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Christmas 2017 Event

Dec. 15 ~ Dec. 25, 2017

Winter Wonderland 2017 IntroductionEdit

The workshop at the Event Centre will ask for many kinds of products during the event including temporary event products. Fill the orders to access block levels, and complete block levels to earn snowflakes.

Winter Wonderland Event Guide Edit

Beat levels to earn snowflakes and win holiday prizes! The more snowflakes you earn, the bigger the reward you'll get in the tournament!

Winter Wonderland Playrix Guide
2017 Christmas Playrix Event Guide

Winter Wonderland Event TipsEdit

  • Pop balloons by clearing combinations adjacent to them.
  • Remove ice blocks by clearing same-colour blocks adjacent to them.
  • Remove boxes by clearing combinations adjacent to them.
  • Normal levels reward around 30 snowflakes +bonuses. Hard levels reward 40 or 50 snowflakes.

When creating power-ups, the piece is created in the space where you tap.

  • Shovel: Removes 1 block.
  • Rocket: Clears 1 column or row. Created by combining of 5 or 6 blocks.
  • Bomb: Removes the surrounding pieces. Created by combining of 7 or 8 blocks.
  • Fireworks: Removes all blocks of its color. Created by combining 9 or more blocks.

Power-up Combinations
Some power-ups have a special effects when combined. They are detonated from the square where you tap.

  • Rocket + Rocket: Eliminates a whole column + row (rockets of any orientation).
  • Rocket + Bomb: Sends 6 rockets to clear the column + row, and the columns and rows directly adjacent.
  • Rocket + Firework: Detonates rockets in the place of blocks of the firework's colour.
  • Bomb + Bomb: Detonates 5x5 explosion centred where you tap.
  • Bomb + Firework: Detonates bombs in the place of blocks of the firework's colour.
  • Firework + Firework: clears all colour blocks on the board.

Combining more than 2 power-ups will have the same effect as the 2 most powerful items in that combination. For example, a rocket + bomb + firework will result in the Bomb + Firework effect.

Extra Power-ups
Additional power-ups can be bought with T-cash and used at any time during gameplay as long as you have moves remaining. These replace the block they are detonated on (but do not count as "eliminated" if your match goal is to eliminate blocks of a certain colour). When activated from the sidebar, they do not seem to interact with other adjacent power-ups to create a combo.

  • Shovels which remove one block or crate of your choice can be bought with T-cash, obtained as daily login rewards from Ernie, or redeemed from balloons sent by friends.

Christmas Goods Edit

Goods Ingredients
Made in
Christmas Pudding Level 24
Christmas pudding
1 bread
2 strawberry
2 milk
1h10m 22xp 51 coins Pastry Factory
Gingerbread Man Level 8
Gingerbread man
3 wheat
1 butter
1 sugar
50m 29xp 68 coins Bakery
Hat and Scarf Level 14
Hat and scharf
2 yarn 2h 67xp 156 coins Tailor Shop
Balloon Level 34
Amusement Park Balloon
rubber 1h 18xp 43 coins Plastics Factory

Personal Event RewardsEdit

Keep giving children Christmas presents by filling their orders to receive additional rewards. You'll also help the entire community reach the Global Event goal and earn a valuable prize.

Goal Need Reward Preview
1st Goal 100 Snowflakes Christmas Fence x5
+3 Tcash
Christmas Fence
2nd Goal 160 Snowflakes 2 Glass
+5 Pickaxes
3rd Goal 250 Snowflakes 2 Load Coupons
+3 Topaz
Load Coupon
4th Goal 370 Snowflakes Santa's Helper's House
+5 Bronze Ingots
Santa's Helper's House
Bronze ingot
5th Goal 500 Snowflakes Super-Harvest
+3 Paint
6th Goal 660 Snowflakes 2 Rubies
+3 Platinum Ingots
Platinum ingot
7th Goal 880 Snowflakes Snow Fortress
+20 Tcash
+Profile Pic 41
Snow Fortress 2
8th Goal+ 600 Snowflakes
per chest
(+80 Snowflakes)
Treasure Chest
+3 to 6 Tcash,
+2, 3, 6 Tools,
+2 to 4 Zoo Materials,
+2 Gold Ingots
Lottery Chest

All Christmas 2017 DecorationsEdit

View all of the Christmas 2017 Decorations.

Winter Wonderland TournamentEdit

Tournament Information Profile Pic 41
Complete your first personal goal to enter the competition.

Compete against 29 real players to receive more prizes in the event. If you place in the top three by the end of the event, you will receive special rewards.

Profile Pic 41

Tournament Rewards Edit

Place Titles Rewards Preview
1st Future Santa 25 Tcash
+1 Town Expansion
+Profile Pic 41
Free Expansion
2nd-3rd Elves' Best Friends 12 Tcash
+1 Vibrant Market Booster
+Profile Pic 41
Vibrant market
4th-7th Level Masters 3 Load Coupons
+3 Silver Ingots
Load Coupon
Silver ingot
8th-12th Snowflake Hunters 2 Paint
+3900 coins
13th-19th Christmas Magicians 3600 coins
20th-24th Miracle Guardians 650 coins

Winter Wonderland VideoEdit

Township Winter Wonderland Event

Township Winter Wonderland Event

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