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Foundry Information

After restoring the mine and excavating various ores, foundries are needed to make ingots for various uses, such as to upgrade factories/trains/islands at the Academy of Industry or purchase decorations.
You can also purchase ore from the dealer at the city market to smelt in the foundries.

You can build a maximum of 3 foundries

Foundry Number Level required
1 21 730 2 000 - 1d12h
2 21 920 8 000 1d12h
3 45 4 950 15 000 623xp 1d12h

Making Ingots

Foundry Guide.png
Help foundry.png
  • Unlike factories, the foundry can only make 1 ingot at a time and cannot be upgraded.
    • However, the Efficient Smelting booster reduces smelting time by 50%. To make use of the booster, have plenty of ores to use the foundries over 2 days.
  • If you have 5 of any ore in the warehouse you can create 1 ingot. Drag out the ingot you'd like to produce at the bottom. After the producing time, tap the foundry worker to collect it.
  • If you don't have enough ores the number is shown in red meaning you have to buy or excavate more ores in the mine.

Ingot Information

All ingots are unlocked at level 21.

Name Ingot Materials
Efficient Smelting Booster.png
Bronze Ingot
Bronze ingot.png
5 Bronze Ore.png 96 coins 41xp 1h 30m
Silver Ingot
Silver ingot.png
5 Silver Ore.png 144 coins 62xp 2h 1h
Gold Ingot
Gold ingot.png
5 Gold Ore.png 204 coins 87xp 3h 1h30m
Platinum Ingot
Platinum ingot.png
5 Platinum Ore.png 300 coins 129xp 4h 2h

Ingots Uses

  • Upgrade factories in the Academy of Industry to make them more efficient, obtain extra shelves, and earn more coins/xp for filling orders with goods.
  • Upgrade trains and ships to reduce travel time by up to 50%.
  • Sending off ships with ingots increases the chance of obtaining rarer goods and treasure chests.
  • Building the Academy of Industry.
  • Completing the Classic Car Collection decoration.
  • Completing the Spaceport decoration.
  • Exchange ingots (and jewelry) with cash at the helicopter pad. (More info)

Note: Using ingots for ships in the beginning is not recommended because upgrades are more important. If you are at a much higher level with many upgrades then it's your choice where to use ingots.

History - Removed Functions

  • You can build a maximum of 3 foundries since Township update v4.3.0.
  • Producing certain goods which are now be produced by ores instead. (removed v4.7.0)
  • Purchasing certain decorations in the market which are now be purchased with gems only. (removed v6.3.5)
  • Producing coins at the Mint. (removed v6.4.0)
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