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Double Reward.png
  • Fill orders and send off planes.
  • You get twice as many coins while the double reward offer is on!

Double Reward is a special offer lasting for 2 days, related to coin income. It is held during the Industrial Boom Event and sometimes the Advanced Agriculture Event. You receive double coins when you fill helicopter orders, fill plane crates and more rewards for sending off planes.

These items appear in your game while this special offer is on:

  • Double Reward Icon.png This Double Reward icon will appear in your helicopter and airplane windows while the Double Reward offer is active.
  • Double Reward Icon 2.png These icons will appear on your screen during the double reward offer.

Event Tips

  • Prepare the required goods for your helicopter orders and airplane crates, so as to earn more coins when the special offer starts.
  • Leave green helicopter orders and an airplane with the goods you have 1-2 hours before the special offer starts so that you can send them off to earn more coins when it starts.
  • You can complete the "coins to earn" task quickly if it is available in seasonal regatta, Professor's Experiments Event or the Cash Splash Event (now obsolete).
  • Use the generous customer and/or profitable flight laboratory booster to earn 4x coins on helicopter and airplane respectively. Remember to stay active to keep producing goods.

Generous Customer Booster.png Profitable Flight Booster.png

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