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Feed Mill

Feed Mill InformationEdit

The Feed Mill produces feed for your cows, chickens, sheep, bees and pigs. You can have a maximum of 3 Feed Mills. The Feed Mills max level is 13, and upgrades for shelves and/or time apply to all of them.

Feed Mill GoodsEdit

You can view a list of all goods on the Goods page or view all upgrades at the Academy of Industry.

To know where the required goods are found or produced, Tap the Icon which you need. The page will redirect to the page where the information of the Required goods are found

General table information can be found here
Level Goods Materials
lvl 3 Cow Feed x3
2 Wheat
1 Corn
5m 3 coins 1xp
lvl 5 Chicken Feed x3
2 Wheat
1 Carrot
10m 4 coins 2xp
lvl 10 Sheep Feed x3
2 Corn
2 Carrot
20m 5 coins 2xp
lvl 35 Bee Feed x3
3 Wheat
1 Sugarcane1
30m 7 coins 3xp
lvl 42 Pig Feed x3
2 Wheat
2 Carrot
1 Corn
40m 10 coins 4xp
lvl 63 Substrate x3
2 Corn
1 Rice

1 Pine Tree

30m 23 coins 10xp

Feed Mill Shelf OrderEdit

Below is the recommended feed to keep on 3 feed mills with 8 shelves for an easy feeding cycle.

Cow and chicken feed are fastest to make, so always keep 6 in their mills. Sheep feed isn't needed as often so you can make it in either mills if you won't need cow/chicken feed for a while. Pig and bee feed are kept together because they take the longest to make and aren't needed as often. You can make extra cow/chicken feed and leave it in the factory boxes, so it's quickly restocked on shelves for whenever you use some.

  • Note: This strategy cannot be implemented with mushrooms
Feed Mill 1:

6 Cow,

2 Sheep

Feed Mill 2:

6 Chicken,

2 Sheep

Feed Mill 3:

4 Pig,

4 Bee

Feed Mill Order

Feed Mill Guide Edit

Still confused on how to feed animals? This Feed Mill Guide help you.

Township Series-How to Feed Animals?

Township Series-How to Feed Animals?

New to Township? Watch this #asTOWNishing video on PRODUCING ANIMAL FEED for your farm friends

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