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Decorations Introduction

Almost every time you level up or add animals to your zoo there will be some new decorations to buy in the Township Store Store Icon.png. Some of the decorations are free, many can be bought for coins, others for gems and a few for T-cash.

You can earn the Happy Town Achievement for spending coins on decorations.

Tap on any picture to get more information at the Decoration Table by name page.

To hide the decorations legend by clicking on "[Collapse]":



  • TownLevel.png Town Level
  • ZooLevel.png number of Zoo Animals
  • Golden League icon.png Gold League
  • Silver League icon.png Silver League
  • Steel League icon.png Steel League
  • Copper League icon.png Copper League
  • Wooden League icon.png Wooden League


  • 🎁 Prize during an event
  • πŸ† were event personal goal prizes at least once
  • ❀️ could be gifted to friends during a Valentine or Friendship Day event
  • πŸ› were Event Sales at least once


  • Xp.png Xp
  • πŸ“size
  • β˜…/⭐️ are animated
  • πŸ’§ must be placed on water
  • ⬆/⬆️ are upgradable
  • ♻️ can be changed to other appearances
  • 🚧 are fences or fence-like decorations
  • 🚏 are Town signs
  • 🚫 can't be placed in the zoo
  • πŸŽ„ changes during the winter/Christmas updates
  • πŸ”Ό price increased
  • πŸ”½ price reduced

Prices are usually the most recent ones.

Town Decorations

These are the standard decorations available to decorate your Town. You can unlock new decorations by levelling up your town.
During the festive period, most decorations are accompanied with a Christmas version, especially trees.
To view all Town Decorations tap "Expand" next to the heading.

All Town Decorations

Zoo Decorations

These are decorations unlocked by adding animals to your zoo. They can be placed anywhere in the Town or Zoo.
There are 76 zoo decorations in total since v6.5.2.
To view all Zoo Decorations tap "Expand" next to the heading.

All Zoo Decorations