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Friend InformationEdit

You can post your friend code and the Township platform you're playing on the comments below or in the forum so that you can get more friends and likes.

Adding neighbors or friends in Township allows you to exchange gifts and help each other.

  • You can see which friends have requested help by tapping the Friends icon then tapping the tab with an exclamation mark (!) in the Friends window. All friends will see your help requests as well.
  • After entering their town you will see a request (hand shake icon) over their airport and/or train station, or zoo order which means you can help them by filling their crate(s) and/or cart(s).
  • You can request help to fill 1 cart per train or 3 crates per airplane (1 request per row) or 1 crate per zoo order (max 3 requests per day).
  • You can find the airport or trains immediately by going back to your town re-visiting them.
  • You will be rewarded coins and XP from filling train carts, airplane crates (as well as airplane points) or zoo orders.
  • If you have built the House of Luck you will also automatically receive a thank-you letter in your Town Hall when a player taps your profile picture to accept your help or you tap their picture to accept their help.
  • You will receive 1 clover from each letter, and 5 can be used to play a game at the House of Luck.

Free Market BoxesEdit

The more friends you have the more free market boxes you'll get at the City Market to buy goods.
There's a maximum of 30 free boxes from adding up to 392 friends.

Gifts from FriendsEdit

Gift Balloons reward around 300 coins, special tools for events, or occasionally one or a few Township Cash.

Every 24 hours you can send gifts to 5 friends. You can tap the send button under friends pictures to send them gifts. The send button will show a check mark if you've already sent a friend a gift that day. Friends can also send gifts to you which you will get notifications for outside of the game (if you have the option checked in the additional settings). Gifts from friends can be seen floating over your Township in blue hot air balloons with the senders picture on them. Tap the balloon to collect and view the name of the friend who sent a gift.

Ernie Edit

Know more about him in the Ernie page.

Adding and Inviting FriendsEdit

Friends added on Facebook or GooglePlay have a small sign next to their name. Township must be connected to Facebook or GooglePlay to see friends on those respective networks.
There's a number of ways to add/invite more friends:

  1. Friend Tab (Tap Friends at the bottom left then Invite friends). This tab allows you to do the following:
    • Add your Facebook friends: Tap the appropriate button and choose the friends you would like to invite to the game, then tap Next and Send.
    • Share your unique invitation code: Share your code with friends via Facebook or email right away.
    • Add other players invitation codes: Tap Enter to type in the code you received and this person will be added to your friends in Township.
  2. Find Friends (Tap Friends at the bottom left then Find friends).
    • Tap Invite to send an invitation to a random player you wish.
    • Invitations from other players will be displayed in the envelope icon (10 pending requests max).
    • If your request has been sitting for a while you can cancel it and invite other players.
    • The list of random players refreshes every 8 hours.
    • You can also invite other players from the airplane leaderboards, event market, etc.
  3. Add Facebook or GooglePlay Friends
    • Add Township players as your friends on Facebook or GooglePlay to see them as your in-game friends. No more other actions needed for this.

Friend LimitEdit

There are 2 types of friends in the game:

  1. Friends In-game
    • There is a limit of 50 in-game friends.
    • You can add them in the Find friends tab or by using the unique invitation code you get through the Friends tab.
  1. Friends from Social Networks (Supported by the game)
    • There's no limit on friends from Social Networks.
    • You can connect your game to Facebook or GooglePlay (determined by your device and its operating system).
    • Note: Only 150 friends can be displayed in your friend list at once, so don't worry if you don't see some of your friends missing on Township.
    • As long as friends you've added haven't reached the limit they can help you even if you don't see them. Any friend who helps you fill a request will be shown in the recent helpers tab.

Number of FriendsEdit

  • To find the amount of friends you have look for the Urbanist Club achievement at the Townhall.
  • It keeps track of your number of friends and rewards you for adding up to 75 friends.
  • You can only add 50 in-game friends, so Facebook and/or GoglePlay friends are needed as well.

Removing FriendsEdit

There are 2 ways to remove friends in-game or friends connected to a network.

  1. If you have reached the 50 in-game friend limit, want to remove an in-game friend, or cancel an invite tap the X in the upper left corner of the players picture.
  2. If you want to remove friends from Facebook or GooglePlay you have to unfriend them on the respective network which will automatically remove them from Township.

Friends on Different SystemsEdit

There are 4 different versions of Township and the operating system of the device you are playing on will determine which friends you can add. Codes only work between players playing on the same Township version.

  1. Township for Facebook (Facebook)
    • Can only add other Facebook players on the Facebook version of Township.
    • Note: The Facebook version of Township is no longer supported.
  2. Township for iOS and Android (App Store , Google Play , and Amazon App Store )
    • Can add players on iOS, Android and Kindle through Facebook and GooglePlay (Android).
  3. Township for Windows & Windows Phone (Microsoft Store )
    • Can only add players on Windows & Windows Phone through Facebook.
  4. Township for MAC (MAC App Store )
    • Can only add players on MAC.

Discontinued NetworksEdit

Previously you were allowed 200 Gamecenter and Google+ friends, but both networks support has been discontinued. Any current friends from either network will still remain on your list, but you can't use it to add friends.

Missing FriendsEdit

If you are missing friends from your list there's a number of ways to troubleshoot it:

  1. Make sure your network connection is stable.
    • You can try restarting your router/modem or pause any downloads.
  2. Reconnect to Facebook/GameCircle depending on which friends you're missing.
  3. Close the app and restart your device.
    • You may be experiencing temporary problems which a quick restart could fix.

Troubleshooting for Missing Facebook Friends:

  1. Disconnect from Facebook
    • Open the game settings (gear icon) and tap 'Facebook-Connected' to disconnect from it.
  2. Restart your Device
    • Close the app, restart your device and reopen Township.
  3. Reconnect to Facebook
    • Open the game settings and connect to Facebook again.

If the problem still persists: Try deleting Township from Facebook's app list. (Will not affect game progress).

  1. Disconnect Township from Facebook in the games settings (gear icon).
  2. Open your Facebook page in a browser.
  3. Go to Facebook Settings > Apps > Logged in with Facebook.
    • Find Township and tap X to delete it from the list.
  4. Restart your device.
  5. Enter the game and reconnect to Facebook in the game settings.

If friends are still missing after troubleshooting everything you can contact Playix to resolve the issue.

Friends VideoEdit

Susie receives an invite from her friend Eugene who needs help with an order. Help is on the way!

Township Series. Helping Friends

Township Series. Helping Friends.

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