Contacting Playrix's Customer Support

You can learn how to transfer your Township to another device here or view content on the wiki here.
If your issue isn't resolved using in-game help topics contacting Playrix's customer support is the last option.

Township Help and Support Tips!

Township Help and Support Tips!

Township Help and Support Tips!

How to Report a Problem on Playrix's Support WebsiteEdit

If you cannot access the game to report a problem, then you can use the support website to report a problem. If you can access the game, then the next section outlines how to report an issue in-game.

  1. Visit the Playrix's Support Website at
  2. Go to the section you need help with and read more information about how you can resolve your issue.
  3. Browse the sections/questions, and if your problem still isn't solved press the 'CONTACT US' button or visit this link:
  4. Enter the necessary information and provide as much detail as possible then 'SUBMIT' your report.

How to Report an Issue In-GameEdit

1. Click the Gear IconEdit

• You can find it in the top left corner of your Township screen.

1 Gear Icon

2. Click the Help and Support ButtonEdit

• This will open the Help Topics window where you can browse issues.

2 Help Button

3. Choose a Help TopicEdit

• Click the Help Topic section that relates to your issue to find out more information.

3 Help Topics

4. Choose a Topic QuestionEdit

• Click on a specific topic question on the left that best suits your issue to find out more information.

4 Topic Question

5. Respond YES or NO if the Information helped or notEdit

• Tap 'NO' at the bottom then tap 'CONTACT US' to continue to a page where you can report your issue.

5 Topic Information

6. Start a New ConversationEdit

• Explain your issue in as much detail as possible including all of the required information at the bottom of the topic (if there is any). You can add a screenshot as an attachment if necessary, and when you're finished tap the 'SEND' arrow in the top right.

6 Send Conversation

Waiting for a Response from Customer SupportEdit

Playrix's Customer Support is typically very busy handling a large amount of tickets/messages.
It can take 3-7 days for a response or longer, so you have to be patient. You will be able to view any messages received from them by e-mail, support website, or in-game. You can view your most recent conversation with them in-game through the help topics window by pressing the speech bubble icon in the top right.

Search and Conversations
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