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Gems are a special kind of Township currency, among other uses, are used frequently to activate boosters at the Laboratory.

Types of Gems

At present there are 3 kinds of gems:

Image Name Level Cost
Topaz 17 Cash.png 10
Emerald 17 Cash.png 20
Ruby 17 Cash.png 30

How to get Gems?

  • Gems can be found in the mine. Often hidden in dirt or stone, and sometimes found in treasure chests.
  • Fully-loaded planes at the Airport will earn you the maximum reward which includes a random gem.
  • Opening cash chests in friends towns may contain gems. Costs 3 T-cash. Maximum of 5 chests opened per day.
  • Using ingots to send off ships gives a chance to get treasure chests which may contain gems.
  • You can win gems at the House of Luck when playing with 5 clovers.
  • You can buy gems from the store (bottom right button Store Icon.png), but it's not recommended due to the high T-cash cost.
  • You can also purchase gems in the Yacht Club if available that season.
  • You can exchange gems with other gems at the Helicopter once at level 46.
  • Daily Rewards may contain gems.
  • Daily Sea Chests may also contain gems.
  • Xp Goals (Rewards).
  • Logging into the game for 20+, 40+ and 60+ days continuously.
Gems Guide 1.png
Gems Guide 2.png

Uses of Gems

  • Activate boosters at the Laboratory.
  • Buy special decorations from the Store, such as the Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa, Leaning Tower of Pisa etc (introduced v6.3.2, previously purchased with ingots).
  • Exchange to another type of Gem and Xp at the Helicopter pad.
  • Buying Zoo Cards at the Zoo Shop (introduced v6.3.2).
Gems at Zoo Shop.png

Storage and Viewing of Gems

Gems are not stored in the barn. Tap on the yellow hardhat in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to open your building menu. You can find your gems at the bottom right of the menu. You can also see your gems in the zoo shop and in the laboratory.

History of Gems

There were 4 kinds of gems in Township, but after Update 6.3.2 (15 Jan 2019) and the Windows Update (28 Oct 2020), Amethysts were removed from the game. Gems were previously used to buy and breed animals at the zoo (removed v6.3.2).

Image Name Level Cost
Amethyst 40 Cash.png 50
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