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This page contains information about outdated content in Township, but Playrix has not announced its removal. Please do not edit the contents of this page unless there are major changes in the game, but you can still comment on it.

Fintastic Weekend.png

Fintastic Weekend

Event Guide

  • Note that progress of the levels you complete will be saved for the next renovation event.


Match-2 Game.png

Match-2 Levels are a special mini game you can play during renovation events.


  • Your progress in the Match-2 mini games will be saved for the next renovation event.
  • Beat Match-2 levels using lives to earn renovation tickets
  • A level can have up to 3 level goals. Use special boosters and power-ups to finish levels faster
  • Normal Levels give you 50 Ticket Renovation.png
  • Hard Levels give you 75 Ticket Renovation.png
  • Super-Hard Levels give you 100 Ticket Renovation.png
  • When you finished a level, you will get 1 Ticket Renovation.png every remaining power-up and remaining move

Match-2 Elements

Here are the list of elements you will find when playing the Match-2 Levels.

No Name Appearance Information
1 Paper Cups
Match-2 Paper Cup.png
Make matches next to the paper cups to remove them.
2 Toys
Match-2 Toys.png
Remove pieces under the toys to collect them at the bottom of the field.
3 Sand and
Match-2 Sand and Hourglass.png
Make matches to remove sand from these Hourglasses to collect them.
4 Box
Match-2 Box.png
Make matches next to boxes to remove them.
5 Camera and
Match-2 Camera.png
Match-2 Photo.png
Make matches next to the camera to get photos
6 Bubbles
Match-2 Bubble.png
Match-2 Bubbles.png
Make matches with bubbles to pop them
7 Raccoons
Match-2 Raccoons.png
Baskets with raccoons shift to the nearby basket if you make a match near it. Remove all the adjacent baskets to collect them
8 Light Bulbs
Match-2 Light Bulb.png
Make two matches next to light bulbs to break them
9 Bubble Gum
Match-2 Bubble Gum.png
Make matches next to the Bubble Gum to remove. If you don't make a match near any Bubble gum it spreads to one more tile per match.
10 Donuts
Match-2 Donut.png
Match-2 Donut Box.png
Make matches next to the Box of Donuts to collect them.
11 Colored Paper Cup
Match-2 Colored Paper Cups.png
Match-2 Colored Paper Cup.png
Make matches next to the colored cup with a piece of the corresponding color to remove them.
12 Vases
Match-2 Vases.png
Explode power-ups next to the vases to remove them. Matches won't remove vases.
13 Water Rockets
Match-2 Water Rocket.png
Make pieces of the corresponding color to charge the water rocket. The water rocket all obstacles in row or column.
14 Chains
Match-2 Chains.png
Make matches next to chains to remove them. Chains don't cover pieces.
15 Colored Boxes
Match-2 Colored Boxes.png
Make pieces of the corresponding color next to colored boxes to remove them.
16 Ring and
Ring Boxes
Match-2 Ring Box.png
Make a match next to the ring box twice in a row to collect a ring. If you don't make a second match the ring box will close
17 Ducks and Duck Pools
Match-2 Ducks.png
Match-2 Duck Pools.png
Match pieces of suitable colors next to Duck Pools to collect Ducks
18 Roller Shutters
Match-2 Roller Shutters.png
Match a certain number of colored pieces to remove Rolling Shutters
19 Bubble Machine
Match-2 Bubble Machine.png
Make matches next to the machine to get bubbles.
20 Light Bulb Testers
Match-2 Light Bulb Testers.png
Make matches next to light bulb teasers to unscrew light bulbs
21 Popcorn Maker
Match-2 Popcorn Maker.png
Make matches next to popcorn maker to make popcorn and remove all the pieces and clear one layer of obstacles from the field.
22 Mystery Barrel
Match-2 Mystery Barrel.png
Match pieces of the corresponding color next to a Mystery Barrel to get a random power-up on the field.
23 Diamonds
Match-2 Diamonds.png
Make matches next to open safes to collect diamonds.
24 Turtle Eggs
Match-2 Turtle Eggs.png
Make several matches next to eggs to collect turtles.

Buying Power-ups

All power-ups can be bought with T-cash.

  • Power-ups can only be activated or used before starting a level.
Power-up Image Description Cost
Save the Date- Rocket.png
Activates a Rocket at a random place Cash.png 15
Save the Date- Bomb.png
Activates a Bomb at a random place Cash.png 21
Bucket of Candy
Powerup Bucket of Candy.png
Activates a Bucket of Candy at a random place Cash.png 30

  • Super Power-ups can only be activated while playing a level.
Super Power-up Image Description Cost
Super Powerup Dart.png
Removes a Piece without using a move Cash.png 36
Super Powerup Broom.png
Removes all the Pieces in a row ←→ Cash.png 48
Super Powerup Kettlebell.png
Removes all the Pieces in a column ↑↓ Cash.png 54

Buying Lives

When you lose a life, life is refilled every 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can buy lives.

Save the Date Guide 6.png
Lives 1 3 5
T-cash Cash.png 10 Cash.png 24 Cash.png 35


Dream Beach Redesign.png
  • Points have increased on 9th September 2021
No. Renovation Item Tickets Required
1 Clean up Ticket Renovation.png 40
2 Sunshade Ticket Renovation.png 75
3 Clean Sand Ticket Renovation.png 110
4 Base Ticket Renovation.png 195
5 Sand Sculpture Ticket Renovation.png 155
6 Tent Frame Ticket Renovation.png 220
7 Tent Ticket Renovation.png 240
8 Sign Post Ticket Renovation.png 270
9 Surfboards Ticket Renovation.png 300
10 Oxygen Tanks Ticket Renovation.png 340
11 Palm Trees Ticket Renovation.png 390
12 Table and Chair Ticket Renovation.png 440
13 Life Jackets Ticket Renovation.png 400
14 Lamps and Candles Ticket Renovation.png 470
15 Chair Ticket Renovation.png 500
16 Painting Ticket Renovation.png 530
17 Diving Masks and Paddles Ticket Renovation.png 490
18 Bed Ticket Renovation.png 540
19 Mat Ticket Renovation.png 525
20 Lifesaver Ticket Renovation.png 550
21 Garland Ticket Renovation.png 595
22 Ice Ticket Renovation.png 645
23 Diving Suits Ticket Renovation.png 710
24 Aquarium Ticket Renovation.png 675
25 Inflatable Boat Ticket Renovation.png 740
26 Lemonade Ticket Renovation.png 765
27 Campfire Ticket Renovation.png 750
28 Light a Fire Ticket Renovation.png 850
29 Pillows Ticket Renovation.png 775
30 Pennants Ticket Renovation.png 990
31 Gift Ticket Renovation.png 1100
Total: Ticket Renovation.png 15,370

Event Rewards

Personal Rewards 1.png

Rewards are given at fixed points during the room renovation event.

Reward 1
awarded after additional 7
renovations completed
Barn Upgrade Materials.png
Mine Tools Task.png
Reward 2
awarded after additional 17
renovations completed
Epic Deck.png
x1 or
Record Demand Booster.png
x1 Booster
At the end of this stage, the unfinished room will be available in your Town Hall Locations tab.
Reward 3
awarded after additional 31
renovations completed
Factory Upgrade Coupon.png
x1 Coupon
Profile Pictures Event Decoration

Event History

To see the information for the renovations in the past, see these pages:

  1. Hammer Time Event/1: April 23, 2020 (Mayor's Office) (Road Plotting)
  2. Hammer Time Event/2: July 24, 2020 (Mayor's Perfect Bungalow) (Road Plotting)
  3. Hammer Time Event/3: October 22, 2020 (Emma's Castle) (Match-2)
  4. Surprise for Santa Event: December 17, 2020 (Santa’s Workshop) (Snow Ride)
  5. Movie Night Event: January 28, 2021 (Open Air Cinema) (Match-2)
  6. New Lease on Life Event/1: April 15, 2021 (Lake House) (Match-2)
  7. New Lease on Life Event/2: May 6, 2021 (Town Fair) (Match-2)
  8. Save the Date Event: July 29, 2021 (Match-2)
  9. Fintastic Weekend: September 6, 2021 (Match-2)