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|56 Points
|56 Points
|3 T-cash
|3 T-cash
|[[File:Event reward t-cash.png|centre|thumb|100x100px]]
|[[File:3 Cash.png|centre|thumb|60x60px]]
|2nd Goal
|2nd Goal
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|???+ Points<br />per chest
|???+ Points<br />per chest
|Items or 1/3 T-Cash
|Items or 1/3 T-Cash

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Flower Festival Event

April 28, 2016

Flower Festival Event Introduction

The townspeople decided to decorate their houses for Town Day -flowers are all the rage right now. Sadly, there aren’t any other flower shops that can keep up with the steady stream of orders. You're our only hope! Handle townspeople's orders to earn flower seeds, which you can in turn use to grow flowers for floral arrangements and earn flower points.

Character Event Information
Flower Festival Artist

Flower Festival Event Guide

Help townspeople decorate their houses, handle orders and get flower seeds in return, and grow flowers you can use to make different floral arrangements. Earn as many flower points as you can before time runs out to get valuable rewards.

Flower Festival Arrangements

5pt Arrangement
9pt Arrangement
10pt Arrangement
11pt Arrangement
12pt Arrangement
13pt Arrangement
16pt Arrangement
19pt Arrangement
20m 5 --- 6 4 --- --- 3 1
40m --- 5 2 --- --- 2 3 5
60m --- --- --- 3 5 5 3 2
You get: 5 flower points
15 coins
9 flower points
25 coins
10 flower points
28 coins
11 flower points
36 coins
12 flower points
40 coins
13 flower points
39 coins
16 flower points
49 coins
19 flower points
55 coins
Booster Description
Daisy Point Booster
This 2-hour bonus doubles the daisy points you earn for making flower arrangements.
The first one is free, subsequently they cost 10 T-cash.

Personal Event Goals

Complete your first personal goal to unlock the competition.

Flower Festival Event

Personal Event Rewards

Keep filling townspeople's orders to earn flower points and pick up additional rewards! You will also have a chance at a strong finish in the race and a valuable reward. After the 5th stage the race continues and you will get new goals and rewards as long as you go on. The rewards are random after 5th stage.

Goal Need Reward Preview
1st Goal 56 Points 3 T-cash
3 Cash
2nd Goal 203 Points Balloon Bouquet
Balloon Bouquet
3rd Goal 435 Points Sheep Flowerbed
Sheep Flowerbed
4th Goal 767 Points Vase of Flowers
Vase of Flowers
5th Goal 1139 Points Peacock Flower Bed
Peacock Flower Bed
6th+ Goal ???+ Points
per chest
Items or 1/3 T-Cash
Bonus Chest


Here you can view your current position in the competition and the available rewards.
Race against others to complete more flower arrangements in the competition and receive better rewards.

Flower Festival Event Competition

Competition Rewards

Below is a list of all the rewards when the race is over from 1st to 13th place in the competition.

Place Ranks Rewards
1st Top-Notch Florist 15 Tcash, 3 Emerald
2nd - 4th Devoted Florist 5 Tcash, 3 Gold Ingots
5th - 7th Experienced Florist 2 Tcash, 3 Paints
8th - 10th Amateur Florist 1080 Coins
11th - 13th Beginner Florist Nothing

All Flower Festival Decorations

View all of the Flower Festival Decorations or browse other events at the Event Market.

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