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Coins are the primary currency of Township. They serve as the currency for growing crops, constructing Community Buildings, Special Buildings, houses, Zoo Enclosures, factories, etc. and decorating your town.

The amount of coins which you have can be found at the top-right corner, or at the Store Store Icon.png.

Earning Coins

Coins can be earned in a number of ways:

  • Filling orders at the Helicopter.
  • Helping load friends Train crates.
  • Loading airplanes. You get coins for filling crates and extra coins for full rows.
  • Filling zoo orders at the Zoo.
  • Excavating in the Mine. Coins can be dug up or be found in treasure rooms or chests.
  • Using clovers in the House of Luck you may win coins.
  • While leveling up the rewards are often lots of coins.
  • Participate in Events. You may get coins in Prize Wheel, as a reward in the Golden Ticket events or placing 8th-30th in a tournament.
  • At the end of an Event, you may receive coins when all the event products you still have in your barn are bought back.
  • Participate in special offers. You may earn double coins or goods which can be sold to get coins.
  • Giving requested products to your co-op members.
  • Gift balloons from friends usually reward coins.
  • Logging in to collect the daily reward.
  • Selling goods directly from the barn.
  • Opening sea chests at the port near the islands.
  • Golden hot air balloons.
  • Watching a video ad rewards up to 900 coins at a 50/50 chance. (May be different for each user.)
  • Purchasing coins via in-app purchase.

Fastest Way to Earn Coins

  • Use the generous customer booster and fill as many helicopter orders as you can to earn a lot of coins.
  • Using the vibrant market booster with a helicopter booster and having many market boxes helps as well.
  • Using the Profitable Flight booster helps you earn twice as many coins, when filling airplane crates.

Not Enough Coins

  • If you are completely out of coins, you can always plant some wheat and sell it from your barn.
  • Sell all items in Barn if there is any.
  • You can transact Tcash to coins if you have a lot of Tcash.

Daily Bonus Rewards

For each consecutive day you login you receive a daily bonus reward. From day 1 to 4 you will receive coins. The 5th day rewards 3,000 coins, 3 clovers, or 1 Tcash randomly. You may also receive event Fuel, Tropical Crops or Event Boosters only during event periods. If you continue logging everyday after the 5th day you will receive 1 of the 3 max rewards daily. If you haven't logged in within 24 hours since you last received a daily bonus the rewards will reset back to day 1. There is also a 10 Tcash reward for returning players who haven't logged into the game for at least 30 days 

Balloon Rewards

There are 5 types of balloons which you can receive with various rewards:

  1. Ernie's Balloon: Receive 1 per day. Rewards: 1 Tcash.
    • You can receive his balloon every 24 hours by filling any 1 of the requests in his Town.
    • This will stop when you are a higher level.
  2. Friends Balloon: Gift up to 5 per day. Rewards: Coins or 1 Tcash randomly.
    • Friend's Balloons are rewarded whenever a friend sends you a gift.
  3. Friends Balloon (Event): Gift up to 5 per day. Rewards: 1 random event good or item.
    • During event periods the regular rewards are changed to event goods or items.
  4. Friends Balloon (Valentine's): Cash gift. Choose a cash gift and message to send to friends.
    • Send cash gifts to friends. Event gifts are only available during Valentine's Day.
  5. Golden Balloons: Receive 1 free per day, and up to 4 extra. Costs 3 Tcash to open.
    • Rewards: Building materials, barn, expansion, and mining tools, and 3-6 Tcash.
    • These balloons can be found in your Town or any friends town.
Ernie's Balloon Friends Balloon Valentine's
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