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Explosive Puzzle.png
  • Beat the puzzle's colorful levels
  • Earn stars to win rewards
  • Complete all the tasks to win the grand prize 100 T-cash
  • 3 to 7 days
  • Cloud Nine feature

Event Guide

  • Beat levels to earn rewards
  • The more stars you need to collect, the better the reward you'll get
  • You need lives to play


  • You need Lives Lives.png to play. One (1) life refills automatically every 20 minutes, until you have 5.
  • You can receive more lives from such items as Gift Balloons from friends and the House of Luck.
  • You are able to continue to play until you lose a life. Alternatively, you can buy lives.


  • Collect enough stars Event Points.png (event points) to begin competing against other players and to earn your Personal Goal rewards.

Out of Moves

  1. Pay 10 T-cash to continue play with +5 Moves
  2. Pay 15 T-cash to continue play with +5 Moves and 1 Rocket
  3. Pay 20 T-cash to continue play with +5 Moves, 1 Bomb and 1 Rocket
  4. Pay 25 T-cash to continue play with +5 Moves, 1 Bucket of Candy and 1 Rocket

Event Tips

When you have a rocket and a bomb being placed on the game board, get them to be together by press the "X" at the top right hand corner of the screen before you have started any moves (very important that you don't begin the puzzle)

  • keep restarting until they are next to each other
  • determine which 3 lines you would like to remove vertically and horizontally and press on the rocket or bomb that will remove those lines

Event Tasks

Personal Event Goals

Please note: Rewards are being updated during gameplay. Shown below are possible rewards; keep in mind that prizes can vary among players and town levels.

  • Check the Comments section below for additional information.
  • Once completed the rewards repeat from stage 1 through to stage 15.
  • Both sets of points for the 3 day event, 4 day and 7 day event are displayed in the Points column.
No Event Points.png
1 50 Match-2 Rocket.png 1 Rocket
2 100 Match-2 Unlimited Bomb.png45m Unlimited Bombs
3 50 Load Coupon.png 1 Load Coupon
4 200 Match-2 Unlimited Rocket.png 45m Unlimited Rocket
5 250 Cash.png 10 T-Cash
6 200 Load Coupon.png 2 Load Coupon
7 250 Match-2 Unlimited Lives.png 45m Unlimited Lives
8 400 Match-2 Unlimited Bucket of Candy.png 45m Unlimited Bucket of Candy
9 250 Load Coupon.png 3 Load Coupon
10 350 Match-2 Bomb.png 45m Unlimited Bombs
11 550 Cash.png 15 T-Cash
12 350 Match-2 Rocket.png 1h30m Unlimited Rocket
13 500 Match-2 Unlimited Bucket of Candy.png 1h30m Unlimited Bucket of Candy
14 650 Load Coupon.png 5 Load Coupon
15 550 Match-2 Unlimited Lives.png 1h30m Unlimited Lives
16 600 Load Coupon.png 7 Load Coupon
17 800 Cash.png 25 T-Cash
18 600 Match-2 Unlimited Bomb.png1h30m Unlimited Bombs
19 800 Load Coupon.png 9 Load Coupon
20 1000 100 T-cash Case.png
100 T-Cash
Total 8500


Match-2 Game.png

Match-2 is a special mini game you play during renovation events and Explosive Puzzle Event.


  • Your progress in the Match-2 mini games will be saved for the next Match-2 event, such as renovations or Explosive Puzzle Event.
  • Beat Match-2 levels using Lives.png Lives to earn renovation tickets
  • A level can have up to 3 level goals. Use special boosters and power-ups to finish levels faster
  • Normal Levels give you 50 Ticket Renovation.png tickets or Event Points.png stars
  • Hard Levels give you 75 Ticket Renovation.png tickets or Event Points.png stars
  • Super-Hard Levels give you 100 Ticket Renovation.png tickets or Event Points.png stars
  • When you finished a level, you will get 1 Ticket Renovation.png ticket or Event Points.png star for every remaining power-up and remaining move
  • Cloud Nine may be available

Match-2 Elements

Here are the list of elements you will find when playing the Match-2 Levels.

No Name Appearance Information
1 Paper Cups
Match-2 Paper Cup.png
Make matches next to the paper cups to remove them.
2 Toys
Match-2 Toys.png
Remove pieces under the toys to collect them at the bottom of the field.
3 Sand and
Match-2 Sand and Hourglass.png
Make matches to remove sand from these Hourglasses to collect them.
4 Box
Match-2 Box.png
Make matches next to boxes to remove them.
5 Camera and
Match-2 Camera.png
Match-2 Photo.png
Make matches next to the camera to get photos
6 Bubbles
Match-2 Bubble.png
Match-2 Bubbles.png
Make matches with bubbles to pop them
7 Raccoons
Match-2 Raccoons.png
Baskets with raccoons shift to the nearby basket if you make a match near it. Remove all the adjacent baskets to collect them
8 Light Bulbs
Match-2 Light Bulb.png
Make two matches next to light bulbs to break them
9 Bubble Gum
Match-2 Bubble Gum.png
Make matches next to the Bubble Gum to remove. If you don't make a match near any Bubble gum it spreads to one more tile per match.
10 Donuts
Match-2 Donut.png
Match-2 Donut Box.png
Make matches next to the Box of Donuts to collect them.
11 Colored Paper Cup
Match-2 Colored Paper Cups.png
Match-2 Colored Paper Cup.png
Make matches next to the colored cup with a piece of the corresponding color to remove them.
12 Vases
Match-2 Vases.png
Explode power-ups next to the vases to remove them. Matches won't remove vases.
13 Water Rockets
Match-2 Water Rocket.png
Make pieces of the corresponding color to charge the water rocket. The water rocket all obstacles in row or column.
14 Chains
Match-2 Chains.png
Make matches next to chains to remove them. Chains don't cover pieces.
15 Colored Boxes
Match-2 Colored Boxes.png
Make pieces of the corresponding color next to colored boxes to remove them.
16 Ring and
Ring Boxes
Match-2 Ring Box.png
Make a match next to the ring box twice in a row to collect a ring. If you don't make a second match the ring box will close
17 Ducks and Duck Pools
Match-2 Ducks.png
Match-2 Duck Pools.png
Match pieces of suitable colors next to Duck Pools to collect Ducks
18 Roller Shutters
Match-2 Roller Shutters.png
Match a certain number of colored pieces to remove Rolling Shutters
19 Bubble Machine
Match-2 Bubble Machine.png
Make matches next to the machine to get bubbles.
20 Light Bulb Testers
Match-2 Light Bulb Testers.png
Make matches next to light bulb teasers to unscrew light bulbs
21 Popcorn Maker
Match-2 Popcorn Maker.png
Make matches next to popcorn maker to make popcorn and remove all the pieces and clear one layer of obstacles from the field.
22 Safe and Diamonds
Match-2 Diamonds.png
Make matches next to open safes to collect diamonds.
23 Turtle Eggs
Match-2 Turtle Eggs.png
Make several matches next to eggs to collect turtles.
24 Mystery Barrel
Match-2 Mystery Barrel.png
Match pieces of the corresponding color next to a Mystery Barrel to get a random power-up on the field.
25 Mailbox and Letters
Match-2 Letters.png
Make matches next to open mailboxes to collect letters.
Note: All the mailboxes will disappear when you have collected all the letters.
26 Coffee Machine
Match-2 Coffee Machine.png
Make matches next to Coffee Machine to get new Paper Cups.
27 Pinwheel
Match-2 Pinwheel.png
Make matches in four different colors next to Pinwheel to collect.
28 Stone
Match-2 Stone.png
Use power-ups to carve a fountain out of stone.
29 Soap
Match-2 Soap.png
Make matches next to soap to make bubbles.
30 Pinwheel 5 sides
Match-2 Pinwheel 5 sides.png
Make matches in five different colors next to the Pinwheel to collect.
31 Flowers and Seeds
Match-2 Flowers and Seeds.png
Explode power-ups next to flowers to make them bloom and produce seeds. Match pieces next to seeds to collect them. There are 3 stages to a flower.
32 Watermelons and Watermelon Pieces
Match-2 Watermelon and Pieces.png
Make matches next to watermelons to slice them (the watermelon pieces will scatter to different place on the board). Make matches next to watermelon pieces to remove them.
33 Fog and Double Fog
Match-2 Fog.png
Make matches next to the fog to remove them.
34 Cuckoo Clock and Cuckoo
Match-2 Cuckoo Clock and Cuckoo.png
Make matches next to the cuckoo while it's peeking out. Beware that two moves later it will move to another clock.
35 Beehives and Bees
Match-2 Beehives and Bees.png
Make matches next to the Beehives to let the bees. Once freed, the bees will sting obstacles and random pieces
36 Portals
Match-2 Portals.png
Portals connect separate parts of the field. Once pieces or other elements enter a blue portal, they immediately come out of the yellow portal.

Buying Power-ups

All power-ups can be bought with T-cash.

  • Power-ups can only be activated or used before starting a level.
Power-up Image Description Cost
Match-2 Rocket.png
Activates a Rocket at a random place Cash.png 15
Match-2 Bomb.png
Activates a Bomb at a random place Cash.png 21
Bucket of Candy
Match-2 Bucket of Candy.png
Activates a Bucket of Candy at a random place Cash.png 30

  • Boosters can only be activated while playing a level.
Booster Image Description Cost
Match-2 Super Powerup Dart.png
Removes a Piece without using a move Cash.png 36
Match-2 Super Powerup Broom.png
Removes all the Pieces in a row ←→ Cash.png 48
Match-2 Super Powerup Kettlebell.png
Removes all the Pieces in a column ↑↓ Cash.png 54

Buying Lives

  • Match-2 Lives -1.png When you lose a life, lives are refilled every 20 minutes.
  • Lives.png Alternatively, you can buy 5 lives for Cash.png 25 T-cash.

Match-2 Lives.png

Cloud Nine

  • Beat levels on your first try to get free power-ups at the start of the next level.
  • Keep beating levels without losing to keep your bonus.

Match-2 Cloud Nine.pngMatch-2 Cloud Nine Introductory Level.png

Event History

  1. November 4, 2021
  2. December 9, 2021
  3. January 11, 2022
  4. January 29, 2022 (after Playrix stuffed up the Mystery Guest Event) 😡
  5. February 10, 2022
  6. February 21, 2022
  7. March 7, 2022
  8. March 24, 2022 for some players instead of Garden in the Sky Event
  9. April 7, 2022
  10. May 2, 2022 : for some players, other players have Bubble Gum Festival Event or Taste of Success Event
  11. May 5, 2022
  12. May 9, 2022 : for some players, other players have Arcade Fever Event
  13. May 12, 2022 : for some players, other players have Bubble Gum Festival Event or Taste of Success Event
  14. June 2, 2022 : for some players, other players have Taste of Success Event
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