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Christmas 2016 Event

Dec. 19 ~ Dec. 26, 2016

Christmas 2016 Event IntroductionEdit

Are you ready to be Santa's Helper during the event? Fill children's orders to win special winter decorations and useful bonuses, and complete all 5 personal goals to get the main Christmas present. Enjoy the event! Ho-Ho-Ho!

Character Event Information
Santa's helper
Santa's Helper
Seasonal Customer
Christmas 2016 Event Guide

Christmas 2016 Event GuideEdit

Ride Santa Claus' sleigh in a special winter event! Give children presents by filling their holiday orders. Deliver as many presents as you can to win valuable prizes!

Townspeople ask for all kind of products during the event including temporary event products. If you fill their orders you'll get more presents to give to children across the globe.

Christmas GoodsEdit

Goods Ingredients
Made in
Christmas Pudding Level 24
Christmas pudding
1 bread
2 strawberry
2 milk
1h10m 22xp 51 coins Pastry Factory
Gingerbread Man Level 8
Gingerbread man
3 wheat
1 butter
1 sugar
50m 29xp 68 coins Bakery
Hat and Scarf Level 14
Hat and scharf
2 yarn 2h 67xp 156 coins Tailor Shop

Personal Event GoalsEdit

Complete your first personal goal to help contribute to the global event goal.

Christmas 2016 Event Introduction

Personal Event RewardsEdit

Keep giving children Christmas presents by filling their orders to receive additional rewards. You'll also help the entire community reach the Global Event goal and earn a valuable prize.

Goal Need Reward Preview
1st Goal 55 Presents 3 Tcash
3 Cash
2nd Goal 140 Presents Christmas Fence x5
+2 Gold Ingots
Christmas Fence
3rd Goal 274 Presents Santa's Reindeer
+1 Animal Booster
Santas Reindeer
4th Goal 441 Presents Christmas Stocking
+1 Helicopter Booster
+3 Paint
Christmas Stocking
5th Goal 630 Presents Snow Globe
+15 Tcash
+Profile Pic 41
Profile Pic 41
Snow Globe
6th Goal+ 210+ Presents
per chest
Treasure Chest
+1 Random Material,
+1 Tcash, or +3 Tcash
Christmas Goal Continued

Global Event GoalEdit

Join forces with other players to deliver 975,000,000 presents and earn an additional reward.
We all reached the goal by working together and delivering 1,021,607,731 presents!
All the kids got their Christmas presents. As a reward, each player receives: 10 T-cash.

Christmas 2016 Global Goal

All Christmas 2016 DecorationsEdit

View all of the Christmas 2016 Decorations.

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