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 City Hall Introduction Edit

Town hall

City Hall is a special building unlocked at Level 6.

In the City Hall, you get

  • Information about your town level, co-op name, number of zoo animals, number of trains, helicopter orders, ships and airplanes sent, likes received, Goods shared with Co-op members, Goods Produced, and Mine Depth's reached.
  • Every 5-10 achievements completed in the game, the town hall grows a few stories higher, and is eventually crowned with a golden cupola around the 85th achievement.

Stats Edit

Image Stat
Profile Pic 0
Profile Picture
(Town Level)
Number of
Zoo Animals

(At Level 24)

3 Chalet Bungalow
Town Name
Co-op title
Co-op Symbol
(At Level 19)
Orders Filled
Orders Filled
(Number of Helicopter
Orders filled)
Trains Sent
Trains Sent
(Number of Trains Sent)
Fully Loaded Planes Sent
Fully Loaded
Planes Sent

(At Level 17)

Ships Sent
Ships Sent
(At Level 29)
Likes Recieved
Likes Received
(Number of Likes Received from other players)
Other Players Helped
Other People Helped
(Number of train, helicopter, and zoo orders helped for others)
Goods Shared with Co-op members
Goods Shared with Co-op Members
(At Level 19)
Mine Depth Reached
Mine Depths Reached
(At Level 21)
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