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Interseasonal RegattaEdit

Regatta Seasons last 4 weeks (27 days). An Interseasonal Regatta with special rules follows for 1 week (6 days) when a season ends.

Task Board and DumpingEdit

Interseasonal Task Board

The task board contains 12 chests with 3 tasks each. The difficulty level of the tasks depend on the type of chest:

  • Wooden Chest
  • Silver Chest
  • Golden Chest
  • Precious Chest

Wooden Chest tasks are easiest while Precious Chest tasks are harder than regular 135 points tasks. Other than that expect the same tasks as in regular regattas, but no seasonal tasks.

Any member ranked elder or higher can dump a chest that no one has picked a task in. Only leaders and co-leaders can dump a chest that someone has started/finished a task in. A dumped chest will randomly refresh after 1 hour. If you dump a task you took, the task goes back to the taskboard and any player can pick it. The player who dumped the task can take it again after 30 min.

A chest is removed from the taskboard when all 3 tasks are finished. It will randomly refresh after 30 min.


You can earn two types of rewards: up to 5 co-op rewards for completing X amount of tasks together with your team and up to 9 personal rewards for completing chests.

Co-op Rewards

Interseasonal Co-op Rewards

The number of tasks for each reward is determined by the number of members participating. You don‘t have to be opted-in to participate.

Each completed task counts towards the co-op rewards, no matter the type of chest or whether the chest was completed or dumped (see below). When a co-op goal is reached, all members receive a prize. The prizes vary from member to member.

Personal Rewards

Interseasonal Personal Rewards

You can earn up to 9 chests as personal rewards. To earn a chest reward, you have to complete at least 1 task in a chest and someone (yourself or 1-2 co-op members) has to complete the other 2 tasks. If all 3 tasks in a chest are completed, the chest is moved from the taskboard to your personal rewards. You receive the content of the chest when the regatta is over.

Important rules:

  • If one task is timed out, the whole chest is lost.
  • The first 9 chests to be completed go to your rewards. Not the first 9 chests in which you finished tasks.
  • The more valuable the chest, the harder the task and the better the rewards afterwards.

Strategy TipsEdit

  • Remember: This is not a race. You have almost 6 days to finish. No need to rush.
  • Interseasonal Regattas are easier for smaller teams. Co-ops with more than 10 members should split up into smaller teams (3-6 seems to work well) for the week with one group staying behind in the original co-op.
  • Co-ordinate with your team who does which task in a chest before starting the chest.
  • If you are in danger of running out of time, dump the task. It will go back to the board and someone else can do it (or you try again after 30 min). This way the chest won‘t be lost.
  • Finish the personal rewards first so you can‘t accidentally get a lower value chest as a reward. Or have the lower value chest dumped immediately after finishing the easy task for the co-op goal.
  • If you have to choose between two tasks, take the task that helps finishing a chest faster.
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