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Hammer Time Event/3 Emma's Castle
Oct 22 ~ Oct 31, 2020

Hammer Time Castle Introduction.png



Hammer Time- Castle MAKEOVER!

Character Discussion Character


  • Emma, You're looking down, what's wrong?


  • I was just at home brewing some potions when I added some crushed mandrake root my cauldron, and-boom! Now the whole place is in shambles!
  • Don't worry, the mayor and I will help you fix up your castle. Quality renovations are our very own brand of magic!

Event Guide

  1. Tap the event center to start the renovation.
  2. Tap the bottom icon.
  3. Now drag it to the indicated place to complete the action.
  4. You get 1 heart (life) every 20 minutes as long as your heart quantity is below 5.
  5. Play the mini game. You can get varying amounts of tickets for completing levels.
  6. You can get bonus tickets if you complete the level with moves remaining.
  7. Use the tickets earned to renovate your room.
  8. It often helps to focus on making long chains of color to create boosters as you play, especially if two boosters are touching. Playing that combo causes power to clear part or all of the board at once.
  9. Get bonuses and boosters from daily gift balloons from friends, the daily gift the game gives you, House of Luck, gold treasure balloons, and mine chests. You can also buy them with Town Cash. You'll need them!
  10. Some levels are marked as hard, but some easy ones can seem nearly impossible in the number of moves given. Very, very hard.
  11. You can spend Town Cash to keep going when you run out of moves, and you can use boosters, or you can keep trying until you get lucky enough to make it through.

Mini Game Boosters and Bonuses

Number Name Benefits
1 Rocket
HT Rocket.png
Clears one row or column
2 Bomb
HT Bomb.png
Removes the surrounding pieces
3 Fireworks
Removes all pieces of its color.
4 Magic Wand
HT Magic Wand.png
Tap a piece to remove it along with the pieces on each side.
5 Hat
HT Hat.png
Tap a piece to clear the entire row.
6 Broom
HT Broom.png
Tap a piece to clear the entire column.
7 Crystal Ball
HT Crystal Ball.png
Removes all the pieces of the chosen color.

Emma's Castle Renovations

Hammer Time Castle Draft.png

48 renovations are required to renovate Emma's Castle. Each of them requires certain tickets.
To see renovation about mayor's office (April 2020), go to this page.

Number Renovation Item Tickets Required Design Choice Description
1 Trash Free - -
2 Railing Ticket Emma's Castle.png10 - Phew, that's better! I didn't know magic could be such messy work. And in this case, explosive, too!
3 Walls and Ceiling Ticket Emma's Castle.png15 HT3 Walls and Ceiling.png
4 Window Ticket Emma's Castle.png25
5 Trash Ticket Emma's Castle.png20 -
6 Floor and Stairs Ticket Emma's Castle.png25
7 Walls Ticket Emma's Castle.png25
8 Chandelier Ticket Emma's Castle.png30
9 Floor Ticket Emma's Castle.png20
10 Railing Ticket Emma's Castle.png30
11 Hearth Ticket Emma's Castle.png35
12 Bed and Blanket Ticket Emma's Castle.png30
13 Stove Ticket Emma's Castle.png35
14 Bench Ticket Emma's Castle.png30
15 Rug Ticket Emma's Castle.png30
16 Shelf Above Bed Ticket Emma's Castle.png35
17 Canopy Ticket Emma's Castle.png45
18 Shelves Ticket Emma's Castle.png35
19 Vanity Ticket Emma's Castle.png40
20 Broom Holder Ticket Emma's Castle.png50
21 Broom Ticket Emma's Castle.png55
22 Rug Ticket Emma's Castle.png40
23 Plants Ticket Emma's Castle.png60
24 Shelf Knick-Knacks Ticket Emma's Castle.png65 -
25 Rug Ticket Emma's Castle.png45 -
26 Hat Stand Ticket Emma's Castle.png50
27 Lamps Ticket Emma's Castle.png55
28 Flower Ticket Emma's Castle.png50
29 Decoration Ticket Emma's Castle.png60
30 Chest Ticket Emma's Castle.png65
31 Witch Odds-and-Ends (bottom shelf) Ticket Emma's Castle.png140
32 Cauldron Ticket Emma's Castle.png120
33 Ghost Ticket Emma's Castle.png85
34 Crow perch Ticket Emma's Castle.png75
35 Vanity decor Ticket Emma's Castle.png70
36 Crow Ticket Emma's Castle.png100
37 Chair Ticket Emma's Castle.png90
38 Witch Odd-and-Ends (middle shelf) Ticket Emma's Castle.png110
39 Witch Odds-and-Ends (top shelf) Ticket Emma's Castle.png150
40 Shelf Ticket Emma's Castle.png130
41 Stool Ticket Emma's Castle.png95
42 Stove hood Ticket Emma's Castle.png160
43 Hat Ticket Emma's Castle.png180
44 Shelf Knick-Knacks Ticket Emma's Castle.png170
45 Fire Ticket Emma's Castle.png250
46 Pumpkin Ticket Emma's Castle.png210
47 Secret ingredients Ticket Emma's Castle.png190
48 Kitchenware Ticket Emma's Castle.png225

Personal Rewards

Rewards will vary if you have collected all of the zoo animals or completed all of the land expansions.

Renovations Done
Rewards Preview
1 9 4 topaz
2 red paint
2 28 Rare Deck (20 cards)
Generous Customer
Rare Deck.png
Generous Customer Booster.png
3 48 30 Tcash
Profile Pic 192
Town Expansion Coupon
30 Cash.png
Profile Pic 192.png
Expansion Coupon.png


  • When you buy the last upgrade, the event ends for you and all your boosters are traded for coins, so try to wait as much as you can to buy the last upgrade, and collect as many tickets as you can.
  • If the concept of the game looks weird, you can try to practice it in the game Toon Blast
  • If you get a board that doesn't look doable, go out, you won't lose a life. You need to go out before making the first move, if you make a move, you will lose a life.

Event History

To see the information for the renovations in the past, see these pages:

  1. Hammer Time Event/1: April 23, 2020 (Mayor's Office) (Road Plotting)
  2. Hammer Time Event/2: July 24, 2020 (Mayor's Perfect Bungalow) (Road Plotting)
  3. Hammer Time Event/3: October 22, 2020 (Emma's Castle) (Match-2)

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