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Helicopter Information

A Helicopter Order

The helicopter is available in the game from the beginning. You can gather goods for customers orders and the helicopter will deliver their goods once you tap 'send'. After sending an order the helicopter will fly directly to the customers building in your Town, and deliver the goods then return to the helicopter pad. The number of orders will increase with your Towns population. This is the first way of gaining both coins and experience (XP) in the game which help you to level up.

Helicopter Order Information

Some orders offer less coins, more experience, and vice versa. Some even offer less coins than selling the good(s) in barn. You decide which orders you want to complete and dump ones that don't offer enough coins/experience or are too difficult by pressing the 'trash can' icon. After dumping an order it takes 30 minutes to refresh or you can spend 4 T-cash to refresh it right away. The T-cash cost will lower as the time is closer to refreshing, see below.

Cash cost to refresh an order
Minutes remaining
1 < 5m
2 < 13m
3 < 25m
4 < 30m

If you have upgraded experience and/or coins in some of your factories, the bonus will automatically be added to the total value that you see (after v7.0.0) when you sell the products from those factories to customers via the helicopter.

Helicopter Order Coin Booster

To earn a lot of coins you can use the laboratory Generous Customer booster which doubles the coin value of helicopter orders for 2 days. You can use this in combination with the Vibrant Market booster to earn even more coins! The pink coin numbers show the booster is in effect and represent double the value of coins for the order. After filling orders you will notice the regular coins from the order plus the pink bonus coins you receive.

Helicopter Timing Tip

The helicopter consumes a few seconds to transfer the good(s) to the customers. You can save time and instantly finish the helicopters delivery by quickly visiting a random neighbor/friend's Town (including Ernie) then going back to your town immediately. This will allow you to fill the next order(s) faster. After visiting and returning to your Town the helicopter will be waiting and ready to be sent off from the helicopter pad. This becomes more convenient, the bigger your town becomes, as the helicopter will need more and more time to travel to its destinations.


Most of the customers/townspeople are associated with a certain building. A few of them have names and some of them are known for buying specific goods. The higher level you get the more customers you will have waiting with their orders up to a maximum of 9. To see more information on the customers you can go to the Customers page.

Don Pacone the Mafioso

At level 40, orders will start to appear from Don Pacone at the Helipad who requests ingots, and jewelry from you in exchange for 1 or 2 T-cash. The Jewelry Store is available from level 53. You can buy jewelry or ore directly from the Dealer when hired and trade them in with the mafia man. You can learn more about hiring the Dealer and how to use him to earn T-cash at the City Market.

It's best to complete his order if he's offering at least 1 T-cash for 1 piece of jewelry. It's better to create ingots to upgrade factories than to give away ores for 1 T-cash. At higher levels when you're nearly completed factories you can consider giving him ores. There are rare occasions though where he will ask for 1 earring or diadem for 2 T-cash. To get the mafia man to appear faster you can dump all helicopter orders or start filling orders. Make sure you dump him as soon as he pops up with an offer you don't like.

Trading Jewelry and Ingots with Don Pacone
Mafia Man Deals.png

Aurelio the Jeweler

Added in v4.7.0 Aurelio makes his appearance at the Helipad at level 46. He offers to trade you a certain type of gem for your other gems. Occasionally he also trades 2 T-cash for some gems if there are a large quantity of gems in stock. It is not recommended to trade with him since the gem price is at least 10 T-cash per gem.

Trading Gems with Aurelio
Aurelio Deals.png

Video Ad Information

Rarely a director offers you to watch a video ad to earn rewards. After watching an ad you will receive coins (amount depends on the level, e.g. level 40 200+, level 50 400+, level 80 800+ etc) or T-cash (1 T-cash) at a 50/50 chance.

An assumption - Unofficially the chance of getting T-cash improves after taking the coin task in the musical voyage season. It is not a good idea to rely on the ads as a reliable source of T-cash as they have been know to disappear without warning. If you don't want to pay real money to the game, see Cash for other earn T-cash methods.

Video Ad from the Director Ad Rewards
Video Ad Helicopter Order.png
Video Ad Coins.png
Video Ad Tcash.png

Video Ads Gone?

If you have purchased any T-cash or coins in the store or from any sales; the video ads will either stop all together or appear once every 24-48 hours. The more frequently you purchase T-cash the less ads or visits from the director you'll get. After purchasing T-cash the ads usually appear every 24 hours, and can take up to a month or longer (without any purchases) to return to the regular scheduled 3 ads per hour. Video Ads follow a system to return ads after any in-app purchases.

Please Note: The connections between purchases and video are not the same for everybody, this is true for most, it is not for all.

Rank Description
Rank 1
  • Purchased T-cash within the last 30 days.
  • 1 video ad per 1-2 days.
  • A second purchase within 30 days will stop all video ads for 1 month.
    • After 1 month of no purchases you will be dropped to rank 2.
    • After 3 months of no purchases you will drop to rank 3.
Rank 2
  • No purchases for 1 month.
  • 1 to 2 video ads per day.
    • Occasional 1 T-cash ad and others with a 50/50 chance for T-cash or coins.
Rank 3
  • No purchases for 3+ Months.
  • 3 to 5 video ads per hour.
    • First ad offers 1 T-cash and others with a 50/50 chance for T-cash or coins.

Dumped a Video Ad by Accident

If you have dumped a video ad, another one should appear within 24-48 hours. If ads still haven't returned, you can try restarting your device and/or re-installing the game. If they still aren't appearing in-game after 2+ days, you can contact Playrix as a last resort.

Ernie's Puzzles

Ernie Puzzle Helipad Pin.png

Occasionally Ernie offers you to play a puzzle to earn rewards. After successfully completing the puzzle you will receive 5 T-Cash.

  • You may find that the puzzle will not close after successfully completing it and you have to close the game and restart the app. Trying to play the game again will result in the same outcome. Leave it in your helicopter orders and wait for it to disappear.

Some images of the puzzles are:

Ernie's Puzzles History

Puzzles were introduced in v7.3 on Feb 21, 2020 (low level players) and v7.7 on Jul 31, 2020 (all players).

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