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Dragon Races Event

Feb. 5, 2016

Dragon Races Event Introduction

This is a live holiday broadcast of Township News. Our Township is celebrating Chinese New Year by holding its first handmade dragon race! We'll need all the fireworks we can get our hands on if we want to win! The townspeople will be glad to share their fireworks with you if you help them get ready for the holiday.

Character Event Information
Dragon Races Reporter.png
Chinese new year.jpg

Dragon Races Event Guide

Fill townspeople's orders to receive fireworks you can use to make your dragon go. The further it goes, the more rewards you receive. You will also be able to race other players and win valuable rewards that way!

Townspeople ask for all kind of products during the event including the temporary products. If you give them what they want you'll get fireworks (FT) in return and move closer to your reward.

Chinese New Year Goods

Goods Material
Made in
Tangerine Level 8
3 coins 25m 3xp 8 coins Fields
Fortune Cookie Level 8
Fortune Cookie.png
3 wheat
1 cream
1 sugar
40m 15xp 35 coins Bakery
Tangerine Cake Level 24
Tangerine Cake.png
3 tangerines
1 syrup
1 egg
1h 33xp 77 coins Pastry Factory
Toy Monkey Level 14
Toy monkey.png
1 cotton fabric
3 cotton
1h 30m 34xp 80 coins Tailor Shop
Paper Lantern Level 18
Paper lantern.png
1 paper 1h 10xp 23 coins Paper Factory

Personal Event Goals

Complete your first personal goal to unlock the competition.

Chinese event screen.png
Firework Booster Description
The firework booster doubles the number of fireworks you earn for 2 hours.
The first one is free, subsequently they cost 10 T-cash.

Personal Event Rewards

Keep filling townspeople's orders to earn flower points and pick up additional rewards! You will also have a chance at a strong finish in the race and a valuable reward. After the 5th stage the race continues and you will get new goals and rewards as long as you go on. The rewards are random after 5th stage.

Goal Need Reward Preview
1st Goal 20 FT 3 T-cash
Event reward t-cash.png
2nd Goal 104 FT Paper Lanterns
Paper Lanterns.png
3rd Goal 232 FT Chinese House
Chinese House.png
4th Goal 425 FT Light Tree
Light Tree.png
5th Goal 630 FT Monkey Statue
Monkey Statue.png
6th Goal+ 830+ FT Items or 1/3 Tcash
6th event reward.png


Go to the competition tab and compete against 14 other players.
If you place in the top three by the end of the event you will receive special rewards.


Competition Rewards

Below is a list of all the rewards when the race is over from 1st to 3rd place in the competition.

Place Rewards Preview
1st 15 Tcash
1 Factory Booster
Gold reward.png
2nd 10 Tcash
5 Emerald
Silver reward.png
3rd 5 Tcash
3 Gold ingots
Bronze reward.png

All Dragon Races Event Decorations

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