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Event Information

Most events are held at the Event Center for players at town level TownLevel.png 8 or above. During an event, players can play a mini game or perform in-game actions, or compete with other players to earn a variety of rewards including coins, cash, construction materials, zoo decks, coupons and boosters.

To see event decorations, go to the Event Decorations page for further information.

Event Types

Community Events

Community Events
Time.png 3-7 days
Events involving the Township Community in which you can earn special decorations and rewards. Compete against 29 same-level players. There are many types of Community Events. Most of these events are regular in Township. To go to the event page click on the event name below.

Mayor's Competitions

Mayor's Cup.png
Mayor's Competitions
Time.png 3-4 days
Ultimate reward is the Champion Mayor achievement in the Town Hall. Play in-game features to earn points. Compete with other players for a higher position to earn huge rewards. Some Mayor's Competitions also offer rewards by reaching both of the group goals.

Mayor's Events

See the Category:Special Events for a list of these event pages.

Mayor's Events
Time.png 3-42 days
The Mayor's Events are categorized by those events where you, the Mayor of your town, participate in events by yourself to gain rewards and decorations.

Play in-game features to earn event points. Get certain points to get prizes. Different from a mayor's competition, there is no competition but only personal goals, which means everyone can get prizes if they earn certain points.

  • Time.png 7-10 days. These renovation events require you to complete a room by playing a mini game before the event ends so that it will be added to your Town Hall location tab. In addition, you'll get prizes when you reach one of the three personal goals, if available in the event.
  • Time.png 30-42 days. These are the only month-long special events in the game. Rewards are given when completing different in-game tasks. Purchasing a gold pass/ golden ticket with real-world currency will give you privileges when playing this game.

Time.png 3-7 days

  • Cash Splash: Earn coins to reach 12 stages of personal rewards with the last one to be 1000 T-cash.
  • Gift Hunt: Earn xp to reach three personal goals with prizes.

Regatta Events

Regatta Events
Time.png 1-4 weeks
The main regatta events are the Seasonal Regatta and the Race of Champions.

Seasonal Events

Seasonal Events
Time.png 10 days
The events that occur for celebrating various festivals once a year.

Special Offers during Events

Special Offers
Time.png 1-3 days
There are special offers that help you earn more coins, XP, ores, construction materials during an event.


To see event decorations, go to the Event Decorations page for further information.
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