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Color Splash Event Guide.png

Color Splash Introduction

Character Discussion Character
Color Splash Agnes.png
Mister Daniel, there's a new game with prizes at the fair! But to start it, we need a lot of colored blocks. Can you help me paint them?
Color Splash Daniel.png
Daniel the Artist
Paint blocks? Easy peasy!
We just need to find more paint-red, yellow, and blue.
Everyone has those colors! If townspeople help us, we'll have enough presents for everyone!
Let's get started!

Color Splash Event Guide

Play Color Splash at the fair! Fill it with colored blocks, beat levels, and collect stars. The more stars you win playing levels, the more prizes you get!

Level Obstacles

As you progress you will come across 7 obstacles to remove to reach the goal in certain levels including:
Balloons, Toys, Cannons, Crates, Bubblegum, Ice, and Strong Crates.

Creating Powerups

There are 3 types of powerups including: Rockets, Bombs, and Fireworks.

  1. Rockets: Create a combination of 5 blocks of 1 color. Removes an entire row of blocks.
  2. Bombs: Create a combination of 7 blocks of 1 color. Removes 8 surrounding blocks.
  3. Fireworks: Create a combination of 9 blocks of 1 color. Removes all blocks of its specific color.

Combining Powerups

To combine powerups they must be beside each other. There are 6 types of powerup combinations including:

Combination Preview Description
+ Rocket
Color Splash Rocket.png
Color Splash Rocket.png
The rocket tapped will remove all blocks in that row and column.
+ Bomb
Color Splash Rocket.png
Color Splash Bomb.png
The rocket or bomb tapped will remove all blocks in a 3 by 3 row and column.
+ Firework
Color Splash Rocket.png
Color Splash Fireworks.png
The rocket tapped will activate the colored firework and turn all of the specific colored blocks into rockets and set them off.
+ Bomb
Color Splash Bomb.png
Color Splash Bomb.png
The bomb tapped will remove all blocks in a 5 by 5 radius.
+ Firework
Color Splash Bomb.png
Color Splash Fireworks.png
The bomb tapped will activate the colored firework and turn all of the specific colored blocks into bombs and set them off.
+ Firework
Color Splash Fireworks.png
Color Splash Fireworks.png
The firework tapped will remove all blocks on the screen.

Super Powerups

There are 4 types of super powerups including: Hammers, Tractors, Planes, and Magnets.

  1. Hammer: The block tapped will be removed including the surrounding blocks in a '+' area.
  2. Tractor: The entire row of the block that is tapped will be removed.
  3. Plane: The entire column of the block that is tapped will be removed.
  4. Magnet: All blocks of the color that is tapped will be removed.

Buying Powerups

All powerups can be bought with Tcash.

Powerups can only be activated or used before starting a level.
Powerup Image Description Cost
Powerup Rocket.png
Activates a rocket at a random place Cash.png 15
Powerup Bomb.png
Activates a bomb at a random place Cash.png 21
Powerup Fireworks.png
Activates a firework at a random place Cash.png 30
Super Power-ups can only be activated while playing a level.
Super Powerup Image Description Cost
Super Powerup Hammer.png
Clears one piece Cash.png 15
Super Powerup Tractor.png
Clears one row Cash.png 21
Super Powerup Plane.png
Clears one column Cash.png 30
Super Powerup Magnet.png
Removes all pieces of its color. Cash.png 30

Event Tips

Levels reward 30-35 stars. As you progress harder levels reward 40-55 depending on the amount of moves left.

  • Try to create power-ups and pop blocks from top to bottom, and pop ones near obstacles first.
  • The block you tap to create a 5/7/9 block power-up is where it will be created.
  • Rockets orientation is random. Try to use them to create combos with other blocks.
  • Only use super powerups to remove an obstacle that will finish the level.
  • If you aren't able to finish a level after 3 tries you will have to start a new one.
  • It takes 30 minutes to paint blocks, so always be ready with common goods.
  • Buy extra market boxes, use co-op requests, and have fast crops growing to paint blocks.

Color Splash Goods

Color Splash Guide 1.png

Get blocks to play this game by painting them in artist's workshop using paints. All customers' orders at helicopter give paints. They ask for all kind of products during the event including temporary event products below, so it is recommended to prepare them.

Recipes Material
Made in
Checkered Cake Level 8
Checkered Cake.png
bread 40m 5xp 12 coins Bakery
Stuffed Sheep Level 10
Stuffed Sheep.png
cotton fabric
1h30m 34xp 80 coins Tailor Shop
Multicolored Ice Cream Level 39
Multicolored Ice Cream.png
2 milk
1 peach
1h 31xp 72 coins Ice Cream Factory
Paint Brushes Level 34
Paint Brushes.png
2 pine tree
2 cotton
2h 66xp 155 coins Plastics Factory

Personal Event Goals

Play and earn stars to win holiday prizes! The level difficulty determines how many stars you get. The more levels you beat, the bigger the reward you'll get in the tournament!

Goal Amount Reward Preview
1 140 Stars • 3 Tcash
3 Cash.png
2 260 Stars • Rare Deck-20 cards
• Mining Tool
Zoo Cards.png
3 300 Stars • 2 Load Coupons
Lab Booster
Load Coupon.png
Active Cooperation Booster.png
4 370 Stars • 2 platinum ingot
• Epic Deck-40 cards
Platinum ingot.png
Epic Deck.png
5 500 Stars • Decoration
• Profile Picture
• 12 T-cash
Interactive Fountain.png

12 t cash.png
Profile Picture
6 + ? Stars
+ ? stars per chest
Treasure Chest
• 3 to 6 Tcash,
• 2, 3, 6 Tools,
• 2 to 4 Zoo Materials,
• 2 Gold Ingots, etc.
Lottery Chest.png

Color Splash Tournament

Launch more rockets than your friends! The more rockets you use, the higher your position on the leaderboard. When you lose, rockets aren't counted towards your score. Rockets launched by matching rocket+firework or those produced with remaining moves aren't counted. Please use up all your moves to launch rockets if possible.

Color Splash Competition Rockets.png
Color Splash Competition.png

Tournament Rewards

The tournament unlocks once you've completed your personal goal.

Go to the tournament icon/tab and compete against 29 same-level players. If you place in the top three by the end of the event, you will receive greater rewards.

Place Titles Rewards Preview
1st Chief Rocketeer • 50 Tcash
• Epic Deck (50 Cards)
• Profile Pic 93
Epic Deck.png
Profile Picture
2nd-3rd Power-up Hunters • 30 Tcash
• Epic Deck (30 Cards)
• Profile Pic 93
Epic Deck.png
Profile Picture
4th-7th Combination Masters • 2 Load Coupon
• Epic Deck (20 cards)
Load Coupon.png
Epic Deck.png
8th-12th Expert Piece Matchers • Construction Material
• Regualr Deck (10 cards)
Construction Materials.png
Regular Deck.png
13th-19th Entertainment Experts • Coins
20th-30th Attraction Fans • Coins

Event Decorations

You can view the decorations for this event at:

Event History

  • September 15, 2017 (aka Amusement Park Event)
  1. May 4, 2018
  2. September 7, 2018
  3. January 18, 2019
  4. June 6, 2019
  5. January 2, 2020
  6. May 7, 2020
  7. May 6, 2021
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