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Lady Luck the Magician

House of Luck

House of Luck

House of Luck InformationEdit

The House of Luck or HoL is a special building unlocked at level 11 and purchased for 800 coins.

When you have 5 clovers, you can visit the House of Luck and play or you can save them and play many games at once. It's recommended to have at least 30 clovers to complete the Regatta task instantly.

The maximum amount of clovers you can save in the House of Luck is 50. (10 games). The City Hall can hold an additional 100 thank you letters/clovers.

Earning CloversEdit

There are 6 ways to earn clovers in-game:

  1. Help a friend fill plane, train, zoo, and co-op requests, for which you'll receive a thank you letter and 1 clover at your Town Hall.
    • You will receive your clover when the friend taps your picture on the crate/cart you helped fill.
    • Asking for help to fill crates will make it easier for you and help others earn clovers
  2. Clovers can occasionally be given as a daily login rewards (up to 3 clovers)
  3. Win them at the House of Luck
  4. Tap on blue gift balloons, which sometimes contain clovers. You can send 5 gift balloons maximum per day, which may award the recipient with clovers.
  5. Buy them with Township cash (tcash)
  6. You can fill goods requests from your Co-op.
    • You can receive up to 2 clovers from helping fill a single request.
    • Requesting goods frequently gives more opportunities for co-op members to receive clovers.
    • There is a daily limit (every 24 hours) of 5 clovers you can get when helping fill co-op requests.
    • After that you'll only get coins and XP, so give others an opportunity to help.

Note:  150 clovers maximum can be stored (50 at the House of Luck, 100 in the letter box). If you have 100 letters, additional letters will be stored as clovers in the HoL. Make sure the HoL isn't full or the clovers will be lost. If you receive a clover from helping fill a co-op request and the HoL has 50 clovers it will also be lost.

Playing AT the House of LuckEdit

  • To play a game in the House of Luck it costs 5 clovers, or 5 Tcash (1 Tcash per clover) for each turn.
  • You can choose 1 mystery chest out of 9 and receive the prize in that chest.

Note: It's better to spend Tcash on market boxes or hiring Raja than spending it in the HoL. It's more likely to cost you hundreds or thousands of Tcash trying to get the 20 Tcash jackpot from the HoL.

  • 5 Clovers to Play
  • Coin Chest Reward

House Of Luck TIps Edit

Here are some tips by Township on how to work in the House of Luck


House of luck

You can win almost everything including most goods, building and zoo materials, ingots, Tcash, gems, mining tools, barn and expansion tools and coins. Event boosters and goods will also be added to the HoL as prizes for the duration of an event.

Tcash Prizes: 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 15, and 20... Jackpot!

Goods that never appear at the HoLEdit

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