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Coupons Introduction

Coupons are special rewards that can be obtained for free while participating in events, obtaining regatta chests and yacht club rewards. You can use any of these single-use coupons immediately after obtaining them.

Laboratory Booster

  • A booster is activated at the Laboratory and is available to use there after you have received it or purchased with gems.
Coupon Image Description
Load Coupon Load Coupon.png A coupon to fill for free a train railcar, plane crate or zoo order, for you or a friend.
  • It's best to use load coupons on goods requested frequently in a large number. Most effective way is to use on filling plane crates.
  • The option will appear as long as you have load coupons available.
Load Coupon Plane Friend.pngLoad Coupon Plane.pngLoad Coupon Zoo.png
Dealer Coupon Dealer Coupon.png A coupon for a free order at the City Market
  • If you have not hired Raja, you can get his help by using the single-use dealer coupon.
  • After using the coupon, Raja will take a break for 1 hour.
Dealer is available Dealer takes a break
after each transaction
Dealer Coupon At Your Service.png
Dealer Coupon On A Break.png
Expansions Coupon Expansion Coupon.png A coupon for a free expansion in your town or zoo
  • You will see the Expansion Coupon appear only when you click on an expansion of land in your town or zoo. Expansion Sign.png
  • You will need to use all of your Expansion Coupons first before you have the option to use materials again. These coupons will give you a boost on expanding land in your town and zoo.
  • Normal requirements for expanding applies, such as, you must have the right amount of population to start the expansion.
Barn Upgrade Coupon Barn Upgrade Coupon.png A coupon for a free barn upgrade
  • When you go to your barn to upgrade, you will be using any barn upgrade coupons you have first, before you have the option to use materials.
Factory Upgrade Coupon Train Upgrade Coupon Island Upgrade Coupon
Factory Upgrade Coupon.png
Train Coupon.png
Island Upgrade Coupon.png
A coupon for a free upgrade of any factory A coupon for a free upgrade of any train line A coupon for a free island upgrade
  • A coupon for a free upgrade at the Academy of Industry.
  • It's best to use these coupons on your highest level factory, island or train line.
  • After you claim or receive this type of coupon, you can't choose to use ingot(s) to upgrade any factory, island or train until you have used up all of this kind of coupon first. Also, you can't view the quantity of ingot(s) required for the upgrade you want. To save ingots in order to make more upgrades, you can take a look at the Academy of Industry page and use the coupon for the upgrade which originally requires the most ingots.
Factory Upgrade Attributes Train Upgrade Attributes Island Upgrade Attributes
Factory Upgrade.png
Train Upgrade.png
Island Upgrade.png
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