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Classic Car Collection
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Classic Car Collection Introduction

Requires level 61 and 5,000 coins to restore. It's the 1st upgradeable decoration added to the game.

"Our new retro-car egzibition eez too big for ze museum! Let's buy all ze egzibits and place zem outside so everyone could see zem!"

The retro car expo lets you buy and showcase six historic automobiles. Collect them all to get a reward from townspeople. The cars also make for great decorations!

Completing the Classic Car Collection

Completing the Classic Car Collection requires: 700,000 coins, and 103 of 4 ingots including:

Amount IMG Ingot Car
44 Bronze ingot.png Bronze Flux, Corvette, Polaris
17 Silver ingot.png Silver Flux, Mika, Benefactor
12 Gold ingot.png Gold Polaris, Benefactor, Atlantic
5 Platinum ingot.png Platinum Corvette, Mika, Atlantic

Classic Car Collection Completed

"There are so many priceless egzibits in one spot I can't take my eyes off them! What's on ze windshield? A parking ticket?"

Information Profile Pic 29
Complete your Classic Car collection by buying and showcasing retro cars at the local expo to earn 25 Tcash. You'll also earn a total of 15,190 experience and unlock Profile Pic 29.
Profile Pic 29.png

Classic Car Collection

Car Description Ingots

to Build

Flux T
Flux T.png
The first assembly-line car to be sold by the million. Its reliability and affordability made it one of the most popular cars of the 20th century. Silver ingot.png 2
Bronze ingot.png12
Coin.png 63,000 2494
Chiarino Corvette (C1)
Chiarino Corvette (C1).png
Originally designed for an exhibition, this first US sports car generated so much interest the company made a production version for car collectors. Platinum ingot.png 1
Bronze ingot.png23
Coin.png 126,000 2538
Shuffle Polaris D-500
Shuffle Polaris D-500.png
This was the concept car of its time: smooth lines, shiny and posh fins on the outside, and rotating bucket seats on the inside for comfortable seating. Gold ingot.png 1
Bronze ingot.png9
Coin.png 77,000 2504
Ferruccio Mika
Ferruccio Mika.png
This car was the company's first sports car designed for the city. It was created by engineers in their spare time and named after a famous species of bull. Platinum ingot.png 1
Silver ingot.png8
Coin.png 147,000 2553
Benefactor SSK
Benefactor SSK.png
A thunderbolt of the 1920–30s, this powerful race car made the company famous around the world. Only 33 of them were ever produced. Gold ingot.png 2
Silver ingot.png7
Coin.png 112,000 2528
Beatrix SC Atlantic
Beatrix SC Atlantic.png
This is one of the most expensive sports cars in the world. With only three ever produced, their value grows by millions of dollars every year. Platinum ingot.png 3
Gold ingot.png9
Coin.png 175,000 2573
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