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Laboratory InformationEdit

The Laboratory is unlocked at level 18 which costs 1800 coins and requires 560 population.

You can create and activate special booster at the lab that temporarily supercharge your town's crop yields, factory production, and much more. You'll need gems to create booster and you can get them by loading and sending planes at the airport or by finding them in different places


How to- Boosters

How to- Boosters

Watch the newest video tutorial on the lab boosters to skyrocket your town’s profitability!

A tutorial on Lab Boosters

Laboratory BoostersEdit

There are 9 boosters which you can activate with gems.

  • If you have won/bought a booster you will see a number (1) after it.
  • You can activate a booster by dragging and dropping it onto the Laboratory's screen.
  • Two identical boosters cannot be activated at the same time.
  • You can have a maximum of 3 boosters active at once. If you have 3 boosters active at the same time, you can cancel one of them by pressing the x to the right. Any time left for the booster is lost.
  • Note: You can copy the direct links to boosters by copying the link for any booster name.
Boosters Cost Days Description
Topaz 5
Emerald 3
2 Fields yields twice as much.
If you plant 1 crop you will harvest 2.
Advanced farming
Topaz 7
Ruby 2
2 Animals produce twice as much.
Receive two product units from each of the animals in the Farm Buildings.
Generous customer
Topaz 6
Emerald 3
Ruby 2
2 Orders earn twice as many coins.
Double the amount of coins earned from filling townspeople's orders using the helicopter.
Vibrant market
Emerald 6
Ruby 4
3 The items at the Market are updated twice as often. New refreshes will only take 3 hours instead of 6, and the current refresh will take 50% less time.
Highspeed production
Topaz 8
Emerald 2
Ruby 2
2 Goods at your factories take 30% less time to produce. The booster is an additional -30% time to your factories upgrades at the Academy of Industry.
Favorable voyage
Topaz 7
Emerald 2
2 Ingots are twice as efficient when sending off ships. Ingots will have double effect on the probability for second and third island good as well as treasure chests.
Efficient smelting
Topaz 2
Emerald 4
Ruby 3
2 Ingots take 50% less time to produce.
B:30m, S:1h, G:1h30m, P:2h. Make sure you have enough ores to smelt as much as possible for 2 days.
Active Cooperation Booster
Topaz 6
Emerald 2
Ruby 1
2 New requests can be made in 30% less time.
Requesting goods in a co-op will take 2 hours instead of 3 hours. (8 extra requests over 2 days)
See the light
Topaz 4
Emerald 3
Ruby 2
1 Makes ore and artifacts from the darkened areas in the mine visible. Save a lot of mining tools, so you can mine as much as possible within 1 day.

Laboratory Event BoostersEdit

There are 8 boosters which you can obtain for free from events or purchase with tokens at the Yacht Club.

  • These boosters are not purchasable with gems.
Boosters Cost Days Description
Rich Fields
Free 1 Crops are ready 40% faster.
Use with Super-Harvest for extreme harvesting.
Profitable Flight
Free 1 Filling airplane crates earns twice as many coins. Fully-loading airplanes will earn even more coins.
Record Demand
Free 1 New orders at the heli-pad appear 80% faster. Save 2 boosters to use with Generous Customer and Vibrant Market to maximize coin earnings.
Free 1 Trains arrive twice as fast. Upgrade trains to -50% time for maximum effect (1h15 mins least time).
Smart Navigation
Free 1 Ships arrive twice as fast. Upgrade islands to -30% time for maximum effect.
Busy Trade
Free 1 Dealer's break time cut in half. The dealer will wake up every 30m instead of 1h. Make sure you've got the day off to buy ores or whatever you need.
Spacious Barn
220 Token 2 Increases barn capacity by 20%. Make sure you're able to recover the 20% extra space before the 2 day expiry!
Large Request
210 Token 2 Requests in the co-op chat will bring you 30% more goods. Helpful for filling any orders or selling more zoo hot goods.
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