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The Event Center is available at level 8 and is located in front of the train station and the zoo entry. Limited-time events are held for players to compete with other players and earn a variety of rewards including coins, T-cash, construction materials, zoo decks, boosters and profile pictures.
When there is no event, you are unable do anything with this building site.

Event Workshop/Factory

The event workshop (also called event factory, supply factory or fuel factory) is located in front of the Event Center. It works when a community event or seasonal event is held. It aims at producing items to play the mini game at the Event Center. Not all events use the event workshop.

Event Calendar

Event Calendar.png

The event calendar is a special calendar, which has information on the present events, special offers, and upcoming events. Information includes number of days/hours left and event guide. You can see some upcoming events on the events page.

Event Calendar Guide.png

Event Center Gallery

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