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This page contains information about outdated content in Township, but Playrix has not announced its removal. Please do not edit the contents of this page unless there are major changes in the game, but you can still comment on it.

Double Play.png

  • Participate in the current event!
  • Get twice as many event points while the offer is on.

Note: the image shows x3 event points.

Double Play is an offer lasting for 1 day. It can only be held during a community event (not seen for seasonal) due to its mechanism. Players earn double personal goal points for the event being held at the event center.

Event Tips

  • Keep as much event fuel and tools as you can before the start of this special offer.
  • During the special offer, use up all event fuel/tools you have to earn points.
  • Be active to get event fuel so that you can immediately use them to enjoy the best advantage.
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