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  • Complete Lennon's tasks to earn points and get amazing prizes
  • Buy the golden ticket to get premium rewards

How do Season Adventure events work?

The Season Adventure events are a recurring special month long event, where you complete regular tasks and event tasks to earn points.
When you earn a certain amount of points, you can get rewards and perks.

  • You will need to collect the rewards and perks after they are unlocked as they are not automatically added to your inventory. You can choose to add them to your inventory at a later time if a task such as "Earn an "x" amount of Coins" is coming up then you can choose to collect any unlocked Coins rewards after the task is available.
  • Rewards last beyond the event, such as boosters, coupons etc.
  • Perks expire at the conclusion of the event, such as "Spacious Barn".
  • You do not regain these perks when a new event starts; a new event will bring new rewards and perks.
  • Rewards include coins, T-cash, gems, construction materials, co-op chat stickers, skins, coupons and lots more.
  • Some rewards are themed, such as the Skins, Co-op chat stickers and decorations.
  • Safes (or their equivalent) when opened will provide additional rewards. Unlimited safes can be opened by continuing to complete the tasks given.

Please note: Recently there are different versions of the Season Adventure event that have been distributed by Playrix. The details below may not reflect your current gameplay.

Event Guide

Golden Ticket

To receive additional rewards and perks, you can purchase the Golden Ticket, using real-world money (typically about $4.99. Prices vary by country i.e $7.45-7.99AUD).
Earned rewards and perks can be obtained by purchasing the Golden Ticket at any point during the event.

  • You get the best value for your money by purchasing the Golden Ticket at the beginning of the event as you will be able to use the Perks for the longest period of time while the event is on.

Golden Ticket Gifts in Co-op Chat

A notification is posted in your co-op chat when you purchase a Golden Ticket which allows 10 co-op members (not the buyer) to claim a T-cash gift. This notification will remain in your co-op chat, for a maximum of 7 days, until all of the gifts are claimed or they expire. The notifications will move to the bottom of the co-op chat until this occurs.
If a co-op member purchases a Golden Ticket you will have the opportunity to claim one of the 10 T-cash gifts in your co-op chat.
Unclaimed T-cash amounts can be taken by anyone joining your co-op, please be mindful that there are some players who join and leave co-ops quickly for this purpose only. If you do not want this to occur, change your co-op setting to Closed until after all the T-cash gifts are claimed within your co-op or expired.


There are two types of tasks:

  • Daily tasks in the town and zoo which refresh every day. There are three of these daily tasks on the board.
  • Event tasks that’s connected to the ongoing event. Once you complete that task, you’ll get a new one in eight hours or directly if you have the Golden Ticket. There are three of these event tasks on the board that stay until you complete them.

Daily Tasks

There are 3 daily tasks each day. They give 10 event points and they expire after 24 hours. The daily tasks will be replaced with new daily tasks, even if they are not completed. The amount of activity to complete a task increases with your level in the game.

10 Task examples are:

Event Task

The event tasks are connected to the ongoing event. These mini events may be a themed version of Jungle Quest, Rev and Ride and Bubble Gum Festival. Once you complete an event task, you'll get a new one in four hours if you don't have the Golden Ticket. With the Golden Ticket, the New Tasks at Once Perk will kick in providing new tasks as you complete each one. Each day you can do up to 3 event tasks. The tasks gives you 10-30 points depend on the amount of goals.

In addition to this, they get converted when the new mini event starts. For example, if you didn't finish all your Jungle Quest tasks, they get converted to the next mini event i.e. Rev and Ride tasks.

All mini-games

  • Play the mini-game
  • Beat levels
  • Beat levels in a row
  • Win stars
  • Collect/Win stars on one level

Bubble Gum Festival

  • Earn bonus stars
  • Hit the green section
  • Pass platforms without touching
  • Pass platforms without touching (times in a row)
  • Remove platforms by hitting them with the gumball/ornament

Explosive Puzzle

  • Remove pieces (red/yellow/green/blue/purple/orange)
  • Remove pieces (red/yellow/green/blue/purple/orange) x2
  • Make power-ups
  • Make a Bomb
  • Make a Rocket
  • Make a Bucket of Candy
  • Explode power-ups
  • Activate the Bomb power-up
  • Activate the Bucket of Candy power-up
  • Activate the Rocket power-up
  • Combine any power-ups
  • Combine a Rocket and a Bucket of Candy power-up
  • Combine a Bomb and a Bucket of Candy power-up
  • Combine two Bucket of Candy power-up

Rev and Ride

  • Activate the magnet
  • Activate the star multiplier
  • Avoid obstacles on the track
  • Collect any bonuses on one level
  • Collect any town goods in the mini-game
  • Collect triple stars
  • Move parts of the track on successfully completed levels

Snow Ride

  • Change lanes on the track - requires a completed run
  • Collect any bonuses on one level
  • Collect any town goods in the mini-game
  • Jump over obstacles on the track


  • Make turns
  • Jump over the water
  • Collect stars on bonus track
  • Get to the end of the bonus track
  • Jump over the water on the bonus track
  • Make turns on the bonus track


  • All perks expire at the conclusion of an event.
  • Perks will vary for each event.

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In alphabetical order:

Perk Image Description Range
Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belt Perk.png
Queue Orders at the Helicopter Pad
Queue orders is where you don't need to wait for the helicopter to return - you can click to send the green helicopter orders endlessly and the helicopter will fly the orders out one after the other
Farm Bonus
Farm Bonus Perk.png
Farms (i.e. animals and mushroom farm) produce goods faster (% varies -10% to -30%)
Generous Market
Generous Market Perk.png
Market and Dealer have more goods for sale
Spacious Barn
Spacious Barn Perk.png
Increases barn capacity (% varies)
See additional notes below the table
+10% to +20%
Spacious Railcars
Spacious Railcars Perk.png
One, two, or three railcars will bring more construction materials depending on the stage of the perk 1 to 3

Notes for Spacious Barn

Spacious Barn Perk.png If you are over the capacity of your barn at the end of the event, your inventory remains in the barn. You won't be able to add any further items to your barn until you've used up or sold off enough inventory to have your barn below your normal capacity level. One option is to turn on the Generous Customer helicopter booster and complete helicopter orders.

Rewards Information

To get all the rewards before it ends, you need to get 80 points daily. Remember this means you need to complete pretty much every task (daily and weekly) to finish.
Points required are varied, impacted by test groups.

Rewards and Perks

Stage No Event Points French Holiday.png
Event Points
(per stage)
Free Ticket.png
Free Rewards
Golden Ticket.png
Golden Ticket Reward
0 0 Coins.png x12000

(depends on city level)

New Tasks at Once Perk.pngGold Pass- Gift for Co-op Members.png
Profile Picture- Gold Pass.png
Kick-off Bonuses
1 25/40 Glass.png x1
Spacious Barn Perk.png +10%
Spacious Barn Perk
2 25/40 Bronze ingot.png x1
Bronze Ingot
Load Coupon.png x1
Load Coupon

3 25/40 Dealer Coupon.png x1
Dealer Coupon
Generous Market Perk.png
Generous Market Perk
4 25/40 Pick.png x1
Emerald.png x2
5 25/40 Shovel.png x1
Croissant Ferry Skin.png
Croissant Ferry Skin
6 50/60/90 Dynamite.png x1
Paint.png x2
Red Paint
7 50/60/90 Load Coupon.png x1
Load Coupon
Spacious Railcars Perk.png x1
Spacious Railcars Perk
8 50/60/90 Topaz.png x1
Dealer Coupon.png x2
Dealer Coupon
9 50/60/90 Regular Deck.png
Regular Deck 10 Cards
or Cash.png T-cash
if Zoo cards are completed
Axe.png x2
10 50/60/90 Bee Mime Sticker.png
Co-op Chat Sticker
Conveyor Belt Perk.png x1
Conveyor Belt Perk
11 100/120/190 Bricks.png x1
Cash.png x5
12 100/120/190 Coins.png x21000
Farm Bonus Perk.png -10%
Farm Bonus Perk
13 100/120/190 Hammer.png x2
Emerald.png x2
14 100/120/190 Load Coupon.png x1
Load Coupon
Epic Deck.png
Epic Deck 40 Cards
or Cash.png T-cash
if Zoo cards are completed
15 100/120/190 Efficient Smelting Booster.png x1
Efficient Smelting Booster
Sweet Port Skin.png
Sweet Port Skin
16 100/120/190 Pick.png x2
Ruby.png x2
17 100/120/190 Rare Deck.png
Rare Deck 20 Cards
or Cash.png T-cash
if Zoo cards are completed
Spacious Barn Perk.png +15%
Spacious Barn Perk
18 100/120/190 Paint.png x1
Red Paint
Smart Navigation Booster.png x1
Smart Navigation Booster
19 100/120/190 Silver ingot.png x1
Silver Ingot
Spacious Railcars Perk.png x2
Spacious Railcars Perk
20 100/120/190 Coins.png x37000
Chicken Chef Sticker.png
Co-op Chat Sticker
21 150/190/300 Hammer.png x1
Cash.png x10
22 150/190/300 Dealer Coupon.png x1
Dealer Coupon
Spacious Barn Perk.png +20%
Spacious Barn Perk
23 150/190/300 Dynamite.png x2
Nail.png x3
24 150/190/300 Gold ingot.png x1
Gold Ingot
Spacious Railcars Perk.png x3
Spacious Railcars Perk
25 150/190/300 Slabs.png x2
Little Paris Skin.png
Island Skin
26 150/190/300 Rare Deck.png
Rare Deck 30 Cards
or Cash.png T-cash
if Zoo cards are completed
Load Coupon.png x3
Load Coupon
27 150/190/300 Coins.png x65000
Large Request Booster.png x1
Large Request Booster
28 150/190/300 TNT.png x3
Farm Bonus Perk.png -20%
Farm Bonus Perk
29 150/190/300 Paint.png x1
Red Paint
Cash.png x15
30 150/190/300 Generous Customer Booster.png x1
Generous Customer Booster
Duck Influencer Sticker.png
Co-op Chat Sticker
31 225/255/430 Ruby.png x3
Factory Upgrade Coupon.png x1
Factory Upgrade Coupon
32 225/255/430 Silver ingot.png x1
Silver Ingot
Epic Deck.png
Epic Deck 50 Cards
or Cash.png T-cash
if Zoo cards are completed
33 225/255/430 Expansion Coupon.png x1
Expansion Coupon
Farm Bonus Perk.png -30%
Farm Bonus Perk
34 225/255/430 Cash.png x20
Barn Upgrade Coupon.png x1
Barn Upgrade Coupon
35 225/255/430 Profile Picture 243 French Holiday.png
Profile Picture
Cash.png x50
36+ 150, 200, 300 To open safe you need to
purchase the Golden Ticket
Open Safe
Parisian Plaza.png
Parisian Plaza
Event Decoration

Season Adventure Guide

Playrix Season Adventure Guide.png

Event History

These are previous Season Adventure events held:

  1. Buccaneer Fun: April 29, 2021
  2. The Great Gatsby: July 15, 2021
  3. Urban Western: August 26, 2021
  4. Spooky Halloween: September 30, 2021
  5. Harvest Festival: November 4, 2021
  6. Christmas Miracles: December 9, 2021
  7. Space Challenge: January 10, 2022
  8. French Holiday: February 7, 2022
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