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Test Groups

Playrix have extended their test groups to brand new players. Level requirements have been lowered for some newly created towns. Crops and Factories times have been increased. Different versions of Events are also distributed into test groups. Additional impacted items are unknown nor how long this will last.

Chicken coop.png

Chicken Coop Information

The chicken coop has 3 chickens after the building is complete. You can buy 3 more chickens with coins for a maximum of 6 chickens in each coop.

Chicken coop.png
4 Cost
5 Cost
6 Cost
Chicken Coop 1 5 200 1h 13xp 90 120 150
Chicken Coop 2 24 3,000 1d4h 128xp 540 600 660
Chicken Coop 3 39 15,000 1d16h 623xp 2250 2400 2550
General table information can be found here.
For information on other animals including the cost and levels required you can visit Farm Buildings.

Feeding Animals

Feed for animals is produced at the Feed Mill. There's enough feed in each bag for 3 animals.
To feed the hungry animals drag a sack of feed from the bottom panel across all of them.

Chicken Coop Goods

Goods Image Level Materials
Time 0%-0.png
Feed x3
made at the
Feed Mill
5 2 Wheat.png

1 Carrot.png
10m 2xp 5
5 1 Chickenfeed.png 1h 4xp 10
General table information can be found here.
You can view a list of all goods on the Goods page.

Egg Recipes

Laboratory Booster

The laboratory booster Advanced Farming allows animals to produce twice as many goods for 2 days.


  • You are not able to delete or sell off any farm animals or the farm buildings.
  • There is no way to feed animals faster or double.

Versions of Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Default

Chicken Coop Halloween

Chicken Coop Christmas

Chicken Coop

The chicken coop produces eggs. Max buildings: 3 (18 chickens).

Halloween Chicken Coop

Preview of the Halloween themed chicken coop.

Christmas Chicken Coop

Preview of the Christmas themed chicken coop.

Newbie Tip - Farm Animal Guide

Farm Animal Guide.png

How to Feed Animals?


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