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Christmas Tree
Holiday Deliveries Event 2018
Hat and scharf


Character Conversation Character
Easter Susie
  • Wow! A real elf. And where is Santa and his sleigh? I only see a truck.....
  • That's a special delivery truck! Santa is already off delivering gifts, but there are so many good kids this year that one sleigh isn't enough
  • Lets fill the truck with gifts and help Santa
Santa's helper

Event GUIDE Edit

Holiday Event


Wrap gifts in Santa's Workshop. Deliver these gifts by connecting roads towards their houses. Earn chests, use boosters and overcome obstacles to collect stars. If you build roads of proper width's, reach the house and deliver gifts, you get 400 stars bonus.

Holiday Event2
Holiday Event3


Goods Ingredients Time Taken Xp Made in
Christmas Pudding Level 24
Christmas pudding
1 bread

2 strawberry
2 milk

1h10m 22xp Pastry Factory
Gingerbread Man Level 8(Butter is Unlocked

at Level 11)

Gingerbread man
3 wheat

1 butter
1 sugar

50m 29xp Bakery
Hat and Scarf Level 14
Hat and scharf
2 yarn 2h 67xp Tailor Shop


  1. Christmas Fence
  2. Gingerbread Statue
  3. Christmas Ball
  4. Holiday Lamp Post
  5. Santa's Reindeer
  6. Mountain of Presents
  7. Christmas Stocking
  8. Christmas Tree
  9. Photo Santa

ChRISTMAS Elements Edit

Element Image Use
Measuring Tape
Masking tape
To check if the roads connected are off proper measure
Special Chests Earn rewards
Goods To complete orders

Profile Pictures Edit

Profile Pic 125

Unlocked after the 7th Event Goal

Profile Pic 124

Achieved after Completing position 3rd and above

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