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These are most of the characters that may request goods by helicopter, zoo, give tasks, or show up in events.
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There are 68+ characters since v7.7.0.

Popular Customers


Ernie is your friendly neighbor and permanent in-game friend. He is the main in-game character, owner of the Tool Exchange and host of some Mayor's Competitions.
In the lower town levels, filling any of his help requests earns 1 T-cash in a gift balloon the next day. At the helicopter he sometimes has mini puzzles, and choosing correct options gives 5 T-cash or coins after completion. Build the Tool Exchange at level 60.

Susie 2022


Susie and Eugene are friends. She loves stuffed animals and wants a Toy Store level 18. At level 38 she wants a Pet Store built. At level 78 she likes a Kindergarten built. Susie's profile picture is available at level 6. Britney and Lennon are Susie's parents (as shown in New Lease on Life Event/1). Susie and Eugene host the Bubble Gum Festival.
Eugene 2022Eugene in Winter 2021Eugene
Eugene is friends with Susie. He has fun pranking others and stirring up some trouble. He wants the Esports Arena built level 92. Eugene presents the Race of Champions. Eugene's profile picture is available at level 6. Eugene hosts the Bubble Gum Festival with Susie, including the Apple Festival and Ornament Festival.
Macho Man.png
Macho Man the weightlifter who works out at the Fitness Center level 52 and requests that the Flower Shop is built so that he can give 150 roses to his girlfriend level 62 (who is his girlfriend?). He requests the Roller Coaster to be built level 36. Profile picture is available at level 6.
He was the host of the Farm Relay Race Event in 2016.
CherylCheryl 2022
Cheryl the business woman, occasionally has financial advice such as building the City Market level 13 and the Skyscraper level 74. She presents the Double Reward offer. Cheryl's profile picture is available at level 6. Cheryl first presents the Explosive Puzzle Event in November 2021.

Cheryl asks for the following zoo enclosures to be built claiming that "Business analysts claim that zoos with these animals are 19% more cost effective than those without them": Penguin, Koala, Snowy Owl and Red Panda. It is revealed in the Appley Ever After Event that she is the niece of Lady Gladys Quincey.

Agnes 2022


Agnes the young fairy who carries a magical wand, but is still learning how to use its powers. Agnes' profile picture is available at level 6.

Agnes would like these zoo enclosures to be built as she has heard "that conditions are really harsh where they are from and we should build a nice, cozy home for them here": Polar Bear, Reindeer, Arctic Foxes and Arctic Wolf.
She had appeared in the Color Splash Event and the Amusement Park Event (added v3.0.0). In the Castle in the Trees Event, it is revealed that Christopher is her father.


Becky is the helicopter pilot delivering orders to the townspeople (added v2.9.6). Becky's profile picture is available at level 7 (added v4.5.0). She'd like the Lighthouse built at level 72 so that boats will never get lost in a storm or fog again.

Becky has hosted these events with Professor Verne - Aerial Challenge Event and Sky-High Challenge Event. She hosts the Great Freight Event.

The postman lives to deliver mail and needs a Post Office constructed level 9. Profile picture is available at level 7. He has decided to moonlight as a courier.


Sarnai the Floral Designer, who is a walking flower encyclopedia and has a tangerine tree in her yard added v4.2.0. Sarnai's profile picture is available at level 9. She would like the Bank built at level 82 so that she can save and not overspend on garden supplies. Sarnai appears as the flower fairy in the Blossoming Boulevards Event added v.6.7.0. Sarnai and Jack host the Blossoming Boulevards Event. Her best friend is Lennon.
Sarnai and Samuel present the Sheeplechase Event. Sarnai and Don Pacone host the Garden in the Sky Event.

Doctor Paul Gautama

Doctor Paul Gautama works around the clock taking care of the townspeople in the hospital level 6. Doctor Gautama's profile picture is available at level 10. Paul is revealed to be Deborah's husband and Sophie's father in the Fintastic Weekend Event.


Makoto the sushi chef who is a master of his craft and enjoys meditating and karate added v3.2.0. Makoto's profile picture is available at level 17.
Eric in Spooky Halloween.png
Eric, a hairdresser who asks to build a Hair Salon to bring townspeople's hair to life level 13. He'd like to expand his beauty salon and pet salon. Profile picture is available at level 19. His name is revealed in the Save the Date Event where it is revealed that he is Alicia’s boyfriend. Eric hosted the Spooky Halloween Event in October 2021.
Soccer Player.png
A soccer player who plays professionally at the stadium for Township fans level 37. Profile picture is available at level 23.


Sophie the straight-A student! who's involved with many of her schools activities added v3.2.0. Sophie's profile picture is available at level 30. It is revealed in the Fintastic Weekend event that Deborah is her mother and Doctor Paul Gautama is her father.


Britney is Susie's mother and a shop-a-holic and wants a Supermarket built to satisfy her shopping needs level 43 and to have an air massage at the Spa at level 53. Profile picture is available at level 40. Britney is the wife of Lennon and mother of Susie in New Lease on Life Event/1.


Lars the heavy metal musician, who requests a music store to be built, so he can rock on level 16. Lars' profile picture is available at level 50.
Basketball Player.png
The basketball player who plays professionally for a Township team at the Stadium level 37. Profile picture is available at level 60. He would like the Hotel built at level 32 so that the fans have somewhere to stay.
Lady Gladys Quincey is a socialite who wants a laundromat built so her maid can wash all of her fancy clothes at once at level 10. Profile picture is available at level 70. Her name is revealed in the Garden in the Sky Event as the Head of the Tenants' Association. She is revealed to be the aunt of Cheryl in the Appley Ever After Event.


Lennon on French Holiday

Lennon the photographer who's pretty chill and likes fashionable and vintage things. Added v4.2.0. Lennon's profile picture is available at level 80. Lennon is the husband of Britney and father of Susie in New Lease on Life Event/1. Lennon would like the Raccoon, Marten and Fennec Fox enclosures build in the Zoo.


Alicia the fitness enthusiast who loves to run and trains hard to stay in shape added v4.5.0. She wants the Donut Shop built at level 56, but won't tell her trainer that she stops by.

Alicia's profile picture is available at level 90. Alicia appears as a skilled explorer in the Big Screen Adventure Event. It is revealed in the Save the Date event that she is Eric’s girlfriend.


Katie the reporter who recommends building a TV station to fill you in on the latest news level 33. Katie's profile picture is available at level 100.

Characters from Special Buildings

These characters appear after specific Special Buildings are built.


Bob is the Station Master of the trains running through your Township. Your first train will arrive at level 5.
Lady Luck 2022 Lady Luck 2020 Lady Luck 2017 Lady Luck 2015
Images from 2022, 2019, 2017 and 2015

Lady Luck the magician manages the House of Luck and makes clovers magically disappear (added v1.3.3). Construct the House of Luck from level 11 and Lady Luck's profile picture is then available. Lady Luck hosts the Rev and Ride Event.


Raja the Dealer from the City Market who has an endless supply of goods if you've got the coins, or hire him for a period of time for T-cash. Construct the City Market from level 13 and Raja's profile picture is available. The Piggy Bank is presented by Raja.
Repair the Airport at level 17 for the Pilot who delivers goods to customers around the globe by airplane. After repairing the Airport, the Pilot's profile picture is available.

Professor Verne

Construct the Laboratory from level 18, where Professor Verne the Nuclear Physicist works. The Professor does crazy experiments to create helpful boosters in the Laboratory. Professor Verne wants the Race Track built at level 57 to test his nuclear engine. He presents the Spaceport at level 81. Professor Verne would like the Snow Monkey enclosure built in the Zoo.

The Professor's Experiments were a recurring special event. After building the Laboratory, Professor Verne's profile picture is available. The Professor has hosted these events with Becky - Aerial Challenge Event and Sky-High Challenge Event.


Deborah the Co-op Director knows the ins and outs of starting and running a Co-op added v4.1.2. Repair the Co-op building from level 19 and Deborah's profile picture is available. In the Fintastic Weekend event, it is revealed that she is Sophie's mother and the husband of Doctor Paul Gautama.
The yachtsman and Regatta Master who's usually found sailing at sea and helps the Regatta run smoothly. After repairing the Co-op building and joining or creating a co-op, you are able to participate in the Regatta. His profile picture is available.

Jack/Old Jake

Jack aka Old Jake is the miner who works in the mine, and often forgets things, like his lunch. The scrolls in the mine are signed by Old Jake. Repair the Mine at level 21 and Jack's profile picture is available. Jack presents the Mine Time and Ruler of the Mine events. Jack and Sarnai host the Blossoming Boulevards Event.


Fabrice is a curator that displays discovered artifacts in the Museum. Construct the Central Museum at level 26. Fabrice introduces the Classic Car Collection at level 61. In the Mystery Guest Event, it is revealed that he is Jimmy's uncle.


Peter the Ship Captain imports goods and does business with the nearby islanders from the port. Repair the port at level 29 and the Ship Captain's profile picture is available. The Captain introduces the Shipyard at level 86.
Initially Playrix named the Captain ‘Grant’, but then they changed it to ‘Peter’.(Source: Playrix Township Mobile 2015)



Peter is the Pirate in the Buccaneer Fun Event and hosts the Pirate Treasure Event.

Regular Customers

Everyday customers around town who request Helicopter orders for you to fill.

Do you know these customer's names? Do you know which buildings they introduced or any other information about them? If you do, please add comments below, thank you
Grandma, the retired librarian, always needs help to carry in her groceries and sometimes crossing the street. She requests the Grocery Store to be built in level 5 and a Weather Station at level 39.
Mr Tadeusz Cooper has great knowledge and wants a School built to teach others at level 5. He would like the Walrus and Macaw enclosures built in the Zoo.

Mr Tadeusz Cooper's name was revealed in the New Lease on Life Town Fair event.

Police Officer.png
A Police Officer wants to catch criminals and cheaters by building a Police Station at level 7 and the Municipal Court at level 50. He'd like the Canine Center built at level 80 to have their police dogs trained by professionals.
A Fireman has an emergency and needs a Fire Station built stat at level 8.
Gaston the Chef wants to start a business by building a Cafe at level 12. He introduces the Biggest Cake at level 51 and hosted the Italian Week Event.
Train Conductor.png
Ralph makes sure everything is running smoothly at the train station. The train conductor's profile picture is available after sending 25 trains in 1 day. (added v4.6.0). Ralph introduces the Rev and Ride Event.


Daniel the artist wants to build an Art Gallery to showcase his and other townspeople's creative artwork at level 25.

Daniel would like these Zoo Enclosures built so that he can "paint a portrait of them while in their enclosure": Beaver, Rhino and Wild Boar.

Amusement Park Clown.png
A clown needs a new Circus in Town because his elephant sat on the last one at level 26 and to build the Bike Rental at level 76 as the "riding bears act" needs come props. The circus elephant's name is Patty. The clown was the host of the Amusement Park Event along side Agnes in 2017.
Taxi Driver.png
Lorenzo works at the Taxi Company to get busy townspeople to places from level 29. He requests the Car Wash to be built at level 68. His name is revealed in the Halloween Quest/Cab Ride Event.


Neil, the adventurous kid and a young dreamer who wears helicopter goggles. Appears with the update version 6.5.0. Neil hosts the Jungle Quest Event.


Jacques the oceanographer from Playrix's Fishdom H2O game. His companion is a thorn-tailed fish.


Austin the butler from Playrix's Gardenscapes game. His companion is a Yorkshire Terrier.
Secret Agent.png
The mysterious Secret Service Agent, who is he? He presents the Paranormal Season in the Regatta.


Richard the ambitious young business manager. (added v7.0.0)


Jerome the wheat farmer introduces the Advanced Agriculture Event. Jerome introduces the Porcupine enclosure.


Mikey, a cosplayer of The Flash, loves comics and wants a Pizza Parlor level 14 and a Comic Book Store level 41 built. Mikey presents the Arcade Fever Event.


Samuel the farmer who is wondering what makes crop circles in his fields and have students working on his farm. (added v5.0.0) Samuel would like the Black Crowned Crane enclosure built in the Zoo.
Samuel and Sarnai present the Sheeplechase Event.


Mai/May a Violin Maestro is famous for his violin art (added v5.2.0). The fiddler travels with concerts around the world a lot but has decided to stay in Township for now.


Robin the hermit prefers to live in seclusion from other townspeople.


Sandra Arden is a surfer who likes snowboarding in the winter. (added about 5.9.0). Sandra hosts the Beach Vacation Event.Sandra is infamous in the other Playrix games Gardenscapes and Homescapes.


Harold the veterinarian takes care of animals in the Canine Center from level 80. He would like a two storey Animal Hospital built at level 84 to accommodate giraffes. (added v6.7.0)

Donnie Kepp

Donnie Kepp the fearless actor/stunt driver. (added v7.4.0)


Billy the workshop owner who works in the Auto Repair Shop level 59. (added v7.6.0)
Max, A tourist who writes a travel blog. He hosts the upcoming Stone Age Event.
Kid with headphones.png
Kid with headphones. He skateboards, raps and wants a pair of super baggy jeans.

Appear Occasionally

Customers who appear less frequent offering ads, special trades with gems, jewelry, or ingots. To find them more often you could dump the helicopter orders until they appear.


Steve the director that sets up films for you to watch. You get 1 T-cash or coins for watching a video ad. He appears less frequent if purchased coin/T-cash with real money.
The Director appears in the Zoo as he is making a new movie and the story revolves around the Panda enclosure which he'd like built. This popular film director is in the Big Screen Adventure Event. Steve presents the Land of the Dinosaurs at level 71.

Don Pacone

Don Pacone the mafioso trades T-cash for ingots and jewelry from level 40+. Don Pacone and Sarnai host the Garden in the Sky Event with Lady Gladys Quincey. Don Pacone's cat's name is Vito or Little Vito, as shown in Garden in the Sky Event.


Aurelio the jeweler appears occasionally and trades gems for other types of gems added v4.6.0. The jeweler may appear less since the Amethyst was removed from the game. He hosted the Arabian Tales Event.

Zoo Staff

These visitors appear at the Zoo, requesting goods at the Zoo Order Board. Some also appear in Events. The Zoo is available to open from level 24.

Sarah Sarah in Easter Fun 2022
Sarah the Zoo Keeper who teaches you about the Zoo with her pet lemur Riko. She requests orders at the Zoo and the helicopter (added v2.9.6). Her profile picture is available after repairing the Zoo.
Sarah presented the Easter Fun Event in March/April 2022.


Christopher is the caretaker of the Zoo, and is responsible for feeding the animals through orders on the Zoo Order Board. He was previously the manager of the Gift Shop. In the Castle in the Trees Event, it is revealed that he is Agnes' father.


Martha is a Zoo Keeper and animal lover. She was previously the manager of the Petting Zoo. She regularly appears to fill Zoo Orders for animals.


Chaco the pastry expert. He was previously at the Zoo Cafe . He rarely appears to fill Zoo Orders for animals, but he appears as the host of Sweet Week Event.


Pamela is an expert cook. She was previously at the Ice Cream Shop in the Zoo. She rarely appears to fill Zoo Orders for animals, but she appears as a supplier during Sweet Week Events.


Walter was the Zoo's Snack Bar operator. He appeared as the host of the Fast Food Stars Event.
4D theater worker.png
This lady was the Zoo's 4D Theater worker.


The islanders each live on their own island, and produce unique products exported to your town by ship. The port is restored at level 29.


Mustafa is the islander from Frutus Isle who grows peaches, watermelon and plums.


Alessandro is the islander from Olivia Isle who farms grapes, olives and limes.


Dominica is the islander from Tropica Isle who produces exotic bananas, coconuts and pineapples.


Harry is the fisherman from Fishermen's Isle who loves seafood and catches fish, shrimp and lobsters.

Event Characters

These characters appear only during events.



Nicholas appeared in the Holiday Ride Event helping Lennon, Britney and Susie to decorate a train carriage for Christmas Eve 2021.

Elf 2021

Elf 2014-2020

Santa's Helper. He's a temporary character who usually appears during Christmas events.
(added v3.4.0)
The new artwork of the Christmas Elf appeared in December 2021 during the Christmas Miracles Event period.

Emma 2021

Emma 2014-2020

Emma the little witch. She's a temporary character who usually appears during Halloween Events.
(added v1.7.0)
Drucula appears in Drucula's Castle Event in October 2021.


This Pirate appears in the Pirate Treasure Event.

Jimmy in Big Screen Adventure

Jimmy in Christmas Rescue

Jimmy the rescuer appeared in the Christmas Rescue 2019 Event and the Big Screen Adventure Event (November 2020-January 2021). In the Mystery Guest Event, it is revealed that he is Fabrice's nephew.

Jackie Keaton

Jackie Keaton, the Actor appeared in the Big Screen Adventure Event (November 2020-January 2021).


Santa appeared in the Surprise for Santa Event in December 2020.


This Restaurant Chef is from the Italian Week Event in 2020. He reappears in the Mystery of the Ocean Event (renovation, November 2021) as the famous chef and blogger, Gustavo.


Goldby appeared in the Trick or Trade Event since 2019.


Joe appeared in the Ice Fishing Event in 2018 and in the Sport Fishing Event 2017-2019.

Flower Festival Artist

Flower Festival Artist from the Flower Festival Event in 2016.

Beloved Animal Characters


Betsy frequently appears in the Snow Ride Event.


Molly the Sheep was recently in Hammer Time Event/4 in December 2020 as well as other Snow Ride Events.


Clucky appears in the Rev and Ride Event


Peggy appears in the Lantern Festival Event

In-game Characters

Foundry Worker

Foundry Worker

Laboratory Worker

Laboratory Worker

Mint Worker

The Mint Worker lost his job when the Mint closed down and was replaced by the Tool Exchange run by Ernie.

Other Characters


Tanya's profile picture is unlocked at level 20. She may be a cartographer.
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