Feed Mill Information

The Feed Mill produces feed for your cows, chickens, sheep, bees, pigs and substrate for growing mushrooms. You can have a maximum of 3 Feed Mills. The Feed Mill's maximum level is 13, and upgrades for shelves and/or time apply to all of them.

Factory Number Level
Population required.png
Feed Mill.png
Feed Mill
1 3 60 150 40s 11
2 19 655 2,800 16h 120
3 44 4,150 40,000 1d20h 1655

Feed Mill Goods

You can view a list of all goods on the Goods page or view all upgrades at the Academy of Industry.

To know where the required goods are found or produced, tap the materials icon which you need. A link will redirect to the page where the information of the required goods are found.

General table information can be found here
Level Goods Image Materials
3 Cow Feed x3
2 Wheat.png
1 Corn.png
5m 3 coins 1xp
5 Chicken Feed x3
2 Wheat.png
1 Carrot.png
10m 4 coins 2xp
10 Sheep Feed x3
2 Corn.png
2 Carrot.png
20m 5 coins 2xp
35 Bee Feed x3
3 Wheat.png
1 Sugarcane.png
30m 7 coins 3xp
42 Pig Feed x3
2 Wheat.png
2 Carrot.png
1 Corn.png
40m 10 coins 4xp
63 Substrate x3
2 Corn.png
1 Rice.png

1 Pine Tree.png

50m 23 coins 10xp

Feed Mill Shelf Order

Below is the recommended feed to keep on 3 feed mills with 8 shelves for an easy feeding cycle.

Strategy 1

Cow and chicken feed are fastest to make, so always keep 6 in their mills. Sheep feed isn't needed as often so you can make it in either mills if you won't need cow/chicken feed for a while. Keep bee feed, pig feed and substrate together because they take the longest to make. You can make extra cow/chicken feed and leave it in the factory boxes, so it's quickly restocked on shelves for whenever you use some.

  • Note: There can be other strategies
Feed Mill

Feed Mill 1

Feed Mill 2

Feed Mill 3

Feed Produced 6 Cowfeed.png
2 Sheepfeed-0.png
6 Chickenfeed.png
2 Sheepfeed-0.png
2 Beefeed.png
4 Pigfeed.png
2 Substrate.png
(without upgrade)
(without upgrade)
(without upgrade)

Strategy 2

When you have all three feed mills upgraded to 8 shelves you may wish to dedicate one to producing cow feed and another to chicken feed. This allows you to fill each mill's queue so that new feed begins production as soon as you take feed from the shelf. This can help when doing feed animal regatta tasks. The actual number of items on shelves and queued will depend on how many Feed Mill upgrades you have and how many production boxes you have purchased. The quantities shown assume you have 8 shelves and 7 production boxes.


Feed Mill 1

Feed Mill 2

Feed Mill 3

Feed Produced 8 Cowfeed.png
on shelves,
7 Cowfeed.png
8 Chickenfeed.png
on shelves,
7 Chickenfeed.png
2 Beefeed.png, 2 Pigfeed.png,
2 Sheepfeed-0.png, 2 Substrate.png
on shelves.
Nothing queued.

Feed Mill Guide

Still confused on how to feed animals? This Feed Mill Guide will help you.


Township Series-How to Feed Animals?

New to Township? Watch this #asTOWNishing video on PRODUCING ANIMAL FEED for your farm friends

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