für die Choochoowagen. Ja?

I managed to get the violet booster...

... could have done nothing the last 5 days and still get it anyways, just in 3rd position, instead of 2nd...

In the end I had some leftovers, unfortunately I didn't time it right and missed on getting 2 reward chests. The last one I got, was 3 nails, seems it's always 2-3Tcash, or 4…

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Navegante qk2dbz Navegante qk2dbz 24 June 2020

Advanced Agriculture (2020-Jun)

It's been more than 2 days of competing and some players only harvested the equivalent of a 10-minute wheat run?

Well, enjoy your free group rewards, i guess...

Not that i am complaining... it's nice to win so easily, but i just don't understand... the bottom 15 players are going to make less than half as many tournament points as me alone... 🤷

So, yes... some strange behaviour in the event...

  • I collected more event points than players 9 through 30 all combined.
  • The only other player making an effort and me, put toghether, collected more points than the other 28 "players" all pooled toghether.
  • The 11 players that got the lowest reward collected a total of less than 2000 points in the last 12 hours of the event.
  • The other guy competing, who had be…

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Icelandia ocean Icelandia ocean 3 June 2020

Developing my town

I developed my town from scratch but by playing for 100 days I have achieved level 38. I started playing township everyday that’s a tip for townshipers. First I started doing turn in our that is what I like to call it basically you produce goods from every factory so you are ready when they get asked my helicopter, train, airplane and Zoo orders! At the moment I have produced 1200 goods at factories. I have recommended Township wiki for my friends and family who play Township it is a good idea to look at it as it gives you information about the future if developing your town!

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Woods234 Woods234 30 May 2020

Township Platforms

BREAKING NEWS, folks! Our iOS, Android, and Mac versions are now synced.

✅ Make friends, compete and join Co-ops regardless of the platform you use.

✅ You may transfer your progress from your iOS/Android device to your Mac and vice versa.

✅ You can also sync the game between your iOS/Android and Mac devices.

Are you guys as happy as we are?

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Navegante qk2dbz Navegante qk2dbz 25 May 2020


1) Am I allowed to change wiki articles? From before i created a username for the wiki, my contributions to the main article get reversed, then someone does the change i did again.

2) What is the procedure/clearance? I've noticed that some people write the info as a comment on the article.

3) How do i write a "new line character"? I am trying to edit my profile, but if i just press enter or alt+enter, then i can see the desired result on the editor, but when i publish they both get deleted and all the text is on the same line. The only thing I managed to do was to write two consecutive enters and that gets published as a "paragraph break".

4) What is the preferred browser? I've noticed Firefox seems to show some content that Chrome does not. …

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Lamelia023561 Lamelia023561 12 May 2020

Developing my town

I developed my town from scratch I have achieved level 33 by playing for 70 days I started with playing everyday if some of you would like to take it as a tip. First I started doing what I call hand in hours which is everyday you produce a good from every single factory and I keep them in the barn until there are needed for helicopter orders and many more things and developed this moment produce 890 goods I would give that as a tip for other players starting to play township I am recommending to play township to all of my friend and family and reading township wiki to know the future to develop your town such as how easy it is going to be and how hard it is going to be.

Best regards hanna

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Woods234 Woods234 1 April 2020

A post

This is huge — a brand new farm is on the way! 😮 Cute spiders making silk so you don’t have to grow it? Dedicated lady bugs getting red paint for the Barn? Or our Fishdom buddies will FINally give a hand in mining artifacts? What’s your guess, folks?

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Woods234 Woods234 21 March 2020

Community Buildings

The community building page is too large. Users need more time to load the information and images on that page.

I'd like to create pages for the according community buildings so that users can find the materials needed easily. For example create a new page called grocery store, which states the level, material needed and rewards.

I'll work on this after about a week. Do you think it works? What should the 72 community building pages include? Comment below please.

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Adarsh2019 Adarsh2019 15 March 2020


Hi Everyone,

I've decided to leave the Wiki. It has been almost a year editing an outdated wiki, which everyone wished to see updated. But now I feel, there is nothing to worry about or to update here.

This is my sudden decision, but I have repeatedly wanted to leave the Wiki, but I could'nt due to our previous admin Ethan's poor health at that time. Nowadays, I find myself spending too much time here rather than focusing on my education, which is indeed in a crucial state, with some major exams in a few months. I feel happy to be an admin and accomplish all what I and the Wiki wanted, meeting new users, who has co-operated with me.

My last wish was to complete the Level Up page and leave a wiki with a good admin and moderator, and that succe…

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Ethan.Township Ethan.Township 20 December 2019


Dear Townshippers,

I wanted to let you all know after much long and hard consideration, I have submitted my resignation as admin of the Township Wiki and will be leaving the wiki as both admin and editor.

When I first began editing the wiki, it was to update some slightly outdated information. It was supposed to be a one-time only thing. I only wanted to help out the existing admins (who I didn’t realize had left) because I found so much helpful information. However, I kept coming back, and ultimately becoming bureaucrat and admin. I wanted to help grow and update the wiki, and feel I have done far beyond that.

I am graduating from college in a May, and with working full time, I don't much time for the wiki anymore. I will still be playing th…

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RockyRuud RockyRuud 8 July 2019

Playing Chess or Checkers with your Co-op and Township friends

Playing Chess or Checkers with co-op members or Township friends.

Do you want something different than participating in the Regatta or the current event? Are your Co-op members hopping during the Interseasonal week and are you left behind to watch over the co-op? Are you a board game fanatic or just curious, whether you would like that? Then create a Game Board in your Town or Zoo, come up with a nice combination of chess pieces or checkers and invite one or more friends to play a game. Maybe you already have a chessboard in your Town. Wouldn't it be great to give it an extra value other than the decorative one it already has?

The minimum room needed in your Town or Zoo to create a Game board in your (mini)town is 8 x 8 fields. Do you like …

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Awyman13 Awyman13 9 May 2019

Your Fandom Wiki Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Awyman13 and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for the . I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, etc., please contact me on my message wall.

Here are some handy links for help with wiki features:

  • Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders—ways to present images.
  • Tabbers—a tabbed interface to organize information.
  • Portable Infoboxes—concise presentation of data that works on mobile devices too.
  • Community CSS and JavaScript—more customization options.

Questions? Let me know how I can help. - --awyman13 Talk Work 04:58, May 9, 2019 (UTC)

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Sidfurry153 Sidfurry153 25 April 2019

My Favorite Factory

In Township, my favorite factory is the Furniture Factory. In my opinion, a life without furniture is ridiculous. My second favorite is the Mexican Restaurant and my third is the Bakery.

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Ethan456 Ethan456 21 April 2019

How to View an older version of a page

For the users on Windows and other platforms that do not have the March 2019 update, it can be hard to use certain pages here on the wiki. Now while some have links to spreadsheets, others do not. Here you will learn how to view an older version of a page.

1. Step 1: Find the edit button and the drop-down arrow directly next to it.

2. Step 2: This will bring up the History page where you will need to find the version BEFORE March 17th, 2019 which is when the update came out.

3. Step 3: Once you have selcted the date, you should now be viewing the correct version of the materials.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions, or you would like to contribute to this post, please leave them below and I will respond/add it here shortl…

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Ethan456 Ethan456 11 April 2019

New Admin

Hi Townshipers,

I have a few updates that I would like to run past the community.

So first of all, the other day I annouced my interest in taking the wiki over. Well, I'm your new admin, I have already made a number of edits to the wiki such as updating the home page, wiki content page, adding to the navigation, and more! If you have any question just post them to my wall .

Also, I'v been adding spreadsheets with the material requirmeants before the March update for those on Windows who can't update any longer. I hope to add more of these in the coming days. You can view one on the Community Buildings page.

I have created a 2019 Decorations page, which contains the events that have happened so far, their decorations, and prices. I only have the …

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Ethan456 Ethan456 5 April 2019


Hello Townshipers,

I just wanted to let you know that admins have not be active for 54 days. In seven days or the 60th day of no activity, I was considering applying as the new admin. Existing Admins will remain on unless they have not made any recent edits. I hope to be adding new admins, b-crats, and community moderators! I also am looking for different ways to promote the wiki so we can get more edits, views, and help.

These are Wikia’s requirements for new admins

  • You have been an active editor for at least one week.

  • You have not acquired another community in the last month.

  • You are not blocked from any Wikis.

  • You have created pages on the wiki.

  • You have posted friendly comments and message on others walls.

The more of these you do, the better …

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Armpit76 Armpit76 22 February 2019

Goodbye Zoo

I’ve been playing Township for about 18 months now. It’s been my favorite game. During the Regatta, my favorite task was Hot Products at the zoo. Totally disappointed with regatta now that it’s been removed. Why? Why not remove the train instead? It takes half a week to complete the train task. Also, what’s the point of buying the zoo buildings at such a high rate if they have no function? I think this will be the end of my Township. Sincerely, Saddened

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Hilton Castle Hilton Castle 15 February 2019

Dumping strategy

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Brendon90 Brendon90 29 March 2018

Township Wiki: March Update!

Please officially welcome the wiki's new administrator and content moderators!

  • [Administrator] Whomstdis
  • [Content Moderators] Alexpath & Eddieblake

All 3 have contributed greatly to the wiki so far whether it's adding missing images, answering questions, writing new articles, updating information, or overall actively improving the wiki.

For more information on Administrators or Content Moderators you can read the information on the Administrators and User Rights pages. To become either one in the future you must be actively involved in the community activities mentioned above and have some basic knowledge of code. See: All Help Contents.

The navigation has been simplified for easier browsing. I've updated the top navigation links with shorter names an…

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Brendon90 Brendon90 21 December 2016

Golden League Week 4

Golden League: Week 4 Our 4th week in the Golden League has concluded with a 2nd place trophy! I forgot to take or misplaced a screenshot of the final race result, so instead I've posted the results of all of our races up to this week. It seems the Golden League is more of a 2 or 3 co-op face-off for the 1st position. Generally the other 4-12 co-ops drop off very early or in the last couple days of the race, so there isn't too much competition besides the top 2-3 fighting for the gold. This race we were a few tasks short of first place with the leading co-op scoring about 25,100 points, and 3rd place with 23,500.

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Bunnies and Turtles Bunnies and Turtles 20 December 2016


I love the Christmas event!. We talk about our scores in our co-op. We support each other, and help fill product requests for needed goods. So the event is perfect!

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