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Easter 2019 Event

This event started April 12th, 2019.

Easter Adventure 2019 IntroductionEdit

Character Discussion Character
Easter Adventure Farmer
Look Susie, the bunnies are out for Easter.
Easter Susie
I'v found one already! I gave it a carrot and it gave me a colorful egg in return. But the park is so overgrown I coudn't find any more bunnies.
I have plenty of tools for clearing weeds at my shop. Let's go find all the bunnies and collect as many Eggs as we can.
Event Information
Easter Adventure 2018 Event Guide

Easter Adventure 2019 Event Guide Edit

An Easter Park has replaced the Event Center! Help Susie find and feed bunnies to get easter eggs in return - you can win great prizes for helping her out! During the event you'll find a special Bunny Village decoration in the store. Get it before the end of the event to continue building the village after Easter and get Township cash in return. You can view the materials to complete it on the Bunny Village page.

  1. Feed bunnies to find eggs and win prizes.
  2. Fill helicopter orders to receive green, blue and red bunny cookies.
  3. Trade cookies for gardening tools at the Farm Shop.
  4. Clear grass with garden tools at the Easter Park.

Easter Adventure 2019 GoodsEdit

Goods Ingredients
Made in
Easter Bread Level 8
Easter Bread
3 wheat
2 eggs
1 milk
36 coins 15xp 50m Bakery
Rabbit Lollipop Level 14
Rabbit Lollipop
2 sugar
1 cream
50 coins 21xp 1h30m Snack Factory
Carrot Cake Level 24
Carrot Cake
3 carrot
1 syrup
1 egg
66 coins 28xp 1h Pastry Factory
Chocolate Rabbit Level 39
Chocolate Rabbit
2 cacao
1 paper
72 coins 31xp 1h45m Candy Factory

Easter ParkEdit

Clean up the park using tools you receive from townspeople after filling their orders. Make sure to feed bunnies when you find them in the park to get more Easter eggs and cookies.

Easter Park 2018

Easter Park ToolsEdit

Trade in bunny cookies at the Farm Shop to get tools for cleaning up the park.

Easter Farm Shop 2018
Tools Preview Description
Pruning Shears
Easter Adventure Shears
Clears 1 grass tile.
Use 2 Shears to remove bushes.
Easter Adventure Lawnmower
Clears a vertical row of grass.
Easter Adventure Fan
Clears adjacent grass.
Clears bushes instantly.
Easter Adventure Stump
Cannot be removed.
Clear grass around them.

Personal Event RewardsEdit

Collect Easter eggs to earn prizes.

Goal Need Reward Preview
1st Goal 30 Eggs 3x Easter Fence
+3 Tcash
3 Cash
Easter Fence
2nd Goal 50 Eggs 2 Glass
+20 Rare Zoo Cards
Zoo Cards
3rd Goal 85 Eggs Bronze Ingot
+3 Coupons
Bronze ingot
Load Coupon
4th Goal 130 Eggs Epic Deck
+2 Paint
Epic Deck
5th Goal 190 Eggs 3 Load Coupons
+5 TNT
Load Coupon
6th Goal 270 Eggs Factory Booster
+3 Hammers
Highspeed production
7th Goal 370 Eggs Easter Railway
+15 Tcash
+3 Emeralds
Easter Railway
8th+ Goal 220 Eggs
30+ per chest
Treasure Chest
+3 to 6 Tcash,
+2, 3, 6 Tools,
+2 to 4 Zoo Materials,
+2 Gold Ingots
Lottery Chest

Easter Adventure 2018 TournamentEdit

Tournament Information Profile Pic 82
The tournament unlocks once you've completed your first personal goal.

Go to the Competition tab and compete against 29 real players. If you place in the top three by the end of the event, you will receive special rewards.

Profile Pic 82
Place Titles Rewards
1st Susie's Best Friend 50 Tcash
+1 Island Coupon
Epic Zoo Deck
Island Coupon
2nd-3rd Heroic Explorers 30 Tcash
+1 Train Booster
Epic Zoo Deck
Epic Deck
4th-7th Brave Pioneers 3 Coupons
+3 Topaz
Load Coupon
8th-12th Generous Souls +2 Paint
3900 coins
13th-19th Cookie Wardens 3600 coins
20th-30th Curious Seekers 250 coins

All Easter Adventure DecorationsEdit

To view all the decorations and their prices from this event, please see the 2019 Decorations page.

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