Industrial Boom
  • Double Reward offer is given one day after the start of this event


Produce and collect any goods from factory shelves to earn points. Complete group goals or get a high rank in tournament to earn reward.


Complete your personal goal by earning 12 points, then compete against 29 other players to see who can collect the most factory goods. Each product gives a varying amount of points when collected.

Points given by goods Edit

Goods which require more time to produce give you more points when you collect them from factory shelves.

  • Points are based on the time with -0% time upgrade in Academy of Industry. Upgrades won't affect the points given.
  • Goods include animal feed starting from May 26, 2020.
General information about tables can be found here.
Production Time
Mayor points
Minimum Maximum
1m 15m 1Mayor Point
16m 30m 2Mayor Point
31m 45m 3Mayor Point
46m 1h 4Mayor Point
1h1m 1h30m 6Mayor Point
1h31m 2h 8Mayor Point
2h1m 2h30m 10Mayor Point
2h31m 3h 12Mayor Point
3h1m 3h30m 14Mayor Point
3h31m 4h 16Mayor Point
4h1m 4h30m 18Mayor Point
4h31m 5h 20Mayor Point
5h1m 5h30m 22Mayor Point
5h31m 6h 24Mayor Point

Event Tips Edit

  • Before the event, don't collect any goods from the factories. Make sure there are goods on every shelf so that you can collect them when event starts (to earn points immediately).
  • While online produce & collect bread, which has the best value for time, as it takes less than 15 minutes and gives 1 point, rather than goods which require other factory products.
  • Upgrade factory production time in the Academy of Industry.
  • Use lab booster "high-speed production" to produce & collect goods faster.
Highspeed production

Group Goals Edit

Goal No
Mayor points
Group Goal 1
Mayor's Cup
Upto 50,000Mayor Point 2-3 Gold ingot
Group Goal 2
Mayor's Cup
Upto 300,000Mayor Point 12 Cash
4 Ruby
Highspeed production

Event TournamentEdit

The tournament unlocks once you've completed your (first) personal goal.

Go to the Competition tab and compete against 29 real players. If you place in the top three by the end of the event, you will receive greater rewards.

Place Rewards Preview
Personal Goal

(Earn 12 Points)

• 3 T-cash
Construction Materials
• Coins
(1 of 4 randomly)
1st • 50 Tcash
• 8 Load Coupons
Load Coupon
2nd-3rd • 30 Tcash
• 5 Load Coupons
Load Coupon
4th-7th • Construction Material
• 3 Load Coupons
Construction Materials
Load Coupon
8th-12th • Construction material
• Coins
Construction Materials
13th-19th • Coins
20th-30th • Coins
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