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Land of the Dinosaurs

Land of the Dinosaurs

Land of the Dinosaurs Complete

Land of the Dinosaurs IntroductionEdit

Requires level 71 and 7,500 coins to restore. It's the 3rd upgradeable decoration added to the game.

"Have you ever thought about opening a dinosaur exhibit? It could make a fantastic set for a movie! Just imagine: scientists clone a T-rex, and then a superhero saves the world…"

The Land of the Dinosaurs is a cool interactive exhibition for your town! Complete the first reptile and see what it can do. So fierce! Five more to go and we'll have a real prehistoric park. Fill the stands of the exhibition with animated dinosaurs.

Completing the Land of the DinosaursEdit

Completing the Land of the Dinosaurs requires: 1,000,000 coins, and 188 of 7 goods including:

Amount IMG Good Dinosaur
41 Plastic Plastic Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus
14 Cotton fabric Cotton Fabric Velociraptor
62 Rubber Rubber Pterodactyl, Tyrannosaurus, Ankylosaurus
7 Silk fabric Silk Fabric Pterodactyl
14 Glue Glue Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops
18 Paper Paper Stegosaurus
32 Yarn Yarn Ankylosaurus

Land of the Dinosaurs CompletedEdit

"Movie studios all dream about sets like this one! Here's the payment for letting us shoot there. You'll also see your name in the credits."

Information Profile Pic 25
The new decoration will pretty up your town, and having the full ensemble will earn you
25 Tcash. You'll also earn a total of 15,400 experience and unlock Profile Pic 25.
Profile Pic 25

Land of the DinosaursEdit

Dinosaur Description Materials Needed Cost XP
While paleontologists still argue about whether these reptiles had feathers, they all agree that they were the smartest dinosaurs of all. • 9 Plastic
• 14 Cotton Fabric
Coin 90,000 2513
These dinosaurs couldn't walk, so they had to live in tall trees. Like bats, they slept with their head down and could easily spread wings to fly if they fell. • 15 Rubber
• 15 Silk Fabric
Coin 110,000 2527
These reptiles had keen senses and could feel the slightest vibrations. Also, their tiny arms, despite looking useless, were strong enough to hold their prey. • 23 Rubber
• 8 Glue
Coin 250,000 2625
Very large and heavily built, these dinosaurs also had a so-called "second brain" in their tail to keep them safe from predators. • 21 Plastic
• 18 Paper
Coin 210,000 2597
These reptiles recognized each other by their unique frills. They could also recognize age by the direction of their horns: backward was typical for juveniles. • 11 Plastic
• 6 Glue
Coin 180,000 2576
Even the eye sockets of these dinosaurs were covered in armor. They also had fierce spikes, boney knobs, and a tail club that made them practically invincible. • 24 Rubber
• 18 Yarn
Coin 160,000 2562
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