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Italian Week Event
May 30 ~ June 6, 2020

Italian Week Event Introduction

Become the best restauranteur! Fill as many orders as you can before the tournament ends to get top prizes.

Character Discussion Character

Restaurant Chef

It's time to open an Italian restaurant! Gastone, would you mind sharing one of your recipes? Your cooking skills are legendary!


There is only one recipe–inspiration and the very best ingredients. I'll gladly help you collect the perfect amount of both!
The restaurant is definitely going to be a success now! It's time to open its doors to the public!

Italian Week Tips

  • Always have a drinks ready, refill products, and put meat on the grill as soon as possible.
  • Trash and re-fill anything with 1 unit remaining in-between orders to save time.
  • If a customer orders 2 items you can serve them 1 that is ready to increase their mood.
  • The faster you serve customers, the more customers you will be able to take orders from.
  • Initially there is a maximum of 9 customers per round, but you can upgrade the amount of customers to a max of 12.
  • The better a customer's mood, the more points and kitchen upgrade coupons you will earn.
  • You can earn up to 13 points with max upgrades if a customer's mood is full when served.
  • Earning 1★ gives +5 coupons, 2★ gives +10 coupons, and 3★ gives +20 coupons.

Italian Week Goods

Helicopter orders and making supplies at the supply factory requires all kinds of regular goods based on your town level as well as special event goods, so you should prepare them.

Recipes Level Material Made in
Dealer Available Icon.png
Help Icon.png
Supply Pack
Supply Pack.png
8 Variable Supply Factory 30m / / / /
10 5 cotton Textile Factory 1h15m 24xp 224 coins 12 3
Chef's Hat
Chef's Hat.png
14 3 cotton fabric Tailor Shop 1h30m 60xp 417 coins 9
18 2 paper Paper Factory 45m 20xp 230 coins 12
34 2 plastic Plastics Factory 1h30m 75xp 300 coins 9
Italian Week Supply Factory.png

Ingredients and Recipes


  • Pappardelle unlocks in the 2nd game, spaghetti unlocks by default, fettuccine unlocks in the 5th game.
  • Base of dish
  • Can be flavored with main dish, vegetable and/or sauce. You get more coupons and points if more items are put in it.

Main Dish

  • Fish unlocks by default, shrimp unlocks in the 2nd game, bacon unlocks in the 5th game.
  • Can be added to pasta (with vegetable and/or sauce)
  • Can be the base by flavoring with vegetable and/or sauce.


  • They all unlock in the 3rd game.
  • Can only be added to pasta or main dish. You can't put vegetable on an empty dish.
  • One dish can contain 1-2 vegetable.


  • They all unlock in the 4th game.
  • Can only be added to pasta or main dish. You can't put sauce on an empty dish.


ITA Juice.png
  • No linkage with dishes above
  • Unlocks by default

Restaurant Upgrades

Complete complicated orders quickly to earn more points and upgrade coupons for the pasta house. Upgrades increase the efficiency of the restaurant, so you are better able to complete personal goals and to finish with a higher tournament score for better rewards.

Coupons Needed to Upgrade

Description U 1 U 2 U 3 U 4 U 5
1 Mushrooms, Greens, and Olives
+1 unit of mushrooms, greens, & olives in trays
Upgrade Coupon.png 40 Upgrade Coupon.png 65 Upgrade Coupon.png 85 Upgrade Coupon.png 140 Upgrade Coupon.png 240
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
2 Bacon and Seafood
+1 unit of every product
Upgrade Coupon.png 50 Upgrade Coupon.png 75 Upgrade Coupon.png 95 Upgrade Coupon.png 150 Upgrade Coupon.png 260
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
3 Sauces
+1 unit(s) of sauce
Upgrade Coupon.png 35 Upgrade Coupon.png 50 Upgrade Coupon.png 65 Upgrade Coupon.png 100 Upgrade Coupon.png 170
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Customers and Time
4 Juice
Reduces juice squeezer time
Upgrade Coupon.png 25 Upgrade Coupon.png 45 Upgrade Coupon.png 80 N/A N/A
-1s -2s -3s
5 Product Refills
Reduces Product refill time
Upgrade Coupon.png 60 Upgrade Coupon.png 85 Upgrade Coupon.png 110 Upgrade Coupon.png 190 N/A
-1s -2s -3s -4s
7 Frying Pan
Reduces Frying time
Upgrade Coupon.png 70 Upgrade Coupon.png 90 Upgrade Coupon.png 120 Upgrade Coupon.png 200 N/A
-1s -2s -3s -4s
8 Number of Customers
More customers per round
Upgrade Coupon.png 100 Upgrade Coupon.png 200 Upgrade Coupon.png 350 N/A N/A
+1 +2 +3
9 Points
Increases points earned for orders
Upgrade Coupon.png 75 Upgrade Coupon.png 120 Upgrade Coupon.png 175 Upgrade Coupon.png 250 Upgrade Coupon.png 350
10% 15% 20% 25% 30%

Upgrade Recommendations

Preview Group Rank Explanation
ITA Juice.png
Juice production time 4th Customers seldom request juice.
Whipped Cream.png
Increase food quantities after each refills 3rd There are many different ingredients, so you will need many coupons to upgrade each one. Upgrading the refill time can be better because it affects all the ingredients.
Product Refills.png
Refill and food frying time 1st This is nearly all-inclusive, which can help serve customers' orders faster
Number of Customers.png
Number of customers and points 2nd Serving customers increases your tournament score, while points help complete personal goals. Upgrade depending on which you are optimizing for.

Potential Upgrade Sequence

  1. Upgrade Frying Pan 1-2x, Points 1-2x, and Number of Customers 1-2x.
  2. Upgrade Product Refills 1-2x, Frying Pan 1-2x.
  3. Upgrade Number of Customers to Max, Frying Pan to Max.
  4. Upgrade Product Refills to Max, Points to Max.
  5. Alternate upgrades between Ingredients to Max.
  6. Lastly upgrade the Juice to Max.

Personal Goal

Goal Need Reward Preview
1st Goal 200 Points • 3 Tcash
3 Cash.png
2nd Goal 400 Points • 2 Brick
• Rare Deck (20 cards)
Rare Deck.png
3rd Goal 700 Points • 2 Nail
• Dealer Coupon
Dealer Coupon.png
4th Goal 1100 Points Efficient Smelting Booster
• Epic Deck (40 cards)
Efficient Smelting Booster.png
Epic Deck.png
5th Goal 1800 Points Decoration
Profile Pictures
• 12 Tcash
12 t cash.png
Profile Picture
Pizza Cutters.png
Treasure Chest ? Treasure Chest
+3 to 6 Tcash,
+2, 3, 6 Tools,
+2 to 4 Zoo Materials,
+2 Gold Ingots
Lottery Chest.png


Italian Week Event Tournament.png

The tournament unlocks once you've completed your personal goal.

Go to the tournament icon/tab and compete against 29 same-level players. If you place in the top three by the end of the event, you will receive greater rewards.

  • Serve all customers and upgrade number of customers to get a high score in tournament.

Tournament Rewards

Place Titles Rewards Preview
1st Culinarian-of-all-Trades • 50 Tcash
• Epic Deck (50 Cards)
Profile Picture
Epic Deck.png
Profile Picture
2nd-3rd Master of Flavor • 30 Tcash
• Epic Deck (30 Cards)
Profile Picture
Epic Deck.png
Profile Picture
4th-7th Renowned Restauranteur • 2 Load Coupon
• Rare Deck (20 cards)
Load Coupon.png
Rare Deck.png
8th-12th Honorary Cook • Construction Material
• Regular Deck (10 cards)
Construction Materials.png
Regular Deck.png
13th-19th Kitchen Manager • Coins
20th-30th Foodie • Coins

Italian Week Event Decorations

View all of them in Cooking Decorations page.

Previous Event Dates

  1. July 6, 2018
  2. May 30, 2020
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