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Feed Mill

Feed Mill InformationEdit

The Feed Mill produces feed for your cows, chickens, sheep, bees and pigs. You can have a maximum of 3 Feed Mills. The Feed Mills max level is 13, and upgrades for shelves and/or time apply to all of them.

Feed Mill GoodsEdit

You can view a list of all goods on the Goods page or view all upgrades at the Academy of Industry.

Level Goods Materials
lvl 3 Cow Feed x3
2 wheat
1 corn
5m 3 coins 1xp
lvl 5 Chicken Feed x3
2 wheat
1 carrot
10m 4 coins 2xp
lvl 10 Sheep Feed x3
2 corn
2 carrot
20m 5 coins 2xp
lvl 35 Bee Feed x3
3 wheat
1 sugarcane
30m 7 coins 3xp
lvl 42 Pig Feed x3
2 wheat
2 carrot
1 corn
40m 10 coins 4xp

Feed Mill Shelf OrderEdit

Below is the recommended feed to keep on 3 feed mills with 8 shelves for an easy feeding cycle.

Cow and chicken feed are fastest to make, so always keep 6 in their mills. Sheep feed isn't needed as often so you can make it in either mills if you won't need cow/chicken feed for a while. Pig and bee feed are kept together because they take the longest to make and aren't needed as often. You can make extra cow/chicken feed and leave it in the factory boxes, so it's quickly restocked on shelves for whenever you use some.

Feed Mill 1: 6 Cow, 2 Sheep Feed Mill 2: 6 Chicken, 2 Sheep  Feed Mill 3: 4 Pig, 4 Bee
Feed Mill Order
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