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Edit Mode is unlocked since level 4. You can access the edit mode through the top-left (previously bottom-left) blue arrow button or by simply tapping and holding an object for a few seconds. Design your Townships landscape with free roads, landscape, and pavement.


Design your towns landscape with free roads, landscape and pavement.
You can get the Road Champ achievement for placing up to 450 roads in your Town and/or Zoo.
There are 4 types of roads to connect places and create surfaces for townspeople and vehicles. All roads are available from the beginning of the game.

Zoo Roads

There are 8 special zoo roads to construct pathways for townspeople visiting the Zoo.
Gravel and stone roads are also available at the Zoo for a total of 9 roads.

Road Editor

Select a road or tile in edit mode and drag your finger across the area where you want to place it.

  • To delete roads/pavement, tap the hammer and drag your finger across the area you want to edit.
  • Tap the green button to confirm your action and save your changes.
  • Tap the red button to cancel your action.
Hammer How to Build and Delete Roads
Road Remover.png
Road Editor Information.png


There are 5 types of ground available for landscaping.

Type Description
Water Ground.png
• Add decks with tiles, create bridges, rivers, ponds, lakes, a water kingdom, etc. Some community buildings must be placed on water like the Hydroelectric Power Plant, Coast Guard and the Lighthouse.
Grass Ground.png
• Create grassy pathways, patches of land, green fields, parks, mazes, etc. This type is the most commonly used.
Sand Ground.png
• Ideal for beaches, shores, small islands, sandy trails, edges near water, etc.
Dirt Ground.png
• Design gardens, plots for fields, unfinished land, nature paths, hiking trails, etc.
Snow Ground.png
• Make arctic animals happy, a winter wonderland, snowy areas near mountains, etc. You could use it during the winter season.


There are 12 types of pavement to enhance landscapes and add finishing touches to recreational spots in your town and zoo.