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Contacting Playrix's Customer Support

You can learn how to transfer your Township to another device here or view content on the wiki here.
If your issue isn't resolved using in-game help topics contacting Playrix's customer support is the last option.

Township Help and Support Tips!


Township Help and Support Tips!

How to Report a Problem on Playrix's Support Website

If you cannot access the game to report a problem, then you can use the support website to report a problem. If you can access the game, then the next section outlines how to report an issue in-game.

  1. Visit the Playrix's Support Website at
  2. Go to the section you need help with and read more information about how you can resolve your issue.
  3. Browse the sections/questions, and if your problem still isn't solved press the 'CONTACT US' button or visit this link:
  4. Enter the necessary information and provide as much detail as possible then 'SUBMIT' your report.

How to Report an Issue In-Game

1. Click the Gear Icon

• You can find it in the top left corner of your Township screen.

1 Gear Icon.png

2. Click the Help and Support Button

• This will open the Help Topics window where you can browse issues.

2 Help Button.png

3. Choose a Help Topic

• Click the Help Topic section that relates to your issue to find out more information.

3 Help Topics.png

4. Choose a Topic Question

• Click on a specific topic question on the left that best suits your issue to find out more information.

4 Topic Question.png

5. Respond YES or NO if the Information helped or not

• Tap 'NO' at the bottom then tap 'CONTACT US' to continue to a page where you can report your issue.

5 Topic Information.png

6. Start a New Conversation

• Explain your issue in as much detail as possible including all of the required information at the bottom of the topic (if there is any). You can add a screenshot as an attachment if necessary, and when you're finished tap the 'SEND' arrow in the top right.

6 Send Conversation.png

Waiting for a Response from Customer Support

Playrix's Customer Support is typically very busy handling a large amount of tickets/messages.
It can take 3-7 days for a response or longer, so you have to be patient. You will be able to view any messages received from them by e-mail, support website, or in-game. You can view your most recent conversation with them in-game through the help topics window by pressing the speech bubble icon in the top right.

Search and Conversations.png

Try Township Mobile Facebook Page

If all else falls, try contacting Playrix through their Township Mobile Facebook Page