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Easter Adventure.png
  • Help Susie find bunnies in the easter park!
  • Exchange treats for easter eggs!
  • Collect more eggs to win more prizes!
  • Easter Adventure Decorations

Event Guide

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Easter Tutorial 1.png
Easter Tutorial 2.png
Easter Tutorial 3.png
Easter Tutorial 4.png

Easter Park

From players' observations, bunnies may ask for these goods more often ~ carrots, sugarcane, rice, milk, egg, bread, cookies, bagel, easter bread, cream, cheese, sugar, syrup, muffin, milkshake, ice cream, popcorn and granola. The more products they ask for, the more easter eggs you receive.

Easter Park.png

Easter Park Tools

Tools Preview Description
Pruning Shears
Easter Adventure Shears.png
Clears 1 grass tile.
Use 2 Shears to remove bushes.
Easter Adventure Lawnmower.png
Clears a vertical row of grass.
Easter Adventure Fan.png
Clears adjacent grass.
Clears bushes instantly.
Easter Adventure Stump.png
Cannot be removed.
Clear grass around them.

Farm Shop Details

Clean up the park using tools you receive from Farm Shop (see below). Make sure to feed bunnies when you find them in the park to get more Easter eggs.

You can get different colors of bunny cookies by sending orders at the helicopter. Trade them at the Farm Shop to get tools for cleaning up the park.

  • Note: Helicopter can ask for all goods including Easter Adventure Goods. Remember to prepare them.
Easter Farm Shop 2018.png

Temporary Event Goods

Goods Level Ingredients
Dealer Available Icon.png
Help Icon.png
Made in
Easter Bread
Easter Bread.png
8 3 Wheat.png
2 Egg.png
1 Milk.png
36 coins 15xp 50m 12 5 Bakery
Rabbit Lollipop
Rabbit Lollipop.png
14 2 Sugar.png
1 Cream.png
50 coins 21xp 1h30m 4 Snack Factory
Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake.png
24 3 Carrot.png
1 Syrup.png
1 Egg.png
66 coins 28xp 1h 3 Pastry Factory
Chocolate Bunny
Chocolate Rabbit.png
39 2 Cacao.png
1 Paper.png
72 coins 31xp 1h45m 3 Candy Factory

Personal Event Rewards

Collect Easter eggs to earn prizes.

Stage Eggs to Collect Reward Preview
Stage 1 30 eggs
to collect
• 3 T-cash
• 3 Easter Fence
Easter Fence.png
Stage 2 90 eggs
to collect
• 2 Topaz
• Rare Deck (20 cards)
Rare Deck.png
Stage 3 150-165 eggs
to collect
• 2 Red Paint
• 3 Silver Ingot
Silver ingot.png
Stage 4 220-265 eggs
to collect
Vibrant Market
• Epic Deck (40 cards)
Vibrant Market Booster.png
Epic Deck.png
Stage 5 310-370 eggs
to collect
• 12 T-cash
• Profile Picture
• Easter Decoration
Profile Picture
Easter Adventure Decorations
Stage 6 - Lottery Chest 210 eggs
to collect
Possible prizes
Stage 7 - Lottery Chest 240 eggs
to collect
Stage 8 - Lottery Chest 270 eggs
to collect


The tournament unlocks once you've completed your personal goal.

Go to the tournament icon/tab and compete against 29 same-level players. If you place in the top three by the end of the event, you will receive greater rewards.

Note on prizes for especially low or high level players (tap "Expand to view"):

You may get slightly different prizes depending on what is (still) available in your town and your level. Prizes known to be substituted include gems, boosters, zoo card packs, train/factory/island upgrade coupons, land expansion coupons. The substitute prize is usually either T-cash or building/expansion materials. For example lower level players who haven't restored the airport, yet, will receive building/expansion materials instead of gems. Lower level players who don't have many animals might also get boosters or materials instead of zoo decks. High level players with all zoo animals will receive boosters or upgrade coupons.

If profile pictures are repeated, players who already have the profile picture will receive more T-cash instead.

The amount of coins for the lower ranks depend on the town level and range from 270/220/45 coins for lowest levels to 6 000/5 500/1 000 for levels 100 and higher.

Place № and Title Rewards Reward 1 Reward 2 Profile Picture
Susie's Best Friend
• 50 T-cash
Or 55 T-cash if you have the
event profile picture already
• 1 Epic Deck (50 Cards)
Profile Picture
Epic Deck.png
Profile Picture
Heroic Explorers
• 30 T-cash
Or 33 T-cash if you have the
event profile picture already
• 1 Epic Deck (30 Cards)
Profile Picture
Epic Deck.png
Profile Picture
Brave Pioneers
• 2 Construction Materials
• 1 Rare Deck (20 cards)
Barn Upgrade Materials.png
Rare Deck.png
Generous Souls
• 2 Construction Materials
• 1 Regular Deck (10 cards)
Barn Upgrade Materials.png
Regular Deck.png
Cookie Wardens
• Coins
Park Visitors
• Coins

Event History

  1. April 7, 2017
  2. March 23, 2018
  3. April 12, 2019
  4. April 11, 2020
  5. March 29, 2021
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