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Lantern Festival Event
This event is similar to Blossoming Boulevards Event.

17 ~ 25 January, 2020

Introduction Edit

Character Conversation Character
Profile Pic 14
  • Katie here reporting live from the lantern festival where the town's pyrotechnic expert is about to open! Jack are you ready
  • Of course Katie! Piggy our festival marshal is already waiting on the roof, with my special fireworks, ready to kick off the celebration
  • Well good luck to piggy, and a happy festival to everyone. May all your wishes come true.Now lets light our town
Ernie updated

Event Guide Edit

Guide- lantern festival

How to play the event Edit

Produce fireworks in the fireworks workshop. Use these fireworks to jump across buildings, and overcome obstacles. Complete jumping from each building to collect lanterns. Complete jumping from all buildings to collect lanterns . After you complete your first personal event goal you need to collect envelopes to compete against your neighbors

Event Boosters Edit


LANTERN Festival Goods Edit

Recipes Material
Made in
Tangerine Level 8
25m 3xp 8 Coins Fields
Tangerine Cake Level 24
Tangerine cake
3 tangerines

1 syrup

1 egg

1h 20xp 47 coins Pastry Factory
Toy Pig Level 31
Toy pig
2 cotton fibres

3 cotton

1h30m 54xp 125 coins Tailor Shop
Kite Level 38
3 paper

1 glue

50m 20xp 46 Coins Paper Factory

Personal Event Goals rewards Edit

Goal Amount Rewards Preview
1st Goal 30 Lanterns • 3 Tcash
3 Cash
2nd Goal 65 Lanterns • 2 Glass
Rare Deck (20 Cards)
Epic Deck
3rd Goal 190 Lanterns • 2 Paint
• Voyage Booster
Favorable voyage
4th Goal 380 Lanterns • 1 Dealer's Coupon
• Epic Deck (40 Cards)
Dealers Coupon
Epic Deck
5th Goal 620 Lanterns • Decoratiom
• 12 Tcash
Profile Pic 181
Profile Pic 181
Golden Rat Dragon
6th Goal+ ?? Lanterns Treasure Chest
• 3 to 6 Tcash,
• 2, 3, 6 Tools,
• 2 Gold Ingots, etc.
Additional Chest Reward

Tournament Edit

Tournament Information Profile Picture 182
The tournament unlocks once you've completed your first personal goal.

Go to the Competition tab and compete against 29 real players. If you place in the top three by the end of the event, you will receive special rewards.

Profile Pic 182
Place Rewards
1st • 50 Tcash
• 1 Epic Deck (50 Card)

Profile Pic 182
Epic Deck
2nd-3rd • 30 Tcash
• 1 Epic Deck (30 Cards)
Profile Pic 182
Epic Deck
4th-7th • 2 hammers
• 1 Epic Deck (15 cards)
Epic Deck
8th-12th • 2 Nails
• 3,000 / 5,100 coins
13th-19th • 4,700 coins
20th-30th • 850 coins

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