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City Market Information

The City Market is available to purchase at level 13 with a population of 250. It costs 1,700 coins to build.
You can buy goods with coins for the helicopter, trains or planes, your barn, or for filling friends orders.

Market Refresh

The market refreshes every 6 hours, but can be sped up with a low T-cash price or use the Vibrant Market booster to reduce the time by 50% (3 hours).
The market booster can be combined with the Generous Customer booster to obtain a lot of coins.

Generous Market Perk

The market and dealer have more goods for sale when the Generous Market Perk is on, which may occur during the Gold Pass events. This is only active until the end of the event. Please note that this is not a coupon, it is a perk.

Market Boxes

City Market Box.png

You may start with 10 market boxes (subject to change). Each market box contains a random product. You can buy more market boxes with T-cash. There's no limit to the number of market boxes you may purchase.

  • Market Boxes can contain many of the same Goods in different quantities and cost.
  • Market Boxes never contain Ores or goods from the Foundry or Jewelry Store.


Market boxes start at 5 T-cash per box and will increase to a max cost of 30 T-cash per box. They are always a wise investment because more boxes means more chances to get the good(s) you need and you can purchase as many of them as you like.

Cash Market Boxes 1-19+
Market Box № T-cash Market Box № T-cash
1-2 5 T-cash 11 13 T-cash
3 6 T-cash 12 14 T-cash
4 6 T-cash 13 15 T-cash
5 7 T-cash 14 16 T-cash
6 8 T-cash 15 17 T-cash
7 9 T-cash 16 18 T-cash
8 10 T-cash 17 19 T-cash
9 11 T-cash 18 20 T-cash
10 12 T-cash 19+ 30 T-cash

Hiring Raja the Dealer

If the market doesn't have what you need, you can hire the dealer who's known as Raja.
He sells every crop, goods from (factory/mine/island) and mining equipment available at your level. (exclude building materials, tools, ingots and items from event factory which is placed in front of the Event Center)

Hire with T-cash

Hiring the Dealer Hire with -20% Off
Hiring the Dealer.png
Hiring the Dealer 20.png
Hire with -60% Off Hire with 1 Day Free Service
Hiring the Dealer 60.png
Hiring the Dealer Free Service.png
  • You can hire him for 1 day (12 T-cash or use a Coupon), 5 days (50 T-cash) or 10 days (90 T-cash) of his service.
  • If his time runs out, he will offer a 20% discount to hire him for costs 5 days (40 T-cash) or 10 days (72 T-cash) once you tap the city market, valid for 1 hour.
  • Rarely gives you a deal where you can hire him 1 day for free or offer you a 40-60% discount, especially if you have not hired him for a long time.

How to get the 60% discount

  • Hire him for 10 days. After this time runs out he will offer 20% discount for 1 hour only.
  • If you don't take that offer, he'll offer the 20% discount after 7 days.
  • If you don't hire him for 30 days, he'll offer a 60% discount.
  • After this you'll get back the 20% discount.
  • During this time you can use Coupons.

Note: Checking 'Other' notifications in the Additional Settings will notify you when the dealer is available.

Hire with Dealer Coupons

The Dealer Coupon Dealer Coupon.png is used to hire the dealer for free for one use only when his time is up and he's not in the break time. You can get these special coupons in events, regatta rewards or yacht club. (Note: This Coupon is one search for one item, not for hiring Raja for a day.)

Stored Coupons Hiring the Dealer (Using Coupons) Dealer takes a break after every transaction
Dealer Coupon At Your Service.png
Hiring the Dealer Market Coupon.png
Dealer Coupon On A Break.png

Using The Dealer

The dealer allows you to search for any item every hour. You can view a list of every item available at your level, and the amount stored in the barn. Tap the product you want to search for, and he will return with 3 different amounts to choose from. He goes on break for 1 hour after every use. His break time can be reduced by 50% to 30 minutes when the "Busy Trade" lab booster is activated. The "Busy Trade" lab booster is a lab booster that you can get through participating in certain events (check the "Laboratory" page for more information)

Using the Dealer to Search for Goods Dealer break Dealer available now
City Market Dealer.png
Dealer Coupon On A Break.png
Dealer Available Icon.png

Dealer Tips

  1. The price to buy goods from the dealer are usually near to the selling price in barn. It is significantly cheaper than buying directly from the market boxes.
  2. All goods from the dealer have a maximum quantity, which can be viewed on the Goods page. It's always best to buy the maximum amount of whatever good you need, so you spend your cash/coupons worth. Search back and forth many times between the good you need and any other good to get the maximum quantity. If you continue to search on the same good you will only receive the same result, you need to search on a different good to change the outcome.
  3. The quantity from dealer searches of a good is always the same amount until you search some other goods.
  • An old reference that may be useful is spreadsheet (Goods, column Raja). Please note however this spreadsheet is owned by an inactive administrator, is not able to be updated and may not show the correct amounts.

Dealer's Recommended Use

The recommended way to use The Dealer is to buy ores to make ingots and upgrade factories.
This way you have a guaranteed way of getting ores you need and don't have to mine as often.

City Market Dealer Search Ores.png
City Market Dealer Search Jewelry.png

Using The Dealer to Earn T-cash

You can earn T-cash by purchasing jewelry and giving it to Don Pacone the Mafioso when he appears in the helicopter orders. He starts appearing at level 53 when you can build the Jewelry Factory and make pendants.

Building the Jewelry Factory is not recommended since you can use the dealer to buy jewelry. It will save 100,000 coins and some space in your town.

Cheapest to Most Expensive 3 pieces of Jewelry:

  • Feather Earrings (1,400-1,500+ coins) > Pendants (1,800-2,000+ coins) > Pearl Choker (1,800- 2,100 Coins)> Rings (2,300-2,500+ coins) > Earrings (4,700-5,300+ coins) > Diadems (5,400-5,700+ coins)

Cheapest to Most Coins per T-cash:

  • Feather Earrings (~467 coins per T-cash)
  • Pendants (~600 coins per T-cash)
  • Pearl Choker (~668 coins per T-cash)
  • Rings (~767 coins per T-cash)
  • Earrings (~1567 coins per 2 T-cash)
  • Diadems (~1800 coins per 2 T-cash)

Note: The dealer limit for all jewelry is 3 pieces, you can view limits for all goods on this page.

Special Sales and Crates

Green boxes in the Market are special sales on materials/tools which cost T-cash. One of the crates/materials/tools you buy will be discounted at 65-70%, but the other decreases to a 35-50% discount for sales.

City Market All Sale Crates.png

Types of Crates

  1. Building Materials and Barn Tools
    • Discounts on glass, bricks, slabs, hammers, nails, paint
    • Cost: 8-60+ T-cash, Amount: 2-8+, Examples: See #3 and #5 in image above.
  2. Mystery Crates
    • Crate sales include random building materials and/or barn tools.
    • Cost: 25-30 T-cash, Amount: 1-3+, Examples: See #4 and #6 in image above.
  3. Mining Tools
    • Discounts on mining tools (pickaxe, dynamite, TNT).
    • Cost: 4-8+ T-cash, Amount: Same as mine, Examples: See #1 in image above.
  4. Mining Crates
    • Crate sales include some of every mining tool.
    • Cost: 10 T-cash, Amount/Example: See #2 in image above.
  5. Event Crates
    • Crate sales include some of every event tool for digging.
    • Cost: 10 T-cash, Amount/Example: See #7 in image above.
  6. Special Coin Crates
    • These crates are rare and usually have 1 building material or mining tool(s) on sale for coins. Example: See #A in image above.

Special sales are quite costly. If the material is not urgently needed, you can obtain a decent amount of materials from the Train (especially if it's upgrade to level 21 in the Academy of Industry).

Laboratory Boosters

Boosters Image Cost Days Description
Vibrant Market
Vibrant Market Booster.png
Emerald.png 6
Ruby.png 4
3 The items at the Market are updated twice as often. New refreshes will only take 3 hours instead of 6, and the current refresh will take 50% less time.
Busy Trade
Busy Trade Booster.png
Free 1 Dealer's break time cut in half.
The dealer will be available every 30 mins instead of 1 hr.
Tip: Make sure you've got the day off to buy ores or whatever you need.

City Market Icons


  • Township introduced Coupons at Version 6.8.
  • Vouchers were removed and replaced by Dealers Coupons.

You could obtain dealer vouchers from Events. Vouchers offered free use of the dealer for 1 day, and could be used whenever your hired dealer's time was up. Up to 3 vouchers were stored until you chose to use them.

1/3 Stored Vouchers Hiring the Dealer (Using Vouchers)
Hiring the Dealer Voucher.png
Hiring the Dealer Voucher Info.png
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