Cash Splash Event

17 July 2020 09:00 ~ 15:00 (UTC) (first held)
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Event Cancelling Information[edit | edit source]

The event was supposed to last for 3 days, but has been cancelled by Playrix because of "some technical issues", they were telling players on the support chat that the event will "return shortly" after they fix it, but most people have already gotten a note in the game (starting 18th of July @ 08:00 UTC) that doesn't mention any reopening of the event, and gives 3, 5 or 10 TCash as "compensation" depending on level. The note and TCash is being sent to everyone, including people that got the 1000 TCash final reward. So far, people that had already gotten their rewards haven't been raided.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Cash Splash Intro.png

Cash Splash is an event in which you get rewards such as cash and construction materials by completing tasks.

Task[edit | edit source]

Cash Splash Task.png

It consists of 12 stages. Every stage requires you to complete the same task which is earn coins but with increasing quantity, depending on your town's current level. You get the grand prize 1000 Tcash after completing all 12 stages before the event ends.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The number of coins needed for each stage are based on your town level. Rewards also vary.

Stage Possible Rewards
1 Cash.png x 3
2 Brick.png, Glass.png or Slabs.png x 1
3 Epic Deck.png(20 cards) or Load Coupon.png x 3
4 Dynamite.png x 3
5 Pick.png x 5
6 Bronze ingot.png x 1
7 Superharvest.pngor Advanced farming.png (any regular booster?) x 1
8 Topaz.png x 2
9 Epic Deck.png(40 cards) or Gold ingot.png x 2
10 Epic Deck.png(40 cards) or Emerald.png x 2
11 Shortcut.png (any purple event booster?) x 1
12 Cash.png x 1000

Tips[edit | edit source]

Use laboratory boosters to help you complete tasks faster.

  • Earn coins: Generous customer

You can sell decorations for 50% of what they cost in the store. When buying them, some give more XP per coin than others, a good deal is a "decorative pine tree" (form the "tree tab" in the decorations window) that costs 9800 coins and sells for 4900. It gives a good amount of XP, and you don't have to buy and sell as many as if you were to choose some other cheaper decorations that gives more XP per coin. As a general rule, decorations that cost more than 9800 coins give less XP per coin (the more expensive, the less XP per coin you get).

Note[edit | edit source]

  • This event has the most reward, which is 1000 Tcash.
  • This is the first event to be ended earlier than the stated time. It is supposed to be ended at 09:00 July 20 but it was ended at 15:00 July 17, without notification to players before its cancel.
  • Unlike its name suggests, only completing the first and last stage gives Tcash. You can only get to the main prize if you've completed all the stages.


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